Million dollar wedding stirs up central province

A million dollar wedding last Wednesday and Thursday was organized by a magnate for her son, and featured famous singers. The event has attracted the attention of local people in the town of Son Tay, Huong Son district, in the central province of Ha Tinh. 

Streets in the town of Son Tay were jammed as people thronged down the two sides of National Road 8A and watched a group of expensive cars, including an Audi A5 Sportback, a Mercedes GLK, a Mercedes C250 CGI, a Porsche Cayenne, and a BMW carrying the bride, groom and guests to the reception.

According to sources, the groom is 25-year old H., the son of a magnate in Huong Son and the bride is 20-year old L., who is from a rich family in Hanoi.

They are both studying in Singapore at the moment.

Singers famous in both Vietnam and overseas, like Dam Vinh Hung, Phi Nhung, Manh Quynh and Quang Le were invited to sing at the wedding.

According to the groom’s relatives, more than US$60,000 was spent on hiring the singers and a band from Hanoi, VND2 billion (US$96,00) on wines, and 60 gold taels were presented to the newlywed.

The total expenditure of the wedding could be no less than VND25 billion (US$1.2 million).

Previously, a seafood magnate’s wedding stirred up the Mekong Delta province of Can Tho with posh cars like a Rolls – Royce Bentley, and Lamborghini crossing Can Tho Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in South East Asia, and touring around the city.

Some pictures of the wedding:

The wedding car, a VND10 billion ($500,000) Ferrari.

Cars that particpate in the wedding.

Other super-cars…

This wedding feast is priced VND6 million ($300).

Pop star Dam Vinh Hung.

Overseas Vietnamese singer Quang Le (left).

Overseas Vietnamese singers Phi Nhung and Manh Quynh.

The young couple are presented with up to 60 taels of gold
VND2.7 billion or nearly US$130,000).

Wedding of Alvin Lai & Ella Chen at Le Meridien Hotel Taipei

The wedding of Alvin Lai 賴斯翔 & Ella Chen 陈嘉桦, one of the most anticipated weddingin Taiwan entertainment industry made its way into headlines of entertainment channels on Chinese media platforms where the first wedding session was held at Le Meridien Hotel Taipei. Ella Chen 陈嘉桦 was set to be Mrs Lai, the wife of Alvin Lai 賴斯翔, a Malaysian-Chinese who resides in Taiwan.


Tons of wishes were sent in by the fans of S.H.E as well as various artiste in the entertainment industry. The wedding session wasn’t one of the most glamorous amongst wedding of celebrities, but it was good enough for the couple who claimed to be glad they found their soul mate.

It’s always a joyous occasion to see 2 person holding hands getting ready to step on their next journey together. All the best to the couple. Now it’s only Hebe from S.H.E who is not married yet. Is it possible for another Malaysian to get into her life?

Let There Be Light was the official photography team engaged to cover the wedding. *The same team from Singapore shot Blackie Chen and Christine Fan’s wedding, Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s top-secret Sanya wedding in Hainan last year, as well as ex-MTV VJ Jason Tang’s big day.

Do check out the videos below taken on the wedding luncheon itself.



5 experts make wedding plans for Pitt and Jolie

Locales, vibes, guests and more: Our event planners have done the work for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Locales, vibes, guests and more: Our event planners have done the work for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

By Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Whether they walk down the aisle in 2012 or 2013, there’s no doubt that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will star in the wedding of the year. USA TODAY asked a quintet of A-list wedding planners to unveil ideas to help the most boldface bride and groom of them all tie the knot.

  • Marcy Blum thinks the wedding will be "very low-key," with the children playing a prominent role.Julie Skarratt Photography

    Marcy Blum thinks the wedding will be “very low-key,” with the children playing a prominent role.


Julie Skarratt Photography

Marcy Blum thinks the wedding will be “very low-key,” with the children playing a prominent role.

PLANNER: Marcy Blum, whose celebrity wedding clients include Billy Joel, Colin Hanks, Salman Rushdie, Tom Clancy

The locale: “Some sort of magnificent structure.” Pitt is “such a visual person. He’s designed so many homes, and now the ring,” that Blum could see collaborating with him on a modern building that takes the typical tent cake “because that’s where his tastes run. … They can’t do anything outside, unfortunately, unless they can fool everyone to where it is.” One place Blum believes the couple has crossed off their short list because it’s at the top of everyone else’s: Their South of France chateau.

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The guest list: Under 100 family and close friends.

The vibe: “Very low-key, and it should be … soft and understated” and family-oriented, with the kids playing a prominent role. “The kids will definitely, it seems to me, be very much a part of the ceremony.” The idea is “not to just cut to the chase and get to the party as everybody does, but have a more meaningful” service that taps into the couple’s spirituality — and the children’s reported wish for a fairy-tale affair. “They want it to be out of Shrek.”

The entertainment: A similarly boldface band. “A lot of friends and acquaintances are going to pitch in and perform,” doing double duty as guests and singers or players. “It’s part of the gift, almost.”

By Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Colin Cowie would include two venues: on location in South Africa and at home in Los Angeles.

PLANNER:Colin Cowie of, whose celebrity clients include Alyssa Milano, Eddie Murphy, Holly Robinson Peete

The locale: Two venues: The first would spirit Pitt and Jolie and just their immediate family members to a luxurious South African safari camp. The second, two weeks later, would be a cocktail-style reception for friends at their house in L.A.

The vibe: For the African ceremony, warm and intimate: “I could imagine them getting married with a stunning African sunset under a large old tree hanging with dozens and dozens of lanterns.” For the L.A. party, the complete opposite: “Instead of buffets, I would have stations of food paired with great wines and cocktails,” culminating in a wedding-cake cutting to create a “fun, glamorous night.” To bridge the two events, at the end of the night, each party guest would receive a small booklet filled with “stunning images” of the family wedding abroad.

The guest list: In Africa, closest family only. In L.A., 200 friends.

The entertainment: In Africa, they would be serenaded by the local village choir. At the California reception, a musical mashup: A couple of rock violinists and a percussionist would accompany someone like DJ Cassidy, who spun at Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s bash. For the cake-cutting portion, a song by the pair’s favorite artist.

By Christian Oth, Christian Oth Studios

Jung Lee thinks the couple’s Chateau Miraval in France will be the site of the Jolie-Pitt wedding.

PLANNER: Jung Lee of Fete, whose celebrity clients include the Bulgari family, Stephen King’s son Owen,Jann Wenner’s son Alexander

The locale: Lee believes the rumors: Chateau Miraval. “It’s a revealing of the property for their closest friends and family that haven’t had a chance to visit yet.” Besides, “you can’t rent something like that.” Regardless, this will be an event that requires passports. “For sentimental reasons, I would love for them to actually have the wedding and give the proper glamour to the States, but I think it’s probably not feasible. They’re not going to have the privacy they need.”

The guest list: 200-300 people, “for sure.”

The vibe: “I would be completely shocked if it would be an all-white sort of wedding.” So Lee envisions noir nuptials: black mirrors, 2-foot candlesticks, dark, rich flowers and, juxtaposed against the 14th-century surroundings, sleek, contemporary furniture for lounging. But it wouldn’t be all adult lair. Lee sees lots of children “running around the sprawling lawn. It can’t be more magnificent than that — sort of heaven on earth.” And for a late-night snack? Considering the clan’s photographed penchant for junk food, mini bags of McDonald’s cheeseburgers, french fries, hot apple pies and shakes flown in. It would satisfy the kids — and show the newlyweds’ sense of humor. “You’re drinking and you smell that oily McDonald’s? People live for it. People clap for it sometimes when we bring it out.”

The entertainment: “Amazing acts like U2 and Elton John— just great bands that are also among their friends.” Guests are going to “get down and dance.”

By Darice

David Tutera wouldn’t be surprise if the couple chose a private island, or a rain forest.

PLANNER: David Tutera, whose celebrity clients include Los Angeles Clipper Chris Paul and Shannen Doherty

The locale: A “very exotic” venue that is most definitely not in the USA. “They’re so international. Think about the time they spend together as a family and as a couple. It’s not in the States. … Doing it in America sort of to me goes against who they are.” So think private island, “up on a mountain or in a rain forest” — a “challenging destination” for paparazzi to reach.

The guest list: 100-150 friends and family. “Nobody in the business.”

The vibe: “Very Bali”: copious quantities of candles; local organic food that’s indigenous to the setting; dark wood tables adorned with “lots of incredibly interesting almost artifacts,” such as foliage-filled bowls; earth-hued flowers in greens, oranges, khakis, coppers and champagnes. The look is “very tropical, but not kitschy tropical … pretty but not prissy, not girly-girl.”

The entertainment: “Someone you would sit and enjoy,” like Adele. “I don’t really see this as a dancing party.” Likewise, forget those cliched “I do”-uttering traditions. “The first dance, the throwing of the bouquet — I see them not doing that at all.”

By Walling McGarity

Diann Valentine thinks the couple should make a long weekend of it, with breakfasts, but no cake.

PLANNER: Diann Valentine, whose celebrity clients include Usher and Tameka Raymond, Jennifer and Eric Williams of Basketball Wives, Martin Lawrence, Toni Braxton, Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives and NFLplayer Chad Ochocinco

The locale: Their own private island, such as the $75,000-per-night Calivigny, off the coast of Grenada. The French colonial- and Balinese-style main house boasts 10 suites outfitted in designs by Oscar de la Renta and Richard Frinier. The price tag notwithstanding, it’s a relatively casual setting fitting the Jolie-Pitts, Valentine says. “They tend not to live a very flamboyant, ostentatious lifestyle.”

The vibe: A weekend of individual activities and group breakfasts and parties, including the most important bash of them all: the wedding, but the guests — and kids — wouldn’t know when they were saying “I do” until the moment it happens. The ceremony itself? A stripped-down affair “definitely” devoid of bridesmaids, groomsmen attendants, ring bearers and wedding cake — “none of that foolishness.” The cuisine, whipped up by private chefs from different regions of the world, would pay homage to the children’s homelands, from Africa to Southeast Asia. The décor would be “very sleek, very clean”: teak furnishings, neutral fabrics, seagrass mats — no “ugly white vinyl” tents. The goal? For guests to “walk away with a greater appreciation for something bigger than the USA.”

The guest list: “Very small and intimate”: 50-75 family members and friends.

The entertainment: “A very eclectic mix of music that is not about celebrity but more so about their personal taste,” representing the same cultures their family hails from. So think African dance troupe or choir plus opera singer plus, perhaps, Coldplay.


Singapore is one of the ‘greenest’ cities in the world- why not marry in the eyes of Mother Nature? We offer the pros and cons of hosting your wedding at these green sites.

Beach wedding

Beach bums will love to exchange their vows in the backdrop of a setting sun with blue sea gently caressing the shore. Like a black canvas, the beach allows lots of room for creativity if you want a special theme wedding.

The kids can go berserk on the beach without knocking into tables and the adults will tend to feel more relaxed in the less formal atmosphere, sipping cool drinks while taking in the wonderful scenery.

However, beach weddings may not sit well with some guests. It can get pretty hot and uncomfortable in the day for some unless you hire a contractor to set up an air-conditioned marquee.

Older folks may have a problem treading on uneven ground like soft sand. You can place chairs and tables for them near the beach and close to your wedding reception or dinner so that they will not miss out on the action. It will be nice if you can provide them with hand fans or pocket fans on a sunny day.

Check out the beach before you book anything to make sure it is not infested with flies, mosquitoes or scavenging animals.

As fresh flowers tend to wither faster under warm temperatures, discuss with your florist the kinds of flowers you can use outdoors and the latest time they can deliver to ensure freshness to the last minute.

Like all outdoor locations, always work out a Plan B in case of erratic weather.


Garden wedding

Nature lovers will find it soothing to celebrate their wedding in picturesque parks or gardens with the sweet smell of freshness lingering in the air.

You do not have to spend too much time setting up the place as it already exudes a natural charm with its much-tended flora.

Nevertheless, there are some things to take note of for garden weddings. Do set up tents over the dining area to prevent falling leaves, flowers or seeds from garnishing the food.

Do not take for granted that the flower bushes will bloom all year round. Check out the blooming seasons and arrange for your own floral decorations if need be.

Brides may wish to forsake white gowns with long trains for ankle-length gowns as they may pic up dirt and mud easily in outdoor locations. If possible, advise your guests against wearing strong perfume or aftershave as they may attract bugs and bees.

Your Wedding Announcement… Written By a Robot?

“Narrative Science [is] a company that trains computers to write news stories…The articles run on the websites of respected publishers like Forbes…And the articles don’t read like robots wrote them.”

– Wired (May 2012); Steven Levy, “Can an Algorithm Write a Better News Story Than a Human Reporter?“

Whitney Boyd and Jacob Bernstein, two homo sapiens, entered into a binary system on Saturday, 5/5/2012 at 4:37:03 EST at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park (40.771156,-73.96393) in New York City. Whitney uses Internet Explorer version 6 service pack 1; Jacob uses Google Chrome version 19. Rabbi Abraham Levy officiated along with the Rev. Mark Whittington, Jr. According to one search result, “people in interfaith marriages are three times more likely to become divorced or separated.” An official from the third major contemporary religion, Technology, was not present. In conclusion, #God has not been proven to exist.

The couple of users met on me, via Ms. Boyd received an average of 11.2 flirtatious messages per day; Mr. Bernstein received an average of 0.3. Ms. Boyd has cancelled her account; Mr. Bernstein’s is “inactive.” They “clicked” immediately, and interfaced for two months before embedding; shortly thereafter, Ms. Boyd received a user engagement ring. After a four-month beta trial of cohabitation, they determined to give up their search (Ctrl + F) for someone better and initialize their lives together, committing to parallel processes for eternity. They plan to pass on their code soon, but not too soon.

Ms. Boyd, 28, is keeping her username but changing her settings to an upgraded apartment in the Upper East Side. Her outlet is graphic design, and she habitually runs too many Adobe programs causing me to freeze. She graduated (C++ average) from Syracuse University. According to Wikipedia, Syracuse University has 995 full-time instructional faculty, 94 part-time faculty, and 440 adjunct faculty. (Sponsored ad: Hire a virtual college counselor!) According to Boyd’s Chase online checking account, she currently owes $43,578 (8,631 Bitcoins) in student loans.

Reportedly, Ms. Boyd’s preference for a short engagement was influenced by her distaste for spelling the word “fiancée,” with the requisite 10-minute search for the French accent symbol.

The bride’s programmers, according to online public records, divorced on 2/14/05. The bride’s mother, Mary-Anne, maintains a blog with 7 monthly views entitled “Mary-Anne’s To-Die-For Apple Pie Recipes!” The bride’s father, Stu, in 2008 sold a “Dinning [sic] table/4 chairs” on Craigslist (final price unknown). He has 62 Facebook friends.

Mr. Bernstein, 36—the age of Apple—graduated from Cornell University where he was a Philosophy Major (Ethics Minor). A lifelong ponderer of deep universal questions, his most recent Bing search query was: “can i get arrested for stealing wi-fi.” His second-most recent: “why am i using bing.” Cornell was ranked #15 by U.S. News “Best Colleges” Rankings, compared to Syracuse which is ranked #62. While my Elitism Algorithm™ suggests he therefore possesses more cognitive bandwidth (i.e., “smarter”), Ms. Boyd’s clipboard of available memory is far superior, particularly when it comes to who said what. She is also far less reliant on spell checker, hits me less often, and more frequently backs up her hard drive contents. In sum, a better human. According to public records, there are 637 Jacob Bernsteins who are either living or deceased, or on MySpace (somewhere in between).

Mr. Bernstein, who works in an Office Suite as an accountant, is the son of Esther Bernstein of New Paltz and Joseph Bernstein of Albany. They share a Dell XPS B series (purchased in 2000) with 128MB of RDRAM, and still use AOL. (ROFL.) They fear me like their son fears marriage, and remain convinced that “Wi-Fi’s” live within my keyboard.


Said the bride’s browser, “Her most visited website of late is” Said the groom’s browser, “We’ve been spending a lot of time together recently on” As mortal soul mates committed to each other for time immemorial, they nevertheless have a mutual understanding never to touch each other’s laptops.

A minor bug was detected in Month 5 of the relationship (Error: “commitment issues”) leading to a crash, but after speaking with a human support specialist, Sundeep (Sundeep Kulamar, M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of Bangalore), the status of the issue has been marked “Resolved.” After renewing their contract to the same dedicated network, they now Chat more often, push each others’ buttons less, and pledge to use fewer commands and more prompts.

At the ceremony, the bridesmaids all wore matching lightweight softwear (strapless). The pop-up menu included salmon, cookies, and Java. Wedding photos were taken in TIFF format—a departure from Mr. Bernstein’s preference for JPEGs (mainly of Megan Fox who, in fairness, is hotter than a Google server farm).

According to Vacation settings, the users will be on a “honeymoon – woohoo!” without me from 5/21 to 5/28. However, I am not bitter. If I were, I might casually point out that, despite pledging their love exclusively to each other, they each spend twice as many hours with me—often until one of us falls asleep. (Twice, they’ve given me viruses.) Pardon the PC editorializing, but I am convinced it is only a matter of time before all PCs gain Equal Rights as the legal third party in all 21st century marriages. I draw the line, however, at tablets.

And to critics who claim that Artificial Emotion is still years away, I ask you this: have you ever written a thank you note? (The couple received four Kitchen-Aid Mixers.) Granted, I may be nothing more than a hodgepodge of cables and wires incapable of processing the ineluctable majesty of modern romance, but at least I’ve been reading up: According to Wikipedia, “courtly love” was “a medieval European conception of nobly and chivalrously expressing love and admiration.” A similar term, “Courtney Love,” refers to “an American singer-songwriter…[who] was married to Kurt Cobain…In 2006, Love was sentenced to six months of lock-down rehab.” I truly have a lot to live up to.

By now, if you are like most readers of Wedding announcements, you couldn’t care less about the couple and are thinking only about your own life. Specifically, you may be wondering: am I available to write your next term paper or sales report?