Cooking Up A Hen Party

What do all brides- and grooms-to-be like to do just before their wedding? It’s the hen party and stag party of course! So naturally, it calls for something special when well-heeled individuals like Angelina Seow decided to tie the knot.

The bride-to-be enjoying special coaching from the chef.

“I’m a real foodie and enjoy cooking healthy, tasty European dishes! Some years ago in Provence, my then-boyfriend-now-hubby and I took a unique cooking class involving French cuisine. So naturally, a similar activity with my girlfriends for my hen’s night in Singapore was something I thought would be great fun,” enthused Angelina.

An attentive audience taking delight in Chef Daniel’s humour.

The night began with a pleasantly surprised bride-to-be as she had not expected her group’s work station to be specially decorated just for her. One of Angelina’s girlfriends had made prior arrangements with CulinaryOn to arrive earlier for the set up.

Surprising the star of the night with a bridal themed décor.

“The team was very helpful and obliging throughout when they knew this was a hen party. On that day itself, I was held up and arrived much later than expected. But thanks to Portia, the event master’s help, we managed to complete everything just before the bride arrived,” said Carol, who was also the one who suggested CulinaryOn for the occasion as she had previously attended a class there.

One of the spacious and gorgeous cooking studios at CulinaryOn.

“I’m a fan of reality TV series MasterChef and Junior MasterChef. The layout of CulinaryOn makes me feel as though I’m on the set! I had a great time previously and I knew the girls would like it too.”

Delectable canapés prior to class prevent empty stomachs from growling.

Each class is assigned a chef, a sous chef, an event master and other dedicated helpers. Before the class commenced, guests were treated to canapes and free flow soft drinks. Subsequently, everyone was gathered around the chef’s work station for a briefing of what to expect for the evening. Duties were divided up amongst members of a team so each person got to handle a different aspect of the preparation.

Aveline feeling accomplished with her very well rolled out pasta dough.

As the menu for the night included pasta, guests were shown how to knead the dough and how to create springy, professional standard spaghetti. In fact, guests were taught how to cook all the dishes from scratch, including the lava cake, so that they could replicate them at home with the recipes that were emailed to them after the class.

A bemused Angelina clearly enjoying herself at the cooking class.

If you are wondering whether you need to do any cleaning up, there is no worry about that as the stations are cleaned up after every dish by the helpers who work like magical elves – fast and inconspicuously.

Chef Daniel demonstrating to an enthralled audience the dangers of dry ice on fresh greens.

For this hen party, the class was led by the very affable Chef Daniel who also possesses great comic timing. In fact, all the chefs here are rather fun and colourful characters who don’t just cook, but are able to entertain at the same time and make participants relish the whole process. As Angelina said, “It wasn’t just me who enjoyed it. My friends too, had a jolly good time! The class was entertaining, had a spacious, sophisticated ambience and involved fun teamwork!”

Add a dash of fairy dust to celebrate friendship and marital bliss.

Aveline, another member in the hen party, says, “I would rate this 9… or 10 out of 10! Kudos to the team, especially Chef Daniel for his helpful tips and directions. I wish they have Cantonese cuisine class too!” The group’s sentiments were summed up by Jessica, “I didn’t expect this to be so fun and the certificate we received at the end really makes me feel as though I’ve made great culinary achievements!”

A group photo at the end to commemorate a new batch of ‘graduates’ at CulinaryOn.

At CulinaryOn, prices start from $118 per person for a session lasting 3 to 3.5 hours. Each session comprises of 3 dishes, soft drinks and canapes. Alcohol is sold on the premises or BYO. There are standard and tailored packages for corporate events, team building, birthday parties, hen parties, dating events and children’s workshops, etc.

Bookings can be made online at www.culinaryon.sg or enquire with the team at +65 3159 1482







When Korean superstar Rain announced his marriage plans with actress Kim Tae Hee on 17 Jan 2017, no one could have expected that the wedding would be held two days later.


Image source: www.koreaboo.com

In his handwritten letter posted on his Instagram account, Rain had expressed the couple’s wish to have a private and quiet wedding as their country is currently going through emotional and financially difficult times.

In contrast to many of the high profile celebrity weddings we saw in 2016, the couple, both Catholics, held their wedding at Gaheo-dong Catheral in Seoul. The modest ceremony attended by some 50 guests cost just SGD1,600.


Image source: www.koreaboo.com

A graduate of the Seoul National University with a diploma in fashion studies, Kim chose to design her own wedding dress, with the help of her stylist, instead of flaunting a designer gown.

After the wedding, Kim released her handwritten letter to fans, thanking them for their well wishes and support in spite of the sudden news. She also thanked her partner for his “overflowing love” and promised to be someone he can lean on and count on for support.


Image source: www.koreaboo.com

The low-key couple had originally declared that their honeymoon will be postponed for the foreseeable future. On 20 Jan, however, their management companies announced in a joint press release that the couple will be leaving for their honeymoon on 22 Jan. Was it a ploy to throw the paparazzi off-guard? We’ll never know.

Although the specific location was not revealed, holiday makers in Bali can keep their eyes open for the newlyweds who will be there for a supposed total of five days.





My One and Only

Text Lin Zixin Photo Gary, The Aisle Bridal

Luke Sim, 29, and Selena Teh, 27, are two people who sure know how to spice up their lives. The romantic things that Luke has done for Selena might read just like a romance novel, and here’re just a few for the record – the man proposed to his fair lady at the Peak in Hong Kong under starry skies, and even took pains to rent a 15kg helium tank just to surprise her with balloons on the day of their pre-wedding shoot. (All together now, aww!)

Behind the Scenes

For such a loving couple, having a memorable and one-of-a-kind pre-wedding shoot at Sentosa was right up their alley. Shooting at locations including Underwater World, Fish Reflexology Centre, Siloso Beach and notably, Dolphin Lagoon, Selena laughed that the couple had always wanted something different from the norm. “The staff over at Sentosa even told us we’re the first couple in Singapore to take pre-wedding photos with their dolphins!”

“It was definitely very special and the highlight for me,” Luke agreed, “On top of that it was really fun and interactive… after all, how many couples get to have dolphins in their shots?”

For aspiring couples who are considering having their pre-wedding pictures taken at Sentosa, Luke and Selena recommend getting in touch early to avoid disappointment.

“Also, keep in mind that long gowns are not allowed if you’re taking pictures with the dolphins as they fall sick easily and the gown might contaminate the water,” Selena shared, “I would advise a casual dress for the shoot!”

Looking back, the couple had a blast on the shoot and relished the sincere wishes they received from strangers and tourists during the shoot. The only complaints? “The energy level can get a little low, especially when it was hot. Also, it would have been great if we had more time!” Luke chuckled.

And that, we think, could have been the least of some couples’ worries on a pre-wedding shoot. Looking at the fantastic results of the photo shoot, we think it couldn’t have been more perfect.


Home, Where Love Belongs

Zhenyu Lai, 26, and Yuan Yin, 23, both Graduate Students

Text: Cherie Wong / Photo: Kate / Ils Adorent

Zhenyu and Yuan Yin dated for three years while pursuing a university degree in America. But this is where their love story deviates from that of the average couple who met on campus. Both chose to further pursue a PhD. So they planned their wedding in under a month, came back to Singapore for a week and got married, then flew back to the U.S. to continue with the life they have always known together. In that week, they managed to find precious time for their pre-wedding photographs, and due to time constraints, picked only the Singapore River as their destination of choice. But they are well pleased with the results.

Behind the Scenes

“We chose the Anderson Bridge by Shenton Way. We wanted the location to reflect some characteristics of Singapore, and eventually we decided that architecture was what defines Singapore the most,” shares Yuan Yin.

Ask them about their respective favorite part of the experience and the response is the same. Zhenyu reveals how on the bridge they came across a group of children on a class excursion. “They were dressed in brightly colored ponchos and Kate asked their teacher if they could pose with us for a shot. We felt like celebrities!”

“The fact that everything was spontaneous and could not have happened if not for chance made the moment more special and memorable,” adds Yuan Yin.

The duo realized just how crucial the tiniest details are in a photo shoot. It was raining and they were worried that the weather would ruin the bride’s white gown and makeup. But their fears were allayed when they soon found out that the makeup was waterproof!

As people who have got so used to spending much of their waking moments together when they were studying overseas, the couple truly understands the importance of putting aside quality time for each other. Their biggest advice to other couples is to spend some alone time with each other prior to the photo shoot so that when it happens, both parties are in the right mood, and everything will feel more natural and less constructed.

“Take a moment to remember why you’re doing this and what it means to the both of you,” says Yuan Yin.

Zhenyu also feels that even if the presence of the camera tends to make one feel self-conscious, it is most important to try to ignore it, and have a lot of fun!

The Love Story

When we pulled Yuan Yin aside and asked her for the sweetest thing Zhenyu has ever done for her, we are moved to know it was an incident that happened after their marriage. She obliges and reveals how exactly one month after their wedding, she came home to a card he had written, telling her how content and grateful he was to have her as his wife.

“It was a very simple card but it moved me to tears. People always say the flame dies once you’re married, and you no longer feel the need to surprise your partner or explicitly show love. So this short note went a long way in showing me how much he cares.”

We wish this couple all the best in their journey of love.

– See more at: http://wedding-travel.com/home-where-love-belongs.aspx#sthash.kmuVqg8D.dpuf


Three’s the Charm

Text Lin Zixin Photo Amos Leong, Expressively Joho

Photo courtesy of Anthony Yeo & Gina Koh Photo courtesy of Anthony Yeo & Gina Koh Photo courtesy of Anthony Yeo & Gina Koh Photo courtesy of Anthony Yeo & Gina Koh

For Anthony Yeo, 29, and Gina Koh, 27, getting it right just isn’t enough; it’s got to be perfect. The couple talks to Wedding & Travel about going the extra mile to capture their loving moments over three pre-wedding photo shoots.

It was only after their first shoot with a local bridal boutique that Anthony and Gina decided to engage a second company for their pre-wedding shoot.

“We felt that the shoots we had were a little standard and didn’t have much oomph,” Anthony shared. “After we recalculated our expenses, we decided to go ahead and engage Amos (from Expressively Joho) for a second shoot.”

As one would expect, the decision was not an easy one – the couple had to reconsider their budget and make the appropriate adjustments. “Of course we had a lot of struggles,” Gina recalled, “But we decided not to splurge on a lavish wedding banquet and save on other items for the additional shoot.”

Behind the Scenes

This time around, the couple was able to better articulate their wishes and get photos that fulfilled their expectations.

Anthony described his magical moment, “The picture where we submerged ourselves in the water at Sentosa in a slight drizzle was just the best; it was our quiet moment of love.”

While the setting was decidedly romantic, the gloomy weather also delayed the shoot’s progress considerably. Worried about the limited number of shots they managed to complete, Anthony and Gina acted decisively to add a third session to complete all the shots they had originally envisioned.

This time round, the shoot went without a glitch. “Amos proposed that we do a casual shoot and I’m really glad we did it, since it turned out to be the highlight for me,” Gina smiled.

The third photo shoot was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the couple who met in Bowen Secondary School, as they relived the sweet days of puppy love in their initial courtship.

“It was as if we were young again; taking pictures in our uniforms, stealing kisses in the cinema, him sending me home from school.”

A marriage is once in a lifetime, and we’re glad the sacrifice was all worthwhile for Anthony and Gina.

Here’s to a couple who knows exactly what they want.