TV Host Xie Na Ties the Knot with singer Boyfriend

Chinese TV host Xie Na and singer Zhang Jie held their wedding ceremony on Monday in Shangri-la, Yunnan Province.

Many of their celebrity friends like TV host He Jiong, singer Li Yuchun and comedian Xiao Shenyang came to attend the ceremony.

Xie Na and Zhang Jie met each other in 2006 during a popular singing competition, "Happy Boy" or "Kuai Le Nan Sheng", which was hosted by Xie Na. Zhang won the forth place in the show and then started his career as a professional singer.In the affluence and amusement ball circle, acquisition and break is putting on the awning continuously. But the adulation amid cool compere of adored affected Xie Na and adulation song prince Zhang Jie is still befitting concentrated. They adulation anniversary other. They are happy. They are adored from their friends. A few canicule ago, Zhang Jie and Xie Na declared their bells will be authority on September 26, 2011.The admirable bells photos are apparent next. Reviewing Zhang Jie and Xie Na’s lovers collocation, we should absolve their wedding. They let us accept there is accurate adulation in the ball circle.

Dress up with bendable white gauze, Xie Na dances with the wind. Zhang Jie is dressed in the white dress clothing staring his lover. The dejected sky and blooming grass abaft them is bouncing afterward the lovers.

Easy Ball Media’s artisan Zhang Jie and acclaimed array appearance compere Xie Na acknowledge their the adored new of their bells on their own Twitter. They become the focus of the accessible and their friends. In addition, they acknowledge their date of bells for the accessible admitting Zhang Jie’s company—Easy Ball Media. The abode of captivation the bells is appropriate and afraid for the helpmate and groom. It is Shangri-La inDiqin,Yunnan——The abutting abode to the heaven.

It is appear that Zhang Jie and Xie Na who both accept abounding friends, arrive abounding artisan accompany to appear their wedding, such as Wen Zhang and Ma Yili couple, Li Yuchun, Xiao Shenyang, Wu Qilong, Li Xiaoran, Su Youpeng, Du Wenze, Zhang Weijian and so on. They all attestant the best important moment in their life. The acceptable friend, the acclaimed array appearance compere He Jiong, will be the emcee of this wedding. It is accepted that the beholder will allure two accustomed guests who are of blue-blooded appearance and aerial prestige. This bells is mainly the acquisition of accompany and relatives. So they don’t allure any media specially. For the activity and affair from media friends, Zhang Jie and Xie Na additionally accurate their thanks.


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