Woes of a wedding photographer

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Just like how we’ve heard singers, most notably Queen of Pop Beyonce, telling off audiences who focus on recording the performance and not indulging in the moment during live concerts, there is one wedding photographer who laments about the same thing – that beaming faces along the aisle now get replaced by faces hidden behind cameras and/or smartphones as the couple take their walk at any wedding event.

At this digital age where smartphones and digital cameras make photo-taking so dconvenient, technology has made lives easier and yet complicate matters so. This article titled ‘Why you might want to consider an unplugged wedding‘ published on The Huffington Post captures the woes of wedding photographers when every guest turns into a photographer wannabe and sometimes ruin professional mementos for the couple, much as they don’t mean it.

(Photo Credit: here)

While the article goes in the opposite direction of tech-friendly weddings that are an upcoming trend (i.e. where guests are encouraged to take and share photos actively with an official hashtag chosen to allow the wedding trend on social websites), it does pose some serious questions for wedding guests especially.

Have you ever jostled for space or stood in the way of a photographer just to take a snap on your smart phone? Or have you ever let off your flash lights that could have washed out a professional photographer’s shot?

After which, have a read at this article ‘5 Tech Tips For Wedding Etiquette‘ which lays out some tech rules to abide if you wish to be a good wedding guest from hereon.

Tell us your thoughts about these 2 articles we’ve posted. Do you think this photographer’s woes are a serious concern?