Wonderland for Detailed Planners

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We’re always delighted to introduce lovely people and stores that can bring beauty to your special day, and that’s why we’re especially excited to feature Wonderland for Detailed Planners today!

Wonderland first caught our eye when it opened its doors at 53 Haji Lane nearly a year ago, and we’ve been a fan since. On first look, it’s not easy to miss the store’s warm orange lighting and Parisian outlook, which helps it stand out against the rest of the Haji Lane scene. Upon entering the store, its zakka galore! Wonderland features a tightly curated selection of homeware (think cute watering cans, napkins and the like), house plants, and fresh blooms, all laid out tastefully within the small but intimate shop space.

And if you think that Wonderland is simply a retail space, then you’re in for a great surprise. Its store at Haji Lane is actually an extension of Wonderland’s core business in events styling. This means that the talented team at Wonderland helps bring magic to all kinds of events (including weddings of course!) by taking care of every aspect of the venue decor, from table arrangements to furniture to flowers. (We’ve chosen a few of our favourite styling shot below.) The store at Haji Lane therefore helps to provide better access for Wonderland’s existing clientele, and also, to introduce more people to their quirky aesthetics.



3(Images from Wonderland for Detailed Planners)

We had a short chat with store owner Melissa Wang, 32, about the concept behind the store, her inspiration sources, and the one must-buy item for everyone.

WT: The interior design of the store looks amazing and we’re sure you’ve received tons of compliments for it! Could you share with us how long did it take from conceptualisation to completion, and the concept behind it?

M: Thanks so much! We are always very flattered with such encouraging compliments. It took us about 2 months from conceptualisation to completion of the shop. The process did not take too long because Wonderland was a brand that already had a strong identity and style. We also garnered tons of inspiration from our travels to New York and London so it was really pulling in all the elements that best represented Wonderland.

Our store concept is to create a shopping environment that is experiential from sight, to smell, taste and sound. It is also important that our product range is curated to assist the customer in introducing style in their homes in the most practical ways.

WT: What is the type of experience you envision for all Wonderland customers?

M: We strive to create a comfortable and casual environment where customers feel surrounded by gorgeous products and ambience. We make it comfortable and casual by speaking to customers easily and passionately about our products and the work that we do.

WT: What is one thing you would not compromise on for the store?

M: I would not compromise on visual merchandising. A store has to look presentable and be a pleasant and comfortable environment for our customers to shop in. It is also a reflection of our styling abilities, so upkeeping our store aesthetics is extremely important.

WT: Where do you usually get ideas and inspiration for your work?

M: I get most inspired when I am on the plane and reading. It can be any material that I am reading but being on the plane, allows me some time and space alone.

WT: If you had to recommend one must-get item from your shop, what would it be, and why?

M: The one item that is a must buy is our terrariums! A terrarium is more than just a jar garden with plants, but is a mini-world that tells a story. It makes my day just looking at it.

(You may also be interested to know that Wonderland is currently taking part in the George Town Festival in Penang, Malaysia as part of the Singapore House alongside other local names such as Booksactually, The Gentlemen’s Press and so on! Great going!)

Wonderland for Detailed Planners
53 Haji Lane
Singapore 189246