‘With this ring, I me wed’

And in more interesting wedding news, we read from CNN that you can now marry yourself with a “I Married Me Self-Wedding In a Box“.

This “self marriage” kit was created by a husband-and-wife team comprising jewelry designer Jeffrey Levin and branding consultant Bonnie Powers. The kit contains a handmade ring, ceremony instructions, three “Promises To Me” and an affirmation card for each day of the week.

In an interview with CNN, the couple explained that they hoped to alter stereotypical perceptions of the single person as a sad, leftover and unwanted individual with no hope of ever finding love with this kit. The “self marriage” kit celebrates the awesomeness of the individual, and seeks to “increase moments of positivity, and amplify your own sense of awareness about your emotional state”.

For those who might be concerned that the whole practice seems a little too self-centred, there is no need to set off alarm bells just yet. Levin and Powers are quick to say that they do not see self marriage as a substitute for marriage. Instead, the ritual is symbolic, and seeks to help individuals acknowledge their positive traits, which can be hard to stick to sometimes. For people who have yet to find themselves, the couple envisions the kit as a sort of “road map” to their path of self actualisation.

To sum it off, Powers said, “Certainly we would love the idea of people looking within themselves and recognising their awesomeness — because we all have awesomeness inside us, and we get tripped up and forget. Part of what Jeffrey and I want is for more people to focus on that in the most selfless way, so happiness and joy can spread.”

(Read the edited transcript of Levin and Power’s interview with CNN here.)

Well, if you ask us, this story sounds rather similar to an earlier story we shared, about a bride who organised a wedding for herself (without a groom). We can’t help but think, if the increased exhibition of self-love in today’s society is a reflection of the proportionate pressure we feel from societal norms and expectations? No matter what, we definitely have no objections to ideas that help us feel more positive about ourselves, single or not! There are enough things in the world raring to get us down, and there is no reason to let our own self esteem get in the way.

What do you think about getting married to oneself? Share your thoughts with us!