Wedding Tips: Hiring A Wedding Photographer

(Photo from Brea Mcdonald Photography)

Hiring a wedding photographer is a big deal. After all, this is the one person who is going to determine what your friends, children, and even you and your wife are going to make of your wedding years later, when the memories are no longer vivid. Here are a three great tips to help you make the important choice.

Get A Recommendation

While doing some prior research on the internet is always a good thing, what do you make of this large expanse of information available online and how do you to tell the good photographers from the not-so-good? One of the best ways to get around this information overload is to ask other people for their recommendations — your newly married friends are an obvious place to start. You can also look to the professionals — your wedding planners, venue providers, any of your wedding vendors in fact — for suggestions on reliable photographers. Chances are they would know someone, given that they work in the industry. Oh, and if you have any photographer friends, ask them too.

It’s Not Love at First Sight

So you’ve gotten a couple of recommendations from the people around you; what’s the next step towards sealing the deal? While it may seem extremely tempting to do so, avoid deciding on your wedding photographer just based on the images you see online. While it may seem silly at first thought, always perform your basic checks to ensure that all images are credibly attributed to the photographer (instead of copied from somewhere else). Also do a simple search online to find reviews from the photographer’s past clients to get a fuller picture of his/her services — important considerations such as customer service and responsiveness are things that cannot be seen from the photographer’s images.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Having narrowed down your choices, it is extremely important to make an appointment to sit down with your wedding photographer and talk. What is the style of shots you are looking for? While some couples may prefer posed shots, others would rather opt for a more journalistic approach, with the photographer catching moments on the go. Make sure you convey your preferred style, and find out if your wedding photographer is comfortable with it. (If not, go back to Step 1 and ask for fresh recommendations.) If you already have a clear idea of the specific shots you want (for example, to capture the little moments such as family members crying tears of joy), this is your chance to convey them as well.

Another important issue to settle when you meet your wedding photographer would be the fees and logistical details. Before you pay your deposit to confirm the gig, do double check to make sure that the photographer you intended to hire will be the actual person coming down on your wedding day (especially important if you are engaging a photo studio with numerous photographers under its flag). While it is not compulsory, it will also be good courtesy to ask your photographer if he/she requires you to cater meals — don’t forget to include the assistant as well! Last but not least, you can also pass your wedding photographer the point of contact on your side (usually someone from the groom’s bridal party) to liaise with on the actual day.

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