Spinning Yarn

The yarns symbolise their long running relationship and they hope to continue ‘spinning yarns’ in their love journey.  text SUMMER LEE

Finally, Wedding & Travel’s very own Janelle Lee marries Roy See, her long-time boyfriend of nine years!

It was one of those days when school ended and a wide eyed teenager was sitting in front of her computer, chatting with friends on the now defunct MIRC chat room.

And just as innocently, a random schoolmate joined her chat window and that was how their story started.

Even though it happened nine years ago, Janelle can still recall with fondness that chance encounter with her future husband. “We met through a little window on our school’s MIRC. It was a random click and a random chat and then we realised we were from the same lecture class!”

“We started to describe how we look, where we usually sat in the lecture hall and who we normally hung out with in the polytechnic. We chatted until we both had a brief idea of the other’s identity. It was kind of exciting as the very next day, we started scanning around the lecture hall trying to spot each other. It is hilarious to think back!”
The couple had their first date soon during the mid-autumn festival. As a part of Janelle’s family rules, when a child reaches 16 years of age, he or she will no longer be allowed to take part in the lantern festival with the rest of the family. Abhorred by the ‘ridiculous rule’, Janelle was determined to break the rule soon.

An equally young and reckless Roy began to plot a romantic mid-autumn lantern festival date right away. Janelle was elated as it had been two years since she last carried a lantern.

The day was extra memorable for her as it was also the first time Roy sang her a love song. They started their journey of love from that day onwards which culminated in their wedding nine years later on 17 September 2011.


The couple held two wedding ceremonies to fulfill their own wishes and to accommodate relatives and friends. Having a wedding in Bali has always been Janelle’s wish, but during their wedding preparations, they realised that most of their friends and relatives would not be able to make that trip. Hence, they had a small ceremony in Bali attended only by close friends and family.

A chapel wedding is also part of Janelle’s wedding dreams and they found the perfect glass chapel in Ubud, Bali. Located in the magical rainforest of Ubud with the soft gushing sound of the Oos River below, The Vimala is
the enchanting venue they had hoped for.

As the creative brain behind many of Wedding & Travel’s theme wedding shoots, Janelle had a good idea of how she wanted her own wedding to be. With the help of Butterfly Event Styling Boutique, the reception venue at The Vimala was decorated with wine bottles, vintage books, a vintage rocking chair, pearls, ribbons and pretty little flowers to produce a modern vintage look. To enhance the ambience, the infinity pool was decked with floating candles to provide a romantic touch.

The beautiful setting wowed her guests. And for the first time, Janelle felt her family could finally understand the strong passion she has towards her craft.

For their wedding back in Singapore, the couple chose Suburbia in Sentosa for its rustic setting, ambience and great food. They would like to add a word of thanks here for the excellent service provided by the team who ensured their event was a success.

As Janelle has always liked cotton plants, she asked her florist Boenga to design a theme based on it. “The cotton flowers transformed the place into a magical land and many of our guests took the flowers home as souvenirs!” she exclaimed.

To complement the cotton theme, the couple gave out cotton yarns as wedding favours. The yarns symbolise their long-running relationship and they hope to continue ‘spinning yarns’ in their love journey.

Looking back, the newly-married Janelle says, “Planning a wedding is like having a part-time job. Without my company’s fullest support, we would not be able to pull off such a successful wedding. One advice… know exactly what you want and go for it!”

Love Before Anything Else

They were never, and will never be just two individuals. Right from the start, the two of them were meant to be bound as one.

Annoying guy meets serious girl, and sparks flew between them. That is exactly how the love story went between Andre, a businessman, and Stella, a banker, both in their 30s. The two first met each other in 2007 when they were both working in the same bank.

Stella’s first impression of Andre was nothing short of an “annoying guy who cannot stop talking or asking questions, full of nonsense and likes to disturb people”, while Andre thought of Stella as “uptight, serious, don’t talk much”. It seems they didn’t exactly start off on the right foot.

Things took a turn though in 2012, after Andre and Stella went on an eventful trip to Lombok, Indonesia with mutual friends. “Somehow at the right time and right moment, there were sparks”, and the pair got together after 5 years of friendship.

As their relationship grew, so did their love for each other blossom. Andre and Stella learnt to respect each other and make compromises to keep their relationship going.

“One of the most recent memorable moments was probably our pre-wedding session in Tokyo as Andre doesn’t like taking pictures but agreed to do 2 long and tiring days of photo shoot just to make me happy”, Stella quipped.

Little moments and efforts made to express love laid out the path for a proposal which was especially meaningful for Stella. “Our most frequent activity while dating was watching movies and Andre proposed with a canvas full of movie tickets (dated from our 1st date till the most recent movie) and popped out a ring to propose to me”, Stella recalled.

Naturally, their wedding was held in the country where it all started for them – Indonesia. The couple wanted a small and intimate wedding for just their close family and friends to share in the joy of their love for each other, with the perfectly romantic cliff view sunset setting at Tirtha Luhur, Uluwatu, Bali.

The wedding venue was beautifully adorned with Stella’s favourite peonies amidst other pastel colour flowers. Fairy lights were used in the outdoor lawn and candle lights in the pool to give a romantic feel at night.

With the couple’s idea of a special day where their family and friends can spend time together in mind, their wedding was sincerely thought out and impeccably planned with lots of handmade efforts. Stella designed her own wedding invitations, wedding favours and other stationery with the help of close friends. She even customized the corsage and boutonnière, wedding decorations, flower girls and page boys’ outfits.

With a balloon release after the ceremony, bingo games (this was something Andre and Stella used to play at work back then), speeches from their best friends, and surprise song performances from family and friends, it was a simple and memorable day for the couple where they got to bask in the love from their special ones.

“We felt so much love by our family and friends, had so much fun, laughed so much”, Andre mused.

Andre and Stella shared their hopes and dreams for the future, “Continue to love, respect and support each other’s dreams, be a great husband and wife and awesome parents to our children, so that our children will grow up in a healthy and happy environment, knowing how in love his or her parents are, and how much he or her is loved.”

There are never two individuals who perfectly complement each other, but rather two people who are willing to respect and listen to each other. Andre and Stella are the exemplary of loving each other before oneself.

“Most importantly, always remember what made the both of you both love each other in the first place,” was their final thoughts on a marriage.

Love indeed comes before anything else.