XEOMIN® – Approved Botulinum Toxin in Singapore

The nightmare of looking into the mirror and spotting those frown (glabellar) lines between your eyebrows. You should start doing something about it before it gets too late. Frown lines are caused by muscles contracting, and usually begin developing in our 30s. Without proper treatment, it can become more serious as time goes by.

A purified botulinum neurotoxin injectable, XEOMIN® (incobotulinumtoxinA) has been clinically tested, approved and is currently available in Singapore. It belongs to a family of medicines known as the peripheral muscle relaxants. XEOMIN® is free from complexing proteins, containing only the purified neurotoxin as the active ingredient to help improve the look of your frown lines by allowing specific muscles to temporarily relax. You can expect to see improvements within an estimated period of 3 days.

xeomin1XEOMIN® is created by Dr. Jurgen Frevert, head of Botulinum Toxin Research at Merz Pharmaceuticals GmBH, Germany. Merz is a research-based company headquartered in Frankfurt. It has specialised in medical and aesthetic dermatology and neurological movement disorders for more than a century.

You can trust in the safety and effect of XEOMIN®. It has shown high clinical efficacy in most patients, whereby they experienced early onset of treatment effect as well as sustained efficacy. Being the third botulinum neurotoxin to be approved for aesthetic use in Singapore by a trained doctor, XEOMIN® has also gained approval in more than 20 countries around the world.

If you are considering to try out XEOMIN®, do consult your doctor to assess your suitability, dosage required, as well as the possible allergy and side-effects. More information on the product can be found at www.hsa.gov.sg.