Why is Hugh Jackman “Best Hubby”

All attention may be on his washboard abs on screen as Wolverine yet again but Hugh Jackman’s appeal off screen is undeniably his seemingly perfect family man qualities.

The Jackmans celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary this year in New York. (Photo Credit: Hugh Jackman Twitter)

The 44-year-old actor, best known for his role as the angst-driven mutant, is married to Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness, 57. The couple with a 13 years age gap have proven many wrong and survived gay rumors circling Jackman by blissfully celebrating their 17th wedding anniversary earlier in April this year.

While Jackman can’t stop talking about his kids during the latest promotional tour for his sixth reprisal as Logan the Wolverine, he is all about action when it comes to showing love for his wife. While in London for the premiere of his new film, he took time off amidst hectic schedule to accompany his wife on a shopping spree. Similarly when in Seoul, the hunk jokingly mentioned during the press conference that he will be “picking a gift personally for Deb. If my wife is happy, my life becomes easier and I am happy.” Apart from showering his other half with gifts of love, W&T figures out how the “Sexiest Man Alive” keeps his marriage going strong and sweet.

Rule No. 1: Never be apart for more than 2 weeks.
In his interview with OK! magazine, Jackman revealed how he tries to spend time with his wife as much as possible. “We try to have a date night once a week. Usually we go out for dinner and a movie. If the kids are at school, we’ll have lunch together.” But, the golden rule that he abides to is this: “We’re never apart more than two weeks. I’ve had to turn down a few things (in my career), but I put my family first.”

His reasoning for this, is the fear of drifting apart. “Deb said she’s been on too many movies and see people drift apart. People think you’re going to fall in love with your leading lady and have an affair, it’s not always that. It’s just you get used to living apart and you get used to living a life on your own then when you hit a rocky patch, you’re not together… and all of a sudden that person over there looks fantastic.”

Rule No. 2: Surprise surprise!
“My number one rule for romance, is surprise. If I bring Deb flowers every Tuesday, yeah it’s nice but is it romantic? So I surprise her by going home much earlier with reservations at our favorite lunch place. It was awesome because it was unplanned.”

Now, that’s not all. Furness also revealed that her husband consistently surprises her by role-playing as her favorite fantasies – a sensible finance stockbroker and Wolverine complete with claws… in bed.

Rule No. 3: Never stop those sweet talks.
Apart from calling Furness his “best friend” and the one “who made him the man he is”, Jackman never stops complimenting the lady in his life. His best compliment, that we reckon will sweep any lady off her feet, was when Jackman talked about how he felt love at first sight when he first saw Furness on the set of Australian TV show “Correlli” in 1991. Two weeks into dating, Jackman knew Furness was the one and decided to pop the question four months into the relationship.

Then: Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness in bliss.

“It was the clearest thing in the world for me. I knew 100 percent. I’ve never known anything as confidently or sure in my life that she was the one I was going to be with. In any marriage there’s good times, hard times and bad times. Whatever happens I know we’re going to tackle it together. Truly she’s the greatest woman I have ever met.”

Did we hear you ladies go awww already?