Would you dare to wear these wedding gowns?

Lady Gaga’s recent appearance on British comedy program ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’ caught our attention. Not that we can be shocked any more by the star and her bold fashion moves but a wedding gown with a working iPad sewn into its bodice? Intriguing.

(Photo Credit: Lady Gaga’s Twitter https://twitter.com/ladygaga)

According to the pop chanteuse, the white number was designed by Kansai Yamamoto and is “an iPad Wedding dress, for the bride who tweets from the aisle! plays her own march!” This is not the first time the 27-year-old, known for her extravagant style, donned on a wedding dress for events other than her big day. She was first seen last year attending the Paralympic Games After Party in a white gown featuring a revealing sweetheart neckline and a dramatic train accessorized with tiara atop her veil.

(Photo Credit: here)

And this got us wondering: apart from Gaga’s unusual dressing, what really bizarre wedding dresses are there out in this world? After a quick search on the internet, we round up 6 of the most peculiar/yummy/environmental-friendly/creepy aka “You’d never have guessed they existed” gowns as below. Would you dare to have them on for your big day?

1. A balloon wedding dress
(Photo Credit: here)

Inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge, a balloon artist from England replicated the most talked about wedding dress in the country for her daughter’s biggest day. The ‘Kate Middleton’ wedding dress used up almost 5,000 balloons over four days of hard work and replicates even the smallest detail, like the lace sleeves, in the gorgeous dress. (Photo Credit: here)

2. A chocolate wedding dress
Created by Chantal Coady and Ian Stuart in the 2008 Chocolate Week, yummy! (Photo Credit: here)

3. A Russian Doll replica
Made in 1965 by Yves Saint Laurent, this crocheted dress is modelled after the Russian dolls. (Photo Credit: here)

4. A wedding dress that lights up
If Katy Perry can do that, so can you. A dress that lights up in the bottom, giving you all the limelight you need. (Photo Credit: here)

5. A au naturel floral wedding dress
Because apart from diamonds, roses are a girl’s best friend. This eye-catching floral gown took 9,999 roses to make. (Photo Credit: here)

6. A paper wedding dress
toilet paper
This stunning gown hardly looks like its glued and pieced together using one of our toiletry essentials – toilet paper. (Photo Credit: here)

Now you know what to do after reading your daily papers? (Photo Credit: here)

An exquisite paper frock, any takers? (Photo Credit: here)