Wedding Tips: Social Media Hashtags

(Picture from Etsy)

Are they in or are they out? Some of you couples out there might be having mixed feelings about social media use at your wedding (unglam photo fears, anyone?), but like it or not, chances are, your guests will be happily snapping away at your wedding anyway. (That is, unless you’re specifying it as an unplugged wedding.) And as they say, if you can’t beat them, join them! To save you the trouble of visiting each of your friends’ pages to see the photos, encourage your guests to hashtag your wedding photos so that you can find all of them at a breeze later. Here are a couple of tips to help you manage your photo hashtags!

Think of something unique

There are a million weddings out there every day, and if you’re just going for the plain #ChrisLiz tag, we won’t be surprised if tons of photos from other couples’ weddings turn up in your search. A simple way to make your hashtag instantly more unique is to add a date behind your names, for example, #ChrisLiz2014. Some couples also enjoy coming up with a special hashtag based around the love theme (e.g. #ChrisLizforever) or based on an “inside joke” (e.g. #doubleTanwedding)!

But keep it short and simple

Yes, you need a unique hashtag, but it shouldn’t be so long or complicated that your guests have difficulties remembering the correct hashtag! Long hashtags also invite trouble in the form of typos, so do be mindful. For couples with names that are hard to spell, coming up with an abbreviated version for your hashtag is definitely a good thing to do.

Skip the punctuation

Here’s something that’s more technical — do remember that punctuation doesn’t work in hashtags, meaning, if you’re thinking of using anything like #Chris+Liz or #Chris&Liz, your hashtag will get cut off at #Chris! Bummer!

Encourage, encourage, encourage

Well, there’s no point to having a hashtag if your guests are not going to use it. Do spend some effort in encouraging usage, and ensuring that your guests remember the hashtag. First, you can start priming the idea among your guests when you send out your invitation cards. More importantly, ensure that your guests are reminded of the hashtag at your venue. You can set up a small board at the venue entrance reminding your guests to hashtag all photos. In addition, if you’re having menu cards for your guests at the table, you can add a small reminder for the hashtag there as well, so that your guests can conveniently recall what needs to be done.

Do you have any tips on managing social media at your wedding? Let us know!