What makes a successful marriage?


While we at W&T have always focused ourselves on helping you conjure that most memorable wedding, we are also concerned about what goes on after the big day. Unlike a wedding, marriage is for life and to quote philosopher Paul Tillich, “any deep relationship to another human being requires watchfulness and nourishment.”

Hence, we read with interest this article titled “Marriage Secrets Of Highly Successful Couples” published on Huffington Post. In it, ten secrets that will make up a long-lasting and blissful marriage are listed.

In our opinion, there can never be one fast rule or 10 conditions that applies to all but this article does provide some timely reminders. For one, we like how one of the secrets states this — Successful couples adhere to the 60/40 rule. Only when both parties learn how to give and take can a marriage work out and sustain.

Another good point raised is this — Successful couples never stop dating. After one gets accustomed to married life and especially when kids come into the equation, the element of romance usually gets swept under the table. When was the last time you relished the good old times with your other half?

What are your thoughts on the 10 secrets listed in this article by Huffington Post? Let us know what you think is a factor a successful marriage must have.