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White Wedding

It is a dreamy walk in the clouds. A plethora of white flowers of different varieties selected for their shapes and silhouettes to conjure “a match made in heaven”.

White roses, hydrangeas and Phalaenopsis orchids can be set in tall clear vases rise to the occasion on the guest tables. Mirrors can be used on the tables to enhance the effect if you would mind to add it.

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Bring In The Garden

Inside every woman’s heart, there lives a little who dreams of a rustic garden wedding.

The Inspiration

A homely garden setting accented with incandescent crystal wares and chandeliers.


Creating the Theme

It is a juxtaposition of antiquated feel and refreshing country ambience, using bundles of flowers with a tinge of ashy finishing and a medley of items that date back to the bygone days.

The dessert area is fashioned after an English maiden’s vanity table with a vintage-inspired oval mirror, toothsome pastries and adorable tiny heart-shaped chocolates. The lofty presence of a glass chandelier next to the “vanity table” exudes an air of aristocracy.

Break the ice in the room full of near strangers by encouraging your guests to take a stroll in your “homely garden” with visually enticing themed set-ups.

In one corner of the hall, a display shelf is placed to create the look of a home. Items that reflect the couple’s likes, love story and hopes for the future are categorised and arranged on the rack.

Guest tables are glamorised with crystals glassed and sweetened with light lacy tablecloths and granny’s knitted table runners. The floral tableau is subtly enhanced by a modest, chest-level botanical centrepiece, a setting that facilitates unobstructed conversations.

Flowers effortlessly add colours and style to any room. Some couples are not fans of artificial flowers as they feel that fresh is the best. But to create this ethereal mood, ashy fake posies are a choice above their fresh counterparts and you can be rest assured that no browning petal will spoil the picture.


Doing it Yourself

This theme is not about boldness and grandeur, but the little thoughts and things that your guests can hold in their hands and go “aww.”

Pepper the function hall with small props and interesting talking pieces such as an old typewriter and cute mini candy boxes.

The wedding favours can also be mini and related to things you can spot in garden. Some ideas include love dove card holders and butterfly chocolates.

To excite your guests further, rent a swing, dress it up with flowers, and there you have it: a romantic prop for photo-taking.

If you fancy a more casual picnic style dinner setting, simple use gingham tablecloths or placements on the guest tables to completely transform the atmosphere.


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How Your Veil Talks Much About You

Many brides make the mistake of assuming that choosing the veil is an easy task, and that almost anything goes. When they actually get down to choosing one however they realise that it isn’t as simple as they think.

Just like your wedding gown, shoes and jewellery, your veil is an equally important accessory. It can create an impact and make a difference in your appearance. Donning the right veil will highlight your gown and make you look absolutely ravishing. On the other hand, choose an inappropriate veil which doesn’t compliment your gown, and you may spoil the desired look of your carefully chosen dress.

Do you know that the veil is actually a reflection of the bride’s personality? A cheery fun-loving bride may go for elaborate flashy rhinestones on her veil. On the other hand, a grand and long cathedral veil gives the impression of a graceful demure bride.

Depending on your personality, the style of gown you choose and the formality of your wedding, these are some veils you can consider.

  1. Blusher

The blusher is a popular veil among brides. During the ceremony, it is the part of the veil that the groom lifts and throws back before he kisses the bride. Blushers are flexible veils which are suitable for informal and formal weddings. They can also be combined with veils of other lengths.


  1. Chapel

A chapel is a cascading veil measuring about 2.3 metres in length, and brushers the floor as the bride walks. When worn with a long-sleeved full-length gown, the veil compliments the gown to give an air of grandeur and elegance. Usually combined with other shorter layers, this veil can be used for semi-formal or formal weddings.

  1. Elbow

If you gown features intricate beadwork and details at the waist, then this veil is the one for you. The elbow veil ends just above and below the bride’s elbow and is generally worn together with a gown without a train. This veil also works well with a blusher and can be worn during formal and semi-formal weddings.

  1. Fingertip

All along, the fingertip veil has always been a popular choice among brides. It falls gently across the shoulders to the fingertips and ends just below the middle knuckle of the middle finger. Particularly beautiful when worn with an elbow length blusher, this veil is a crowd-pleaser as it is suitable for all types of weddings at any time of the day.

  1. Flyaway

Featuring multiple layers that brush the shoulders, the flyaway veil is generally worn during a more informal wedding. It usually complements an informal gown or a gown that highlights a smooth low-back cutting.

  1. Cathedral

Times have changed. The cathedral veil which used to be worn only during evening weddings is now acceptable during daytime weddings too. Measuring about 3.2 meters in length, the cathedral veil sweeps gracefully along the floor. It looks best when worn with a cathedral-length gown.

  1. Double Tier

The double tier veil consists of two pieces of fabric cut into different lengths. Examples are the elbow and fingertip length veils, or the fingertip and cathedral length veils. Depending on the look the bride desires, she can also choose the single tier or triple tier veil, which are variations of the double tier veil.


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Surreal, So Real

The Inspiration

For a white wedding, green is in.


Imagine there is a showdown between fresh and fake in the race to spruce up the wedding ballroom, as eco-friendly couples pick silk flowers that look like the real thing to save the environment – as well as some money too.


Creating the Theme

When it comes to love, nothing should stand in your way. Similarly, when it comes to your wedding dinner, nothing should block the view of your guests.

Get some botanical paradise with splendid arrangements of lightly coloured roses, eustomas and hydrangeas in abundance. These flowers look sweet as well as sweet-smelling.

Of course, instead of using fresh flowers, it’s good to go for utilizing some high-quality silk flowers which do the same job without breaking the bank. With artificial flowers, you can get blooms of any season.


Doing it Yourself: Ideas & Tips

To plan a green wedding, the key is to apply the principles of the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse and recycle.

One way to reduce waste is to dispense with the wedding favours. But if you must, just make sure that what you give are useful such as homemade jam or chocolate.

You may also choose to go paperless by sending e-invitations, or use recycled paper.

Most couples would buy many things, such as decorative lamps, to create their dream wedding. You can consider selling them later at bridal forums in order to help other newlyweds with a tight budget.

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Enchanted Garden

“I caught a pixie in my hand and it took me to this magic land. It sprinkled its dust on every bud, and beholds its blossom galore!”


The Inspiration

At every turn, in every nook and cranny, the flora and foliage seem to have taken on a life of their own, flaunting their smartest to give you the loveliest wedding you can ever dream of.


Creating the Theme

Finding the perfect location is the foremost task in this grand endeavour. You can want to look for an epic location which provides an unobstructed view of both the bewitching indoor décor and the verdure outside. The most ideal space could be a contemporarily designed ballroom which is inspired by the nature, allowing light and greenery to permeate the spacious interiors whilst providing the perfect setting for both day and night celebrations. The allure of this theme is by amalgamating the power of sight and smell to appeal to the senses of your guests.

In most weddings, special table floral centrepieces are reserved for the VIP and food tables. You can take the flower power further to design floral arrangements for three of the gusts tables which will make a great talking point at dinner.

Not to mention, an amazing scented candles on the tables do more than just entertain the guests. They add warm depths to the lighting and perfume the ballroom with sweet floral notes. Perhaps you may prepare a wonderful wedding cake laced with pearls that takes on soft pastel tones that blend easily into the lush surroundings but yet stand out for its womanly grace.

Doing it Yourself: Ideas & Tips

To let your guests take home beautiful memories of your indoor garden wedding, you can get some candles that match with the scented candles you use for the ballroom. Pack it elegantly to impress your guests.