Commando on a Mission

Japheth Chong, 25, executive life planner, and Barbra Chen, 25, early childhood teacher

Text: Cherie Wong / Photo: Shaun Yap / Flagship Creatives

Japheth recalls, “I first laid eyes on her when she was on stage during a performance in our church. After that I continued to look for her like a commando on a mission!” Looks like this commando has succeeded in his quest, because he went on to date Barbra for about five years, before they finally decided to tie the knot this June.

Behind the Scenes

For their pre-wedding photographs, they chose Henderson Waves, HortPark, Upper Seletar Reservoir, Raffles Marina and Labrador Park because they liked how these locations were ‘eccentrically pleasing to the eye’. They also had their photographs taken at the Singapore Management University because it was where Japheth recently graduated from. To cover the variety of locations in one day was not enough, so they decided to split the process into two sessions. “Keep (each day) short, sweet and sharp! Do not plan for too many locations unless you can keep up that smile. It’s extremely exhausting for everyone if the couple gets too ambitious,” says Japheth.

On the part of the photoshoot they enjoyed most, the pair of lovebirds could not decide. “We enjoyed every bit of it! Especially when Shaun allowed us to suggest shots we would like. The shot with the groom in mid air kissing the bride was extremely tough with more than twenty retakes. But that picture became one of the highlights on our actual wedding day.”

The couple has no regrets choosing their locations and would do it all over again even if given a second chance. The only pity was in not taking more pictures of Barbra in her white gown. Japheth advices against taking these photographs first as “the first few takes are usually the most unnatural ones”. It takes some time for couples to warm up to the lens and flash their most natural and beautiful smiles – so leave your best outfits and favorite locations to the better part of the day.

Another piece of advice: check out the places beforehand because this is the responsibility of both the photographer and the couple. “The couple needs to know how they can complement the photographer’s creativity and blend with it,” says Japheth.

For the brides, Barbra has some words of wisdom to offer, “Take care of your health before the shoot and try not to have too many last minute agendas the night before. Enjoy the day and be silly, and not worry about how the pictures turn out!”

The Love Story

Finally, we ask about the most romantic thing they have done for each other during their years of courtship. For Japheth, he remembers the little things most fondly, like the times Barbra took care of him when he was sick, and brought him home-cooked meals and his favorite drinks. For Barbra, it was Japheth’s proposal that totally melted her heart. “It was my dream proposal and a childhood fairytale wish coming true.”

Japheth proposed on the eve of Christmas 2008. Using a gift and dinner date as a decoy, he made everything seem like a normal Christmas celebration, until they arrived at her uncle’s house. There he popped the all-important question just as Barbra’s cousin pulled poppers right before the clock struck midnight, and the rest, as they say, is history.

– See more at: http://wedding-travel.com/commando-on-a-mission.aspx#sthash.MsDgwpx2.dpuf


Not Your Usual Deal

Sam Soh and Ophilia Leung, both 28

Text: Lin Zixin / Photo: Dexter Tan / Bliss Bridal Creations

Boy meets girl at a gathering of mutual friends. Boy dates girl for 12 years. Boy proposes to girl with a ring he secretly bought beforehand. While Sam Soh, director of Internet Development, and Ophilia Leung, a campaign manager, both 28, laughed that the story leading up to their wedding would bore most people, the couple’s choice for their pre-wedding photo shoot was definitely far from boring.

Away from glitzy cosmopolitan Singapore, Sam and Ophilia opted for the idyllic charms of Pulau Ubin for their outdoor pre-wedding shoot. “We were hoping to go somewhere unique after completing our studio shots, which we felt used the standard backgrounds, props and costumes as other couples,” the couple revealed. And that’s why the couple was immediately sold on the idea when their photographer suggested Pulau Ubin, a short 15 minutes’ boat ride away from main island Singapore.

Behind the Scenes

While Sam and Ophilia had expected to brave the sunny weather for their shoot, they were less prepared for other unexpected happenings.

Speaking on the things that couples looking to have their photo shoot at Pulau Ubin should look out for, Sam listed in good humor, “Ant hills, wild boars and unfriendly natives!”

“We were cycling deep in the forest when a big wild boar suddenly came running past and nearly hit our photographer!” Sam recalled, chuckling. “We were really shocked then but it was only later that we read in the papers that the boar was actually reared by a native and should be harmless.”

The lovely pictures of the couple on the boat en route to Pulau Ubin also had an untold story behind. “The boat was actually quite small and the ride was very bumpy… I was running around in my gown and high heels and trying not to fall off the boat the whole time!” Ophilia smiled.

For the ladies, a useful piece of advice from Ophilia is to note that changing costumes in the public toilets of Pulau Ubin is no easy feat. “As the floor was wet and the cubicle was small, it took me a good 20 minutes to struggle into my shirt and jeans (Ophilia’s next costume) while holding onto my wedding gown at the same time!”

Looking at the final product, we agree with Sam and Ophilia that their little adventure to Pulau Ubin was all well worth the effort. Especially memorable for the couple was the spontaneous shots taken against the dipping sun they chanced upon at the ferry terminal as they were just about to head back. In a perfect wrap for the action-packed day, Sam and Ophilia were able to seize the moment and create lasting memories of the magical sunset.

All we can say is, sometimes, the best things in life just come at the most unexpected places.


Singapore Pre-Wedding Photography


Local Pre-Wedding Photography

While overseas pre-wedding photography may be all the rage now, let’s not forget that our very own little sunny island has its fair share of picturesque spots for you and your significant other to capture your beautiful moments.

Check out our compilation of a variety of locations that will satisfy your different whims and fancies for the biggest photo shoot of your life.

Text: Cherie Wong / Photos: Fullhouse


Henderson Waves

This 274-metre long pedestrian bridge is the highest in Singapore and its unique feature is its distinctive wave-like structure, which is made up of a series of undulating curved “ribs”. Being in the outdoors and above ground level, the Henderson Waves is a popular choice for pre-wedding photography.

The bridge takes on a different feel at night because its wave form will be illuminated with LED lights of changing colors from 7pm to 2am daily. It is connected to Mount Faber Park and near to HortPark, both of which are scenic spots you might want to pop by too.



This is a lovely place for couples with an interest in horticulture, or who simply appreciate flora and fauna. There are 21 theme gardens, each boasting unique and beautiful landscapes. The Silver Garden holds a myriad collection of silver, grey and white hued plants against a setting of lush greenery, making it peaceful by day and mysterious by night. The Garden of Seasons showcases a colorful array of plants that represent the four seasons and are changed quarterly, and is one magical garden bound to leave you enchanted.

HortPark is open from 6am to 10pm daily. Some of the lawns are regular hosting venues for company events, and the Park organizes its own learning and education programs, so you might want to check out the availability of these spots lest you make a wasted trip.


Labrador Park

Labrador Park holds several underground relics of the Second World War, and will appeal to the history buffs. But more than offering a glimpse into the past, perhaps what is more popular among couples is the rich variety of floral and fauna and the magnificent sea view.

Even the physical parts of the park bear testimony to its rich history. There is a playground, and the wood structures have turned green with time. You might want to be the opportunist to see the beauty of these unconventional structures, which can lend a vintage feel to your shots.

The park is open 24 hours, but only lit between 7pm and midnight.


Upper Seletar Reservoir

This reservoir is characterized by large expanses of open space, allowing much room for creativity. Two really charming highlights are a huge rain tree that stands quaintly alone and looks like it came out of a childhood storybook, and a viewing tower overlooking the area.

For those with a spirit of adventure and fun, be pleased to note that the Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari and the Mandai Orchid Gardens are located on the margins of the reservoir.

The reservoir is open from 7am to 7pm daily. Take note that because it is home to resident long-tailed macaques, you would not want to reveal the snacks you might have in your bag.


MacRitchie Reservoir

As Singapore’s oldest reservoir, MacRitchie Reservoir flourishes with wildlife and is home to many species of plants and animals. Rubber trees, remnants from our 19th century past, can be found along the fringes of the place. There are boardwalks and walking trails through the forest, and the popular HSBC TreeTop Walk – a suspension bridge which offers a panoramic view of the lush rainforest. If you and your partner are nature lovers, the MacRitchie Reservoir will be the perfect sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The reservoir is open from 7 am to 7 pm daily. Be prepared to get your shoes a little muddy, and to climb and hike quite a bit.



The Singapore River

The Singapore River is an excellent symbolic representation of our country’s history. Its tranquility is juxtaposed by the surrounding commercial buildings in the Shenton Way district, which lend a local flavor. The Anderson Bridge provides a grand backdrop with its superior architectural design and its white body which is complemented by surrounding greenery.

The River’s location is an added bonus. It is within close proximity of Boat and Clarke Quays, the Supreme Court, the Esplanade and the Arts House, among many other sights that are representative of the culture and history of our island.


The Marina Bay Area

Most of us who have been born and bred in Singapore will agree that our country is quite defined by its strong and beautiful architecture. And there is no greater proof of our architectural prowess than the Marina Bay area. From the Esplanade to the Merlion, the Fullerton Hotel to the Shenton Way district, the Anderson Bridge to the National Museum, and what with the recent establishment of the Marina Bay Sands, there are countless locations for you to take your pick from – for a photography experience that is uniquely Singaporean.


Singapore Flyer

As Asia’s most visible iconic visitor attraction, the Singapore Flyer is worth special mention. If you’ve ever gone on it for that special date with your other half (or even if you haven’t), why not go on it again for your pre-wedding photo shoot? The ride lasts about 45 minutes, so grab a ‘capsule’ to yourselves and have a fun time!

Alternatively, have the Flyer appear in the photographic backdrop for that air of sophistication.




Perhaps what is most distinctive about Chinatown is its heavy ethnic and cultural vibe. Its shophouses are telling stories of the rich Chinese heritage of our forefathers. Architecturally, they are a fusion of baroque and Victorian, and possess an old world charm. If you and your partner are Chinese, this might be particularly meaningful.

Ann Siang Hill is a short walk from the heart of Chinatown, and there you find shophouses serving different purposes – there are eateries and beer counters, and individual shop owners selling quirky books, clothes and house décor items. If you ask for permission to use their premises as backdrop to your pictures, you might just find them friendly enough to oblige.


Little India

This little neighborhood is a treasure chest of heritage finds. Apart from hindu temples, the rows of shophouses will make good backdrop for your photographs. If you are feeling adventurous enough to brave the sweltering heat, you might also want to rent a rickety trishaw for the both of you to cosy up in – it would make a very cute prop.




Sentosa has always been one of Singapore’s most popular and scenic tourist attraction, but recently it just got even more exciting. On the island itself, the white sand beaches, museums and vantage viewing points are possible places you can take your wedding photographs. For something more symbolic, you can attempt some shots with the Merlion in the backdrop. For the more adventurous among you, perhaps you can even get yourselves – and your photographer – on the Sentosa Luge.

With the opening of Resorts World Sentosa and the Universal Studios Singapore, your photo options at Sentosa immediately widen. Borrow the opulence of the casinos, or have a little fun with the mascots at the theme park. There are just so many ways to expand your creativity.


Raffles Marina

This boating haven is an obvious choice for couples because of the scenic views it offers. Photographs set against the backdrop of yachts and the sea give off a romantic and majestic vibe that is a hot favorite in wedding photography. A good moment to capture is when the sun is setting on the horizon and the sky is a golden glow.

There is a bridge that leads to the lighthouse, which provides a magnificent backdrop for photography. Approach it in daylight, and it is a picture of strength and solidarity. Draw close when the sun sets, and you witness a quiet symbolism of faithfulness and trust.

On a separate note, Keppel Marina does not allow photography trips. Lesson to learn: do your research on the availability of locations beforehand to avoid disappointment.


Sunset Way Railway Tracks

This abandoned old railway track goes through Sunset Way, but you can best access it from Clementi Avenue 4. What with the growing interest in rough-and-tumble type of wedding photography, this might just reap exceptional results. Apart from the track, the train station and rusted overarching structures also provide photogenic backdrops.

The obvious downside is that this is a tedious location to get to, especially for the bride. You have to climb hilly terrain, and there are gaps between the planks on the track. So if you have decided to go the distance, be wise with the kind of shoes you wear. Also bring an ample supply of insect repellent and water, as well as makeup because a touch-up will be necessary.


Pulau Ubin

As Singapore’s kooky backwater, Pulau Ubin has long stayed off the radar of couples looking for places to take their pre-wedding pictures. But not for long, we say. Now a short fifteen minutes away from Singapore by boat, this little island is the epitome of gorgeous undisturbed nature and retro backdrops that are a blast from the past.

The Chek Jawa Wetlands is a particular significant place to take your photographs, with its boardwalk, viewing tower and viewing jetty. Appreciate its rustic appeal that is a refreshing divergence from the cosmopolitan landscape that we are so used to.

The bumboat leaves Changi Point Ferry Terminal as long as there are twelve passengers, and runs from sunrise to sunset.


Secret Scenes for Pre-wedding Shoot in Singapore

Popularly known as the Garden City, Singapore is naturally abundant in flora and nature scenes. While we do not get to experience the four seasons, we do get to see beautiful flowering seasons all around us.

Without having to travel out of the country, here are some of the most gorgeous scenes you can include in your pre-wedding album. And the best thing is, they are pretty underused by local photographers so you can have unique scenes to claim as your own! Can you guess where these places are? See answer at the bottom of the page.

Pictures taken at Art Science Museum, East Coast Park, Henderson Waves, Macritchie Reservoir, Telok Kurau Park

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Pre-wedding Photos in Taipei & Around

Text Lin Zixin

Taipei & Around

In this installment, check out these locations that we’ve highlighted in Taipei City, Beitou, Danshui and Yangmingshan National Park.

Taipei City
Yangmingshan National Park

Taipei City (台北市)

Taiwan’s metropolitan centre, Taipei City is a great base for your pre-wedding photo shoot, with sceneries ranging from cutting-edge modern to old-world traditional. And Taipei offers the best of Taiwan in another way too – we’re betting you won’t be able to keep your hands off the sinful street food and great shopping deals.

Ximending | Taipei Fine Arts Museum | Taipei Story House | Taipei 101 | Spot – Taipei Film House | Taipei Water Park | Lin Family Mansion and Garden | Da’an Forest Park | Waishuangxi Nature Park | National Taiwan University | Dajia Waterfront Park | Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Ximending (西门町)
Whoever said that you can’t have work and play at the same time? Ximending is a vibrant destination for your pre-wedding photos that captures the essence of Taipei City’s spirit. Just look at the historic Red Pavilion Theatre located amidst the area’s skyscrapers. When you’re done, enjoy the rest of your time by sampling the delectable street food and yes, shopping till you drop.

Address: 108台灣台北市萬華區

Red Pavilion Theatre
Address: 108台灣台北市萬華區成都路10號
Tel: 02-2322-4242
Website: http://www.redhouse.org.tw/

Taipei Fine Arts Museum (臺北市立美術館)
For a sleek modern minimalist touch, be sure to swing by Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The museum façade is bold with clean-cut lines while the interior is lit with natural light let in through the full-length glass panels. One handy tip would be to check out what’s exhibiting beforehand; you never know when an art installation can serve as an interesting backdrop.

Address: 臺北市 10461 中山北路三段181號
Tel: 02-2595-7656
Website: http://www.tfam.museum/

 Photo courtesy of 張凱閔&鄭雅玲

Taipei Story House (台北故事館)
Located just beside the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, this location borders on the small, but is nonetheless delightful if European-styled buildings are your cup of tea.

Address: 104台灣台北市中山區中山北路三段181之1號
Tel: 02-2596-1898
Website: http://www.storyhouse.com.tw/

Photo courtesy of Vivi HuangPhoto courtesy of Vivi Huang

Taipei 101 (臺北101)
There’s no other building that is more representative of Taipei than Taipei 101. The tallest building in Taiwan draws a dramatic skyline and adds a sophisticated edge to your photos.

Address: 110台灣台北市信義區市府路45號
Tel: 02-8101-7777
Website: http://www.taipei-101.com.tw/index_en.htm

Spot – Taipei Film House (光點台北電影主題館)
Tucked in a trendy suburban corner of Taipei City, Spot is a welcome respite from the tall buildings of downtown Taipei. Housed in a two-storey colonial style building, the lane leading up to Spot is flagged with low trees on both sides and lends interesting light play on sunny days.

Address: 104台灣台北市中山區中山北路二段18號
Tel: 02-2511-7786
Website: http://www.spot.org.tw/index_e.htm (English) / http://www.spot.org.tw/ (Chinese)

Photo courtesy of Romantic LifePhoto courtesy of Sany & Daniel

Taipei Water Park (自來水博物館)
Get a taste of flamboyant Baroque architecture without even stepping out of Asia at Taipei Water Park. The intricately designed buildings resonate with old-world European charm and leave no doubt as to why this is one of the most popular photo locations in Taipei.

Address: 100台灣台北市中正區思源街1號
Tel: 02-8369-5145
http://waterpark.twd.gov.tw/english/index_e.htm (English) / http://waterpark.twd.gov.tw/museum/museum.htm (Chinese)

Lin Family Mansion and Garden (林本源園邸、林家花園)
Bask in the poetic beauty of the strongly oriental Lin Family Mansion and Garden. Equal parts delicate and equal parts opulent, expect to find ornate buildings and the goodness of the East here.

Address: 台北縣板橋市西門街9號
Tel: 02-296530613
Website: http://www.linfamily.tpc.gov.tw/html/linfamily/index.jsp

Photos courtesy of 雅婷&力仁Photos courtesy of 雅婷&力仁

Da’an Forest Park (大安森林公園)
Shooting in Da’an Forest Park is a walk in the park (okay, forgive the lousy pun) – enjoy the soothing leafy surroundings with the rest of the local Taiwanese lounging around the park. It’ll be a great chance to experience the warmth of the Taiwanese as well; chances are, they’ll be coming up to you and congratulating you on your impending nuptials.

Address: 106台灣台北市大安區新生南路二段1號
Tel: 02-2700-3830

Photo courtesy of Romantic Life

Waishuangxi Nature Park (外雙溪公園)
Located in the Shihlin district of Taipei City, the park’s claim to fame would probably be the ethereal image of its swing over the sparkling lake, a favourite of many couples. The undisturbed nature around the grounds makes for a pretty picture too.

Address: 111台灣台北市士林區至善路二段460巷2號
Tel: 02-2841-3611

Photos courtesy of Jonny & LynnPhotos courtesy of Jonny & LynnPhotos courtesy of Jonny & LynnPhotos courtesy of Jonny & LynnPhotos courtesy of Jonny & LynnPhotos courtesy of Jonny & LynnPhotos courtesy of Jonny & Lynn

National Taiwan University (國立臺灣大學)
Taiwan’s oldest university serves as a great location for couples who are looking to inject a little of a storyline into their pre-wedding shoot. Relive your student days in classrooms complete with chalk and blackboard; otherwise, historic buildings from the days of Japanese colonialism and impressive lines of palm trees serve as equally lovely backdrops.

Address: 臺北市羅斯福路四段一號
Tel: 02-3366-3366

Photo courtesy of Romantic LifePhoto courtesy of Shwansi & ElfinPhoto courtesy of Shwansi & ElfinPhoto courtesy of Shwansi & Elfin

Dajia Waterfront Park (大佳河濱公園)
With expansive stretches of green and pristine waters, the Dajia Waterfront Park makes for an idyllic afternoon of photo-taking, especially when the skies are clear. The large open areas also mean that this is an ideal location for energetic shots that require lots of movement.

Address: 104台灣台北市中山區濱江街5號
Tel: 02-2307-6820

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (國立中正紀念堂)
Another location offering classical Chinese architecture for that oriental touch. The white-washed walls look especially striking on a fine day and the open plaza makes a great photo location; that is, if you can beat the crowds.

Address: 台北市中正區中山南路21號
Tel: 02-2343-1100
Website: http://www.cksmh.gov.tw/eng/index.php (English) / http://www.cksmh.gov.tw/index.php (Chinese)

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Beitou (北投)

Previously a hot springs rest and relax area for the Japanese during Taiwan’s colonial times, the Japanese sure knew a good thing when they saw it. Today, Beitou remains as rustic as before, and you can get plenty shots of exquisite wooden architecture here.

Taipei Public Library | Beitou Hot Spring Museum | Beitou Qinshui Park | Beitou Geothermal Valley

Photo courtesy of Li She BridalPhoto courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵

Taipei Public Library (台北市立圖書館、北投圖書館)
It would not be exaggerated to say that the Taipei Public Library is the epitome of Beitou’s architectural beauty. However, do note that photography is only allowed outside of the library.

Address: 112台灣台北市北投區光明路251號
Tel: 0 2-2897-7682
Website: http://english.tpml.edu.tw/MP_104022.html (English) / http://www.tpml.edu.tw/MP_104021.html (Chinese)

Photo courtesy of Jonny & LynnPhoto courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵

Beitou Hot Spring Museum (北投溫泉博物館)
Another atmospheric building from the Japanese colonial times, the Beitou Hot Spring Museum is likewise sublime and elegant and will make an enjoyable outing any day.

Address: 112台灣台北市北投區中山路2號
Tel: 02-2893-9981
Website: http://peitoumuseum.culture.gov.tw/

Photo courtesy of 黃嘉祥&沈雅婷Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵

Beitou Qinshui Park (北投溫泉親水公園)
Just a stone’s throw away from Xinbeitou MRT, most couples come here for a shot of the famed Beitou Waterfall. If you’re headed for the Beitou district, consider stopping by.

Address: 台北市北投區中山路2號

Photo courtesy of 黃嘉祥&沈雅婷

Beitou Geothermal Valley (北投地熱谷)
Further north of the Beitou Qinshui Park, the dry terrain of Beitou Geothermal Valley provides great contrast for gowns with dramatic sweeping trains.

Address: 112台灣台北市北投區

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Danshui (淡水)

Less than an hour away from the heart of Taipei, at the end of the Danshui line on the Taipei MRT, beautiful Danshui is every Taipei dweller’s not-so-secret getaway for the weekend. Boasting no lack of photogenic spots, be awed by Danshui’s brilliant photo opportunities at every turn of the corner.

Fisherman’s Wharf | Aletheia University | Tamkang University | Tamkang High School | Fort San Domingo | Shalun Beach | Danshui Church | Little White House | Ta-Tun Flower Garden

Photo courtesy of Li She Bridal

Fisherman’s Wharf (漁人碼頭)
If you can, avoid weekends as that’s when day-trippers stream in from downtown Taipei. We highly recommend a leisurely shoot starting from late afternoon till the evening – start along the waterfront to the serenade of live music from the nearby cafes, then wrap up with some shots of the breathtaking sunset from the iconic Lover’s Bridge.

Address: 251台灣台北縣淡水鎮漁人碼頭
Tel: 02-2805-6694

Aletheia University (真理大學)
It is no doubt why Aletheia University is a favourite with Taiwanese couples – from classical to modern, the grounds offers a diverse range of backdrops that will have you dazzled. Favourite photo spots are the school’s classical red-bricked buildings, notably Oxford College, and the atmospheric Grand Chapel.

Address: 251台北縣淡水鎮真理街32號
Tel: (02) 2621-2121-5

Tamkang University (淡江大學)
Tamkang University too offers a mix of the old and new. Apart from the sleek clean lines of its modern architecture (check out the curiously named Egg Roll Square), be awed by the exquisite oriental buildings within the grounds as well. (Great for that cheongsam dress!)

Address: 25137 台北縣淡水鎮英專路151號
Tel: 02-2621-5656

Tamkang High School (淡江高級中學)
Anyone who has watched Jay Chou’s directorial debut movie, Secret, would have wondered about the quaint school grounds that set the scene for the romantic love story. Now that’s a secret no more, for the very place where the movie was shot is none other than Tamkang High School. Play out your very own love story on the tranquil and charming grounds.

Address: 251台灣台北縣淡水鎮真理街26號
Tel: 02-2620-3850

Fort San Domingo (紅毛城)
Situated on top of a hill, Fort San Domingo is one of Danshui’s most famous landmarks, and well worthy, since it looks imposing on the approach and turns out just as well on picture. Apart from the buildings’ beautiful red-bricked exterior, the interiors also serve as good photo locations. The historical quarters of the fort can create cold, desolate looks while other areas, simply decorated with wooden furniture and warm lights are great for intimate shots.

Address: 251台灣台北縣淡水鎮中正路28巷1號
Tel: 02-2628-2865

Shalun Beach (沙崙海水浴場)
Shalun Beach comes highly rated on every pre-wedding photo shoot itinerary to Danshui, and it’s no wonder why. Arriving at different times of the year and day, this enigmatic beach offers a different mood and look to make yours a unique photo outing. In summer the beach is resplendent with endless blue sky and clouds while in winter it is grey and moody; at first light you may find the quiet beach bathed in shades of pastel from the morning sun but in the evening you may find stunning views of the twilight reflected on the sea.

Address: 251台灣台北縣淡水鎮淡海路302號
Tel: 02-2805-1912

Danshui Church (淡水教堂)
Another notable historical landmark in Danshui, the Danshui Church is also a place you can consider in your itinerary if you’re a fan of red-bricked facades and rustic buildings.

Address: 251台灣台北縣淡水鎮馬偕街8號
Tel: 02-2621-4043

Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵Photo courtesy of 羊咩&點心喵

Little White House (小白宮)
If grandiose European chic is what you’re looking for, Little White House is the place to go. Channel the old world charm with elegant verandas, finely structured colonial architecture and abundant flora and fauna around the grounds.

Address: 251台灣台北縣淡水鎮真理街15號
Tel: 02-2628-2865

Photo courtesy of Romantic Life

Ta-Tun Flower Garden (大屯花卉農場)
In your time of looking at other couples’ pre-wedding photos in Taiwan, you’ve probably been captivated by that image of a windmill amidst a sea of flowers. Look no further, for Ta-Tun Flower Garden is probably that very place where the picture was taken. Couples looking to shoot here are required to pay a fee of NT800 (around SGD40), which includes free flow of drinks.

Address: 台灣台北縣淡水鎮泉州厝26-3號
Tel: 02-2622-1723
Website: http://www.tatun-flowers.com/

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Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園)

Yangmingshan National Park is a must-go for every couple taking pre-wedding photos in Taiwan. Apart from seasonal blooms, the park is endowed with numerous scenic spots that will create pictures of different moods depending on your preferences at any time of the year.

Qianshan Park | Tatun Natural Park | Taipei Floriculture Experiment Centre | Cold Water Pit | Longfeng Valley | Take a Break Coffee | Xiaoyoukeng | Zhuzi Lake Calla Lily Gardens | Black Forest/Liushan Forest

Qianshan Park (陽明山前山公園)
Qianshan Park serves as a great primer for the rest of Yangmingshan National Park’s beauty and is probably the first place you would check out for seasonal flowers within the national park.

Address: 112台灣台北市北投區竹子湖路1之20號
Tel: 02-2861-3601
Website: http://www.ymsnp.gov.tw/

Photo courtesy of 張凱閔&鄭雅玲Photo courtesy of 張凱閔&鄭雅玲Photo courtesy of Shwansi & Elfin

Tatun Natural Park (大屯自然公園)
If never-ending stretches of grasslands are your idea of beauty, you’ll be feeling right at home at Datun Mountain.

Address: 台灣台北縣三芝鄉
Website: http://www.ymsnp.gov.tw/

Photo courtesy of Romantic Life

Taipei Floriculture Experiment Centre (台北市花卉試驗中心)
The large variety of blooms is the main reason why this spot remains one of the most popular with wedding couples. The centre also sees a peak (in both wedding couples and visitors) in the season of cherry blossoms around February.

Address: 111台灣台北市士林區仰德大道四段175巷32號
Tel: 02-2720-8889

Photo courtesy of Romantic Life

Cold Water Pit (冷水坑)
This scenic spot brings to mind images of temperate countries in fall/winter, with magnificent palettes of earth tones.

Address: 台灣台北市士林區
Website: http://www.ymsnp.gov.tw/

Photo courtesy of 張凱閔&鄭雅玲

Longfeng Valley (龍鳳谷硫磺谷遊憩區)
It’s nature galore here with waterfalls, immaculate waters and verdant green – the perfect backdrops for gorgeous wedding photos.

Address: 台灣台北市北投區泉源路200號
Tel: 02-2893-5580
Website: http://www.ymsnp.gov.tw/

Take a Break Coffee (台北奧萬大)
Located within Yangmingshan National Park, Take a Break Coffee is a dainty coffeehouse with ready views of maple leaves all year round.

Address: 台灣台北市士林區平菁街10巷13號
Tel: 02-2861-9862
Website: http://takeabreak.myweb.hinet.net/

Xiaoyoukeng (小油坑遊憩區)
Get shots of steaming sulfur fumaroles amidst hilly landscape in this area.

Address: 台灣台北市北投區竹子湖路69號
Tel: 02-2861-7024
Website: http://www.ymsnp.gov.tw/

Photo courtesy of Romantic Life

Zhuzi Lake Calla Lily Gardens (竹子湖觀光海芋園)
Blossoming around March to April, create a dreamy and romantic shot with these calla lilies as your backdrop. Take your pick from the numerous gardens lining the perimeter of Zhuzi Lake.

Address: 台北市北投區湖田里竹子湖路 56之7號
Tel: 02-29712225

Photo courtesy of Jonny & Lynn

Black Forest/Liushan Forest (黑森林、柳杉林)
Widely known only by its moniker of ‘Black Forest’ to many couples, this vast expanse of towering cypresses trees is one of the most sought-after pre-wedding photo spots in Yangmingshan National Park, but also one of the most mysterious. Little known to couples who search for signposts to ‘Black Forest’ in vain, the actual name of the area is ‘Liushan Forest’. As its nickname would suggest, expect to find rows of dark cypress trees all around you. If you’re lucky, you’ll also be able to get some pretty magical shots of the forest mist enveloping both of you.

Website: http://www.ymsnp.gov.tw/

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