Wedding Magazine Issue 27

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 27

As they say, love is a funny thing and it often happens when you least expect it. Take real wedding couple Vina and Cipta for instance. They had met at the wedding of Cipta’s older brother and Vina’s cousin. Love did not happen then as Vina had a boyfriend at the time and Cipta was based overseas. But, that was only the prelude to their fate. Two years later, the couple was reunited in their home country. Thankfully, there was nothing to hold them back this time.

Others, like Eric and Michelle, had it a little luckier as cupid’s shot landed accurately at their first meeting. The couple had met via mutual friends and it was love at first sight for Eric. Their courtship eventually culminated in a glamorous and romantic wedding that their guests dubbed “the best wedding they ever attended”. It goes to show that while some couples may have to go through adversaries or a longer route to reach their destination, the good news is those who are meant to be will eventually arrive.

In the 1992 movie Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino plays a blind retired army officer who is kind of eccentric yet had his way around women. In particular, his ability to tell their physical features based on their scent, including whether she has a twinkle in her eyes, makes for an intriguing and ingenious pick up approach. In reality, your scent says a lot about you too. It’s often a sign of whether you are “floral” and romantic, “citrusy” and cheerful, or “woody” and wise, etc. In this issue, the lifestyle director of Jo Malone London Debbie Wild shares with us scents that evoke romance and memories and the best fragrances to bring along for your honeymoon.

Speaking of honeymoons, we crossed continents to Asia Pacific and Europe to bring you two fascinating and picturesque travel destinations. In New Zealand, we went on a self-drive tour of the North Island and visited the home of Bilbo and Frodo at the Hobbiton Movie Set. Framed by lush green farmland and charming hobbit holes, no other place on earth looks like this and is certainly worth the travel distance for all fans of the Lord of The Rings movies. True to its name of a nature lover’s paradise, New Zealand’s gorgeous beaches and scenic landscape will have you wanting for more.

For those who want to combine the best of history and modernity in one trip, Germany has nothing short of remarkable to entice you with. From Medieval old towns that fairy tales are made of to fortresses where you can hold your wedding at to shopping villages where you can find the best bargains for the most luxurious brands, Germany has something that will satisfy every traveller.

ncidentally, 2016 is our company’s 30th anniversary. On this note, we wish all our readers an equally long-lasting marriage and one filled with love, peace and joy.

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team

Wedding Magazine Issue 26

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 26

Ever heard of the old bridal saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”? All these are tokens of good luck for the bride on her wedding day. This issue, we decided to unite all these auspicious elements in our cover story.

For something old and something borrowed, the vintage 1963 Rolls Royce is the obvious answer. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of Henderson Motors. For more ideas on unique wedding mobiles for rent, refer to page 55.

Something new are the gorgeous gowns with a vintage touch. Remember the sensation caused by the revelation of Bella’s wedding dress in Twilight? We loved that vintage dress and so did many brides-to-be as it was so feminine, so romantic and so mesmerising.

Something blue is traditionally less noticeable or even hidden, such as a blue thread sewn into the wedding dress or the colour of the garter belt. Instead of hiding it, we decided to play it up by lending colour to the gorgeous accessories worn by our model.

Our love for tradition aside, this issue sees our biggest ever designers’ collection, with over 200 of the latest and most stylish designs from the runways of the UK all the way to the US, guaranteed to mesmerise brides of all tastes.

If fairy tales is your thing, how would you like to say “I do” before a magical fountain witnessed by all your close friends and family? See page 108 for the most romantic thematic wedding makeover. Continuing with the theme on vintage, now you can hold your reception on one of the last remaining tong kangs formerly used by coolies and Samsui women during the founding days of Singapore. Turn to page 210 for the inspiration.

Did you know setting the theme for your wedding wouldn’t be complete without something as significant or momentous as the use of good lighting and scenting? Special lighting, be it for an outdoor or indoor environment can greatly enhance the mood that you want your guests to experience. Experts also say that the fastest way to trigger the human memory is through our olfactory system. Find out more on page 88.

For the perfect pre-wedding destination, we sussed out top locales from the north to south coast of Taiwan. Let experienced locals take you on an unforgettable voyage as you eat, play, and take beautiful pictures along the way! The beauty of the local culture, natural scenery and the latest photography headquarters is sure to blow you away.

With that, we hope you will enjoy every step of your wedding planning journey and remember to keep that smile on your face!

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team

Wedding Magazine Issue 25

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 25

You’ve probably seen countless wedding movies and heard plenty of stories from friends about the things that can happen leading up to the big day. So, is it inevitable that you will have to go through the same trials and tribulations for your wedding? While we can’t give you the answer to that, we can certainly share with you the experiences undergone by other couples so that you might have a better idea of how to deal with things when the time comes.

One thing we do know for sure has to do with meeting expectations. Be it your own or what you think others expect of you, a good approach to this is to be flexible and realistic. As summarised by one of the brides in our Real Weddings section, “Plan your wedding with honesty. Try to think of what you really want, not how you can impress the people who come to your wedding. Be modest, and try to create comfort for all those who will attend the wedding.”

The good thing is, a wedding entails many aspects and one of the best and most fun parts is taking the pre-wedding photos. Even those who are normally camera shy or claim to ‘hate’ having their photos taken usually end up having a great time. More than making pretty poses, the whole photo experience is about bonding with your partner and doing things you normally don’t do, such as visiting exotic locales while dressed in a gorgeous gown. Over the past few years, the overseas pre-wedding photography trend has really picked up. At W&T, we always endeavour to bring you new and exciting destinations. In the previous issue, we went west with European city Riga. This time, we are going closer to home with Shanghai, one of the most beautiful Chinese cities which is absolutely unique with its old and new world charms.

Embark with us on a journey to discover the city’s modern beauties including the Oriental Pearl Tower and the futuristic Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion. And right after that, we’ll visit picturesque Zhujiajiao, a historical water town with numerous stone bridges and rivers located just 45 minutes away from the city centre.

To make your wedding even more perfect, we have four inspiring themes in our Theme Weddings section covering various locations: a hotel, a beach resort, a restaurant and a home! Fans of the romantic Twilight series will be happy to know that we have a Twilight- inspired theme just for you!

Before we leave you to enjoy the contents of this issue, just remember that the road to marital bliss is not always smooth sailing. But as long as you have faith in your partner and take the effort to communicate, you are already on the path to success!

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team

Wedding Magazine Issue 24

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 24

At W&T, we have some good news to share. One of our colleagues is newly pregnant and will be due in July! Of course, we are all overwhelmed with happiness as many of us are witness to her transformation from doe-eyed girl to blushing bride and now mother-to-be.

Hers is a classic love story that many would be envious of. Girl meets boy in school, they fell in love, dated for nine years before marriage and now into their tenth year, the fruit of their love will be joining them soon.

On the surface, they look like the perfect loving couple, completely at ease with each other and never a harsh word in public. At home, the husband takes care of most of the household chores so that the wife has more time to rest.

But just like any ‘perfect’ couple, they have their moments of disagreements too and they don’t always see eye to eye on every subject. But isn’t this what love is about? That no matter how in love you are, you are still entitled to your own opinions and instead of suffering in silence, you voice them out and agree to disagree or work things out?

In this issue, nine couples share their story of how they met and fell in love and how they celebrated the biggest day of their lives.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and most of the time, it’s not love at first sight. Although we do hear a lot from guys how they knew at first glance that the woman before them is the one they want to get married to!

As you leaf through the pages, we hope they will remind you of your own butterflies in the stomach encounter and be inspired to create a wedding theme to call your own.

A lot of things go into play when creating that dream reception. First things first of course would be the ultimate wedding dress, which you would have no trouble picking out from the many gorgeous dresses featured here.

There’s also a celebrity wedding cake maestro who is sharing some of her most beautiful and unique creations over a major cake section. Along the way, you will probably pick up ideas and tips from other features such as the one on “The Unusual Suspects” where real people get involved in the wedding business not for profit but for the sole passion of it.

Since we know you’ll be fantasizing about the all important honeymoon, we have chosen more than 10 destinations from four countries to feature in the travel section so that you will have something to dream about and look forward to which will complete your wedding.

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team

Wedding Magazine Issue 23

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 23

At W&T, we endeavor to uncover heartwarming stories that will inspire you. In this issue, we spoke to three couples who have long passed newlywed status, yet whose love for their spouse is no less than the day they first got married because of one common activity they have been doing year after year.

We are equally happy to share stories of couples who have just embarked on their matrimonial journey. Meet Ang Chun Liang and Ho Chee Tiong, two ordinary guys who went through exceptional feats and wit to propose to their significant other. It goes to show that when you know your partner well enough, the chances of getting a “Yes” from her is a given.

In “The Gatecrash”, it’s survival of the fittest as the ‘tormented’ and their ‘tormentors’ indulge us on the gruesome details. Brides-to-be and ‘sisters’ can make notes of what to include in the torture list for your big day. Grooms-to-be and ‘brothers’, be advised to take note of the tricks that the bride’s side may have up their sleeves and be combat ready!

And since we know how important the wedding carriage is to you, we teamed up with some of the best decorators to transform a selection of vintage vehicles into timeless wagons that will make heads turn. We bet you’ve never seen anything quite like a balloon decorated Mitsuoka Viewt! The creative teams are also responsible for the fashionable boutonnieres in “Bountiful Boutonnieres”.

As a special treat for you, we went all out to create the most laborious and elaborate theme wedding ever in “The Moroccan Seduction”. The whole set up was created from scratch including spending hours braving rain and shine to pitch the Mongolian tent that was specially flown in. As usual, we hope that our efforts will inspire you to turn your biggest and wildest dreams into reality for your own wedding. After all, this is probably one of the few occasions in life where you can get away with almost anything!

Speaking of inspirational weddings, our inventive team went on to create a midair sky garden in one of The Singapore Flyer’s capsules in “On Cloud Nine”. Yes, nothing is too far-fetched as we are limited only by our own imagination.

As always, we can’t advocate enough the importance of having fun planning your wedding and most importantly, to actually have fun on the day itself and not let anything trivial or even major get in the way of your happiness. We wish you happy planning and hope that one day, it will be your turn to share your amazing stories and adventures with us!

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team