When it comes to wedding, the bigger the better?

The stress of having a big wedding can leave many couples stressed out but couples who really do take on this mammoth task can perhaps take heart at the findings churned out by this latest study.

According to the University of Virginia in the United States, couples who had larger ceremonies had higher-quality marriages than those with 50 or fewer guests! Researchers of this new study believe that marrying in front of a large number of people demonstrates greater commitment to the union while also discouraging divorce.

According to the Telegraph, the lead author of this research Dr Galena Rhoades said: “There is some reason to believe that having more witnesses at a wedding may actually strengthen marital quality. We try to keep our present attitudes and behaviours in line with our past conduct. The desire for consistency is likely enhanced by public expressions of intention.”

“Weddings may foster support for the new marriage from within a couple’s network of friends and family. Those who hold a formal wedding are likely to have stronger social networks in the first place,” Rhoades added.

Out of the 418 people surveyed, only 30 percent of couples who had 50 or fewer guests at the wedding had highly-successful marriages. In contrast, 47 percent of couples who had 150 guests or more enjoyed strong marriages!

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