Kelly Lin and Chris Young to hold wedding in Maldives

Beautiful model and Taiwan actress Kelly Lin and American born business man Chris Young had their wedding ceremony in Maldives on 28 March 2011. The pictures taken show the couple posing on a romantic small boat in Maldives. The bride, Kelly, dressed in white, low-cut wedding gown and the groom, Chris, wore a simple white shirt and pants. They exchanged their vows in a 30-minuties ceremony on the beach with their 30 guests invited from Los Angles, Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The guests arrived at the Maldives 3 days before the wedding day. The groom, Chris, gave his beautiful bride a sparkling 3 carat diamond.

“Dad don’t look from the sidelines, he is nervous!” the bride said to his dad when they were taking their wedding pictures. The bride, Kelly, changed to red, bareback dress later that evening.
Guess who was the bridesmaid? Taiwan-born Hong Kong actress Shu Qi. “I hope that she will be happy. We can still be best sisters forever” Shu Qi said on the wedding day.
Wedding and Travel wish the beautiful bride and the groom a happy life together.

Down A Green Aisle on White Sands

If it’s a beach wedding you have always been dreaming of, you are definitely staying in the right region. Perennial sunshine, sparkling seas, fine white sands… just name it and you’ve got it. Southeast Asia has the best selection of islands in the world, so make use of the salubrious climate, pick your island and hold the wedding in the tropics you have always been dreaming of.

Just 45 minutes away from Singapore, Bintan Island is one strong contender for your consideration. Other than meeting all the necessary requirements for a tropical island backdrop, exclusivity and privacy is a plus.

With a host of resorts catering to various budgets, you can be sure to find one that suits your needs. For beach and sun lovers, check out Nirwana Gardens and Mana Mana, which offer plenty of sea sports, sun and affordable accommodation. However, if you are bringing the elderly, you might have to consider other resorts around. If you are all for luxury and exclusivity, then Banyan Tree and Angsana are your best bets. At the pinnacle of luxury, check out the spa villas of Banyan Tree!

If you are a typical Singaporean foodie, you would be glad to know that an array of wedding reception choices awaits you. Excellent Thai food is served at Baan Aarya near the Indra Maya villas and seafood is a must at the Kelong Seafood Restaurant. The resorts’ in-house restaurants also offer their own choices. Just talk to the chefs or hotels to create your dream reception!

A Wedding Made For The Gods

Most of us are no stranger to the beauty of Bali and her popularity as one of the most visited destinations in Southeast Asia. Besides the alluring beaches, spas and relaxing resorts, there is something else that makes Bali an irresistible tourist magnet. Well, if you ask those from Japan, Australia, Europe and even USA, Bali has long been regarded as the dream wedding destination.

For these people who come from such rich landscapes with vast diversities, what draw does Bali hold that makes them travel all the way just to get married there? Apart from the sun, the sand, the sea and the tropical winds, Bali also has Tirtha Uluwatu, a wedding complex best known for its magnificent glass wedding chapel and the answer to what all marrying couples are looking for, the ideal venue.

Barely into its second year of operation, Tirtha Uluwatu has already gained a steadfast reputation as one of the hottest and most beautiful wedding locations in Bali. Its owners, a husband and wife team originally from Japan, have had more than ten years of experience coordinating weddings in Bali. This latest effort sees them take a great leap in widening their base and further establishing their name on the island and in the wedding industry.

The result of this endeavour is phenomenal. First-time visitors to this wedding complex located in Uluwatu never fail to marvel at the delight of this extraordinary property. Hidden from sight by tall grass and wild bushes, Tirtha Uluwatu is a piece of haven that seems to appear from out of nowhere, just like a magical kingdom in a fairytale.

The first thing that draws every guest’s attention is the legendary glass chapel against the backdrop of the clear blue Indian Ocean. Since it is perched on a hilltop in Jimbaran, Tirtha Uluwatu offers a superb view of the sea and the untainted white sandy beach 50 metres below from where the complex sits. As the locals are fiercely protective of this stretch of beach, tourists are totally out-of-bounds, hence preserving the beach’s pristine beauty. Constructed almost completely out of glass, the chapel provides a full view of the ocean from every corner of the room. The calm blue of the sea against the bright blue of the sky creates an instant postcard picture. It certainly generates the thought that anyone who gets married here must be the happiest souls on earth and will enjoy a happily ever after ending.

Taking into consideration that most wedding couples at Tirtha Uluwatu come from all corners of the earth, the owners have provided all the necessary facilities to make their guests feel comfortable and at home. Not only that, their clients’ guests are just as important too.

One of the amenities here is a large locker room inside the huge bathroom where guests can deposit their belongings and change into their formal attire (if they brought along any). In order to provide absolute comfort for these guests who might be recovering from jet lag, there is a spacious guest lounge where they will be served welcome drinks while waiting for the bride and groom to get ready.

In the midst of all these, the couple would be in their own private suite where there is a lounge area, a changing room and a bathroom. If there is time to spare, they can even watch some TV to combat the pre-marriage jitters or listen to soothing music from a collection of CDs available. Or, if they like, there is also some wine in the cooler where they can enjoy an early celebratory toast.

As tradition has it, no celebration, especially a joyous occasion like a wedding, is complete without a feast. At Tirtha Uluwatu, guests can sit down to an intimate reception just for two or for the entire wedding entourage. Adding another “A” to this marvellous venue is a mouth-watering selection of French and Asian cuisine prepared especially for all distinguished guests to Tirtha Uluwatu. Bon appetit!

Now, the event doesn’t end here with the reception. In fact, it has just begun. With the most hectic part of the itinerary over, what’s left is all the time in the world where you can truly let your hair down and enjoy each other’s company on this Island Of The Gods!

Destination Dream Wedding

These days, there are all sorts of celebrity weddings attended by hundreds, or even thousands. Perhaps held in the heart of a metropolitan like New York City, or some hidden treasure of a castle in the Pyrenees. Weddings meant to outshine other weddings. Weddings clamouring to be “Wedding of the Year”, the talk of the town, the Affair of the Century.

Then there are intimate weddings – an occasion designed only for the bride and groom. Guests may include wedding planners and photographers, no more.

And that’s exactly how Dr. and Mrs. Gary Fishman from New York City, realised their vision of a “romantic dreamy, fairytale” wedding on June 8, 2012.

No, not in the hustle and bustle of exciting, boisterous New York City. But on the cosy, private shores of Elbow Beach in Bermuda.

Gary, 60, who is an ear, nose and throat surgeon, and Wendy, 44, an NYC model, met in the summer of 2009 at a charity fundraiser held at a mutual friend’s home. Like in the movies, both had reached for the last glass of champagne, and “we both laughed at the obvious humour of the moment and that broke the ice”, Wendy shared with Wedding&Travel, adding that “there was an instant physical attraction for both of us but also a definite feeling of ease and comfort we felt immediately for one another”.

That probably marked the beginning of their relationship, especially since they spoke for hours that first day, and practically spent everyday together after that.

On top of the many common interests the couple shared was also a shared experience – both were “in the midst of complicated divorces” which really meant they found the comfort and support they needed in each other.

Fast forward to 2011. It was Christmas Eve in NYC. It was a romantic time of the year.

Gary prompted Wendy to open a gift from under their tree – one which she thought was a camera. Well, the gift turned out to be a series of large boxes leading, yes, to a small one. One that held a “magnificent emerald cut diamond ring”. Wendy broke down in tears and easily said “yes” to Gary’s proposal.

The first thing the couple desired for their wedding was that it should be intimate – just the two of them, and entirely organised their way. The goal: A wedding for two in a setting without any distractions where they could focus entirely on one another.

It really wasn’t difficult for them to decide to be “purely self-indulgent”. After all, both lead busy lives and Gary’s profession requires long hours, which means time alone together is highly limited on an everyday basis.

Besides, both Gary and Wendy had had a difficult few years in their previous marriages, which also meant family and friends understood and respected their wishes to do things their way.

The wedding of their desires was put together within six months – no small feat, considering they were planning for a destination wedding, something they both always wanted and never had in the past.

So while many couples would swoon with delight with a wedding in NYC, Gary and Wendy (who happen to be madly in love with their city!) was deeply attracted to the idea of being married on a beach.

A little research soon revealed that Bermuda was really the destination they had in mind. According to the couple, Bermuda was “not only beautiful but also elegant for a wedding. The Bermudian style and British charm is very appealing to us … it is a bit more formal and proper than perhaps another beach destination [like the] Caribbean, for example”.

Couples interested in a beach “destination” wedding should look at many wedding photographs already captured on the destination of their dreams. Gary and Wendy did, and the effort was paid off because they realised just how much they loved to have Bermuda in their wedding photographs.

And so that led them to settle on gorgeous Elbow Beach at Bermuda, with its magnificent pink beaches and the gentle, turquoise lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the perfect stunning backdrop for the intimate, romantic fairytale themed wedding of their vision.

Wendy’s wedding gown, designed by Ines De Santo, was a flowing Gazar gown with romantic Chantilly Lace and a silk organza flower at the shoulder, that set the tone for the wedding. Gary wore a Zegna suit in a light sandy color that brought elegance to a relaxed mood.

Add to that, a simple chuppah oceanfront adorned with sheer flowy fabric and rose petals in the sand – the very image of the sort of beach wedding the couple had envisioned – and the wedding was almost complete.

Almost, because a little bit of drama never hurts anyone. For Gary and Wendy, that came in the weather hiccup – it rained just as the photographer arrived. Like any bride, Wendy was initially upset by the prospect of their perfect vision being ruined. Gary however, calm and optimistic as ever, reassured her that it would pass.

Working with the right partners always help too, especially when their wedding planner and photographer were great sports in delaying things a bit, allowing for the weather to clear up.

Here’s a piece of sound advice from Wendy to beach brides: Don’t waste negative energy on things you cannot control. Your wedding will always be a day to remember forever, so enjoy every single moment – just as they did.

The evening ended with a lavish five-course dinner in a private oceanfront cabana complete with candles, champagne and a private butler. Without having to tend to guests or manage others’ expectations, the couple was able to enjoy many hours just sitting there, dining, talking, and reflecting back on the most amazing day of their lives.

Life in a snapshot

Documenting emotive milestones in life has been the dream of Edmund Tung since he first picked up the camera in 1998.

Eight years later, his dream came true when he started Life View, a photography studio that helps couples remember some of their most wonderful times together.

“Ever since I joined this line, I’m glad that I’ve never disappointed anyone who gave me the privilege to record the most important day of their lives on my camera,” said Edmund. “I insist on producing the best results, and it gives me great gratification to see my clients pleased and appreciative of my work.”

Before every shoot, Edmund would lighten the mood to help the couple feel relaxed.
“They are after all not professional models. Shooting in a jovial and harmonious ambience has always been a rule of mine,” he noted, and quipped, “Then I would ‘show off’ the ‘professional poses’ that I had picked up from everywhere for their reference.”

One of his clients, Janelle Lee, was impressed by his organised working style and his determination to create a unique pre-wedding video concept for her. The 28-year-old editorial executive also invited him to be her wedding photographer in Bali in September.

“I guess the most important part about being a wedding photographer and videographer is to inject jokes at the right moment,” she said. “There was a scene where I needed to express bliss in my smile, but I couldn’t.”

“But at that very moment, he said something that cracked me up. And voila! We got the shot!” Janelle added that Edmund, who is based in Malaysia, even showed her and her husband how he edited their video. “It was definitely an eye-opening experience for us!” she marvelled.

phone: +60127089848