A Touch Of Luxury

Flowers, check. Venue decorations, check. Wedding cake, check. Any couple who has been through their big day will be no stranger to the long checklist of things it takes to pull off a beautiful wedding. Apart from the usual suspects, these days, some couples are opting to take things one step further with luxurious add-ons such as a customised scent, or special lighting effects for their weddings, creating a multisensory experience for their guests.


The Memory Of A Scent

Scientific research has shown that out of our five senses, the olfactory system is the one that can trigger memories and emotions the quickest. That is why it comes as a surprise to us that wedding scenting has been a rather neglected segment of wedding planning until recently.

The simplest way to work a scent into your wedding is to add a drop of fragrance on your invitation cards when you are sending them out to set a mood for what your guests can expect when they turn up for your big day.


An Illuminating Experience

As couples become increasingly creative in coming up with their own unique wedding themes, it is no wonder that basic ballroom lighting can no longer suffice to create the right mood and ambience for one’s wedding.


The need for specialised wedding lighting comes almost as an intuitive thought if you wish to create an immersive experience for your guests during your wedding. For example, to materialise the wedding theme of say, a magical forest, it is a no-brainer that the usual white lights would not be enough, and perhaps, darker-coloured lights are needed to create a more mysterious atmosphere. A change in lighting effects will also help your guests’ transition between different segments of your wedding programme. For example, the pre-dinner cocktail session can be awash with gold accents to create a laidback vibe for your guests, before they step into a different lighting environment in your banquet venue. Sophisticated use of lighting effects can also draw your guests’ attentions where you want them to be – consider the use of a spotlight during your march in, or the use of pin spots to highlight that particularly spectacular floral centrepiece.

But apart from being purely aesthetical, specialised lighting can be highly functional, specialised lighting can be highly functional as well. For example, the strategic placement of lighting in an outdoor wedding can help to illuminate a path for your guests and prevent accidents at night. Clever usage of colour washes can also help to define specific zones within your wedding venue, for example, the dance floor.



For couples who are looking for that bit of dramatic effect, wedding pyrotechnics might just be the thing for you. Imagine this –a burst of gerbs (a pyrotechnic effect that looks like a shower of golden sparks) just as you are ending off your wedding waltz – if this doesn’t spell “impact”, we don’t know what else does. For your information, the use of pyrotechnics in weddings is allowed in Singapore, though different types of effects are permitted depending on whether your venue is indoors or outdoors. Be sure to refer to the guidelines set out by the Singapore Police Force, and double check with your vendor and venue provider on other safety measures.

Next, you can draw inspiration from the bridal bouquet for floral noted that you can use to perfume your wedding venue. While some couples may choose to go au naturel and use only fresh blooms for their wedding scent, chances are, the prohibitive prices due to the large number of flowers required, and Singapore’s tropical climate will make this solution less viable.

Though a scent is formless and cannot be seen, couples can be assured that the extra effort put in will make all the difference. Your customised wedding scent would likely be the first thing that comes to mind every time your guests reminisce about your wedding. Similarly, we are sure the scent will bring many sweet returns for you and your beau on your big day as well.


Romance On The High Seas

With a horizon that stretches as far as the human eye can see and the whispering zephyrs resounding your gentle promises of love, the stage is set for a celebration steeped in romance. Like a bridge over troubled water, your love will be smooth sailing from your very first day.



The exhilarating breeze rushing against your billowy clothes and the relaxing seaview all around are reasons enough to hold your wedding banquet abroad the MV “Falcon Princess”. That’s not all. From the very moment you set sail in idyllic bliss, you can your guests have absolute privacy. You will be free to let your hair down and party as hard as you want.

With a professional MC, DJ and even karaoke facilities, a night of thorough entertainment awaits. Why not make use of the excellent sound system to serenade your spouse? This is your choice to impress all your family and friends. Your guests are sure to have a highly enjoyable time and your other half will be touched by your sincerity too.

Outside, the wide open space allows the freedom of unbridled passion. Now you can live the stuff of romance novels and films. Steal an intimate kiss on the upper deck when your guests are not watching. The stars will be smiling upon you. At the end of it all, the two of you even get to kick back and spend some quality time alone at the resort.



A winsome gown that billows in the wind would give you an ethereal quality. Your pictures give you an ethereal quality. Your pictures will turn out great! For the groom, a tuxedo with ducktails would be ideal.

With Pirates of the Caribbean recently becoming an international hit film grossing millions the world over, you should consider setting it to this theme. True it may be a little bold, a little outrageous, but hey, you do have absolute privacy. Just imagine how fun it would be with your entire party dressed as buccaneers and ladies in waiting! Your wedding will be remembered for eternity. Don’t forget the all-important accessories such as big loop earrings and bandanas. You could even have a crossed cutlass march in. the possibilities are endless for an adventure on the high seas.



With this theme, any kind of wedding favours could be presented to your guests. All you need to do is inject some creativity to make it an even lovelier gift. Attach a little seashell or conch and all your guests will be in the mood for romance.



La Dolce Vita

The serene sights of the bay meet the clear open sky and with the gentle caress of the coastal breeze, herald in the most memorable day of your life. You wed in an intimated affair by the picturesque bay with your closest friends and family with cocktails in the cool alfresco patio, leading up to a crescendo in a familial alcove with nothing short of fine dining. With all your senses pampered, you will be starting anew in la dolce vita.


Select a place which provides mystical ambience, complete with stage, grand piano and elaborate curtains drawn, brings to life the lavish interior. Orangey-red hues adorn the modern theatre-style décor and give it a warm yet formal touch. What you see is truly what you get; fine cuisine in elegant theatre surroundings. In fact, one almost expects a spectacular performance from the troupe of the Moulin Rouge.


Wedding Meal

As your family and loved ones gather in style to celebrate your day in the sun, savour the rich and romantic flavours of authentic Italian cuisine by the romantic bay. Make no mistake; Italian food is much more than just pizza and pasta. For instance, when a grilled beef is tender and rich in taste, making you salivate in an instant. Extremely fresh, the swirling black ink pasta with cubed vegetables is blanketed with a fragrant spicy marinara-type sauce. If you love spicy local food, this dish will more than suit your taste. For connoisseurs, there is also a wine list with an adequate selection of various wines for you to choose from to go with your main course.

Nevertheless, the climax would undoubtedly be dessert. Remember to make sure you leave enough room for the sweet finale. The traditional tiramisu served with a generous portion of chocolate shavings, is lightly soaked in calculated amounts of sweet liqueur and goes down more smoothly than the finest wine. Let yourself be spoilt.

On the other hand, imagine the chocolate flan is in a league of its own. Filled with a unique combination of chocolate and pear, the dark runny chocolate oozes out of the flan as it is pierced, enriching the pale pistachio ice cream. They pre-caution that there is a 20-minute wait as it is only pre-right temperature and texture, melting in your mouth.



For the bride, one possibility would be a traditional European style gown with intricate trimmings. Doll yourself up in pseudo 60’s make-up and a semi-beehive do. It will set you apart from the rest of the ordinary boring brides and complement your gown. You will be the sweet demure young bride from the plains of Southern Sicily.

For the groom, you need a shirt that is a little different, with a little more decorative value. Some frills on the breast would accentuate your class. A collar with tips a little more prominent would bring out your shoulders and neckline. A dark suit is always a necessity, but you can add a dash of Italian machismo with pin stripes. Last but not least, make sure your cufflinks show, and show off.


Instead of age-old ideas that have been used and reused for countless decades, why not choose something unique and steeped in Italian culture and mythology? For a gift that will be talked about for eternity, the famous Roman Wolf could be the perfect choice. A symbol of strength, vitality and even parenthood, a little statuette of the Roman wolf suckling the twins, Romulus – whom the eternal city of Rome is named after – and Remus, would make an exotic yet legendary gift.

As you can see, Ristorante Teatro is a dining experience you would be tempted to indulge in again.


One Magical Night

Mirrored in the reflective pool, the lights of a hundred candles dance at your wedding as the hushed sounds of lapping water supply the beat. As you taste the gastronomic specialties prepared for your pleasure, you’ll soon be on a fantastic voyage into fantasy. A wedding night should always be this magical.



Surrounded by a tropical garden setting by the dreamy pool, and with a dedicated team attending to your needs, you will feel like royalty in an exotic faraway land. An overhead canopy shelters you from the elements, especially in the event of rain – a common phenomenon in Singapore – yet allows you liberating alfresco style dining under the mesmerising stars. Fresh air, warm mood lighting and an evening of festivities add up to unforgettable memories.

The cover of nature was further played up and the colour scheme accentuated, using an emphatic selection of green and white flora. White orchids and roses are highly pleasing to the eye and add to the intoxicating fragrance of sensuality. When we focus on the orchid theme, let’s use all the parts of local tropical orchids – including the leaves and the stalk. Any colour or theme can be created at your whim.

To cue you in for your grand entrance, you could have a violin quarter strike up an enchanting tune. Imagine, as you saunter into the limelight, arms entwined and with a pair of megawatt smiles, you wouldn’t want a boyband CD to be playing in the background do you? Instead, the fiddlers four could enhance the already electric atmosphere with a grandiose Latin hymn or a soothingly familiar love song.

Candlelit tables elaborately laid out with silverware, meticulously folded napkins and floral centrepieces set the scene for dining. Each and every guest of yours will be put at ease in the soothing ambience. For a wedding celebration by the pool, guests can mingle well as they please and slowly savour the night’s fare.


For a night as magical as this, you need to be dressed to match the splendour. A wispy gown for the bride with embroidered vines would leave all the bridesmaids squealing in delight. The prince charming should also be garbed in like fashion, perhaps in an 18th century style coat with polished buttons over a vest of ornate swirling patterns. If you wish, you can complement the look with a smart wide-brimmed hat.

For a more fun and exotic alternative, you can always turn up as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine out of 101 Arabian Nights. It is the most significant night of your entire life; why not live out your fantasies? Don’t hold back, it is a choice that’s sure to delight the inner child in all your guests.

Ask your guests to turn up in something other than the norm to match the theme. Something a little more fairy-tale or a tad more casual would be perfect. After all it is your party; you can have your wishes come true for just one night can’t you? Encourage them to unleash their creativity and let a peaceful easy feeling surface in their sartorial choices.


Feel At Home

New place, new man, new life – this is one wedding idea that embraces them all.


The Inspiration

No matter how many houses you have lived in, your marital abode will always be anchored closet to your heart.

The celebration of your bid day in your newly furbished home will be an exclusive and intimate affair with your loved ones. And incidentally, it can also double as your housewarming bash.


Creating the Theme

Unlike most wedding restaurants that have rather neutral interior designers and can be easily transformed to meet your theme expectations, your marital home is likely to have a striking theme that reflects you and your partner’s taste.

The apartment featured in this article is classy and contemporary with winter colour tones. Our design idea here is to create a homely and sweet – but not bubble-gum sweet – atmosphere that relaxed anyone who comes in through the door. This involves a careful selection of flowers and even the food.

White roses, white eustoma and baby blue hydrangeas are placed around the house to perfume the area. Smiling Orchid has prepared food items that are chosen for their ethereal beauty while others, such as the hot chocolate with baby marshmallows, are food that comforts the soul. And that is the whole idea here: To let your guests feel at home.

Compared to banquet halls the size of several four-room flats, most of the places we live in are constrained by space. So “less is more” is the rule of the thumb here for setting up the place; and do bear in mind that overcrowding does not equate cosiness.

Doing it Yourself: Ideas and Tips

Even if your guests turn up in t-shirts and jeans and you in a simple dress grabbed off a department store rack, there will be no less of the choking emotions and quivering voice as you say “I do”.

To make good use of space for solemnisation, set up a linen-draped table right next to a big window that has ample sunlight pouring in. After the exchange of vows, you can use the same table to display your food.

Even though your house wedding will be small, plan some entertainment programmes which can include playing a homemade video that talks about your love journey and tributes to the families and friends who are present.

Your guests are more likely to remember your small and intimate wedding than the grand ones due to its more personal feel and sentimental value.