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High School Reunion

The best times in life sometimes go back a long way, when you had all your best friends with you and not a care in the world.

The Inspiration

You remember the time, when you would wait around at the bus stop, hoping to catch a glimpse of him or her. The tightening of the stomach when you finally spot the love of your life. Those were the days when the sight of your crush would make you go weak in the knees. But now, your crush is soon to be your life partner and you want to share your joy with all those who witnessed you in the awkward stages of your budding romance – people who made school life special for you.

Creating the Theme

Recreating the good times takes a special venue to make it happen. Think of all the happy times you had when you were in school.

Didn’t they usually take place outside of the classroom? Without the confinements of the four walls, you can be more carefree and natural. These are what the great outdoors offer – a place to roam, a place to mingle, and most of all, a place to bond.

The first step towards setting the theme is to determine the tone or mood of the wedding. Some like it glamorous, some like it wild and some like it fun.

With a fun tone in mind, it’s time to bring out the school fun. First things first, create a stage for the action to take place. To create this “stage”, a nostalgic blackboard is a good candidate. Nicely decorated with chalk drawn pictures and words, it is not just a black board but a good backdrop and a very exclusive one too. Guests can also take turns to express their well wishes for the couple and this will provide many memorable pictures for your album.

Further develop this theme with related accessories such as using a school desk for the buffet table and bundling up 2B pencils that can be used as decorations and wedding favours. Glass bottled milk not only reminds one of old times but they are good to look at and better to drink from than carbon packages or plastic bottles.

Last but not least, fully capitalize on the theme with subject-titled table markers. Should you have more tables than the subjects offered in school, simply add in foreign languages, which would be more than 6000 of them.


Doing it Yourself: Ideas & Tips

Dig out all your old school memoirs! Be it exercise books, report cards or school magazines. If you have dumped them against better judgement, call on your resources, i.e. your ex-classmates. Somewhere, somehow, someone would have kept some of these precious memories in the storeroom or other less use corner of the house.

It would be fun to see what each of your ex-classmates would come up with. If there are more than enough, you can place different items at each table for guests to peruse and amuse themselves with before or during the reception.

Tip: Appoint someone from each table to be responsible for the safeguard of these items as they are irreplaceable. You wouldn’t want your friends to look you up for the wrong reasons after your wedding.

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Perfectly Rouge

It’s conventional yet desirable, predictable yet popular. Think what you want but pink is still the epitome of wedding colour schemes. What, after all, is a wedding without pinks? We go a step further – a wedding just in pinks.

The Inspiration

The pink impulse is undeniable. It is romantic, it is sweet, it is girlish and it is somehow the all-too feminine colour. Despite our best attempts to cultivate a sophisticated taste for subtle tones and understated colours, the passion for pink is just too strong to resist. Then again, which other colour is there that somehow captures the blush of the bride and her purity of love at the sane instance? In this theme, we weld pink with a twist inspired by organic forms for a perfectly rouge display.

Creating the Theme

Pink is a colour of many shades. Ditch the bubble-gum tones and go for a more mature palette. Rouge and fuchsia would do nicely. Maintain a guise of sophistication with very carefully selected dining ware and accessories, and there you have it.

Peonies and lotuses from the mains for the arrangements, well, you can choose Peony “Dr Flemming” and Thai lotuses which are graceful, elegant and confer an exotic oriental air. Pink cymbidium orchids add a touch of soft pinks on the plates.

To render a more wispy and fairy-tale feel, go for asparagus ferns for the greens. Throw in some green lotus pods for an inimitable touch.

For the bride’s bouquet, Hydrangea “Green Shadow” adds an air of whimsy while the Eustoma Double Pink complements the lotus and peonies. Hyperium Berry “Excellent Flair” completes the arrangement with an unexpected flair.

To make it a theme that really stands out, go organic with the accessories. Of course, decorations and favours follow the theme easily. A perfect little posy of lotus and pink cymbidium, set off with Spanish moss and asparagus fern, makes a lovely favour. Scatter nautilus shells around the table for a pretty effect.

Doing it Yourself: Ideas & Tips

To customise this look to your style, just bear in mind – go pink, go organic. Choose flowers with shapes or stems that are more sinuous than defined, such as lotus, tulips and orchids. Your accessories play a major part in carrying off the look, so shop around. Print your place cards and invites in Art Noveau style to fit the organic theme.

Pink is an easy theme to please when it comes to customising. Take wedding favours. What are your favourite things in pink? Strawberry flavoured candies? Scented candles in shades of pinks make excellent little gifts as well. One last thing, don’t forget to get a cake all in pink too.


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Something Blue Is True

A stylish wedding calls for a cool location. Highly recommend for a trip to the tropical south to find the coolest spot for solemnisation.

The Inspiration

You’ve probably heard of the most famous wedding adage – “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. While you may not know the meaning behind each “something“, it is enough to know that it is supposed to bring good luck to the wedding couple who follows this tradition.

Hence, for “something old”, we referred to this old saying for inspiration. For “something new” nothing can quite match this new romantic theme. “Something borrowed” would be the wonderful location which you are going to have a wedding celebration and obviously “something blue” is all over the place in this original theme.

Creating the Theme

There is nothing more charming than exchanging your vows next to the sea as well as some greenery. When the couple first arrive at the venue, they will be swept off their feet by the vista seen through two rows of feathery floral arrangements at the entrance of the aisle – for at the other end, a dreamy gazebo adorned with translucent drapes, strings of crystal-clear beads and blue ribbon streamers awaits their presence.

The design concept of this solemnisation is tiffany blue and lots of bubbly sparkles to bring to mind faithfulness, purity and loyalty. Other cool shades like silver and white are thrown in to accentuate the primary colour.

There is always something mystical and enchanting about snow that is synonymous with romance – probably because people naturally want to cuddle up in the cold. Here, white flower petals are scattered to make a frosty carpet for your march-in. You can even get your guests to toss the petals as you walk down the aisle for a snowing effect.

Doing It Yourself

With a little creativity, you can convert the blue theme into a winter theme by throwing in some winter ingredients into the luncheon menu and set-up.

Find a cake designer to bake you an all-white cake with snowflake decorations and silver embellishments. To bring down the heat for an outdoor reception, set up a station that serves chilly sweet treats, such as shaved ice desserts, ice-blended drinks, icy fruit smoothies, or simply popsicles. Or go the other extreme and bring in a bucket of hot chocolates, the favourite beverage in the sub-zero season.

To thank your well-wishers for coming, you can present them with hand painted paper umbrellas to shelter against the sun. These same umbrellas can also be used for other outings or as a trendy decoration for their home.

As a special touch, get a guide who is well-versed in the rich war history and diverse flora and fauna in order to take your guests on a tour before or after your solemnisation.

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Wedding In The Park

When it comes to elaborate receptions, ideas are often borrowed from the West. Now, isn’t it time for our multi-ethnicity to show its true colour? Here we provide some ideas for you!

The Inspiration

The signature design and patterns of the Victorian era – the best known period in the history of the United Kingdom in the 19th century – remain much adored by people even to this day.

This wedding theme is for couples who hope to remake the monarchical style befitting of a king and a queen in elaborate Malay fashion. This fusion is set to make your guests take their hats off and go wow.

Creating the Theme

Intricacy and downright opulence mark a wedding for the haute bourgeoisies.  It can be a place where the groom and the bride will greet their guests. With detailed carvings, the couch on the makeshift dais is gold-plated and upholstered in comfortable deep red satin. To brighten up the space and elevate the aura of majesty, a small chandelier shimmers above the couch.

To nail the grand look is to be loud in your expression of style, make it as impactful to the visual sense. Here, you can made heavy use of burgundy, maroon and gold hues to create a powerful statement. Roll out the red carpet for you and your guests deserve a grand entrance!

In the same vein, the flowers you use must be equally bold. Use puffy red roses that scream “look at me!” to ennoble the personality of the set-up.

All that glitters is not just gold but the wedding cake with some bling will do the trick. A simple deep red ribbon is tied around each tier to raise the glam factor. You may want to select some family-friendly venue thus the guests with children can let their little ones run wild at its playground that is almost comparable to outward bound for kids. After the dinner, guests can also enjoy a quiet stroll along the beach.

Doing it yourself

Remember the time when local actors Fann Wong and Christopher Lee made a splash when they showed up for their wedding dinner in Indian outfits?

In this melting pot of Singapore, we have the privilege of learning the cultures and practices of different ethnic groups and countries.

If you are looking for a wedding gown other than the usual Western pale-coloured ones, you can try a Malay wedding dress known for its demureness, fine embroidery and a cut that gives women of any shape an hour-glass figure.

Hire a violinist, or a band that includes one, to play classical music in the background, and get the bridesmaids to dress in gowns of Victorian style complete your deluxe ball.

You can also recreate the masque from Shakespeare’s epic Romeo And Juliet by distributing half masks as wedding favours to guests and getting them to wear it on the spot.


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Fit For A Queen

The Inspiration

This is a good old-fashioned wedding theme that bespeaks the Victorian days in 19th century England when expensive finery and exquisite porcelain tableware ruled.

Creating the Theme

In creating this wedding setting, the devil is in the details.

To conjure the royal English castle theme for a unique photo-taking opportunity, an image of serene nature and a stately castle of England is set up at the bridal table. To create a 3D effect, leaves and flowers are stuck loosely on the backdrop. The colour gold, a symbol of wealth and class, is used in modest touches across many parts of the room so as to retain the style of opulence minus the gaudiness.

Over the head, brilliant gold-plated chandeliers light up the room. On the bridal table, gold-rimmed white porcelain ware adds a touch of class. On guest tables, golden beads fill up slender stem glasses to hold up simple flower arrangements. Chairs are upholstered in regal red and gold motifs that match with the carpet flooring.

In a refreshing deviation from the usual fresh blooms, handmade clay flowers overrun the tables.

Doing It Yourself: Ideas & Tips

Finding Victorian-styled wedding favours are rather tricky in this part of the world. Here are some ideas to start you off with. You can find mini bronze or black Victorian-inspired lanterns to symbolise “you light up my life”, or a brass letter opener designed with ornate filigree or a carved portrait of an English lady to represent “you are a cut above the rest”.

If you want to take it a little further, you can prepare wedding favours by the gender. For female guests, you can look for small trinket cases with lovely clay flowers or an antique finish. As for the gentlemen, cufflinks with a Victorian scroll design should do the magic to round off the wedding celebration.