A Wedding So Cheery and Bright in Festivity

Florist THE RED PETALS FLORIST 97649694 photography ANDY LIEW, J STUDIO  dining ware  ROYAL COPENHAGEN 67355298 / 67373467  chairs GNEE HONG CO.6336 3509  Text CHUI HUA



Christmas or not, a bright, cheery and festive theme is guaranteed to bring joy and happiness to everyone. Deck the halls with bright decorations, bold colours and sparkles to brighten up everyone’s day with this festive theme! And top it off with a spread to talk about for days.

The Inspiration

A wedding is a good reason to rejoice and celebrate. Think happiness and Christmas is the first thing that springs to mind. It’s about loving and giving, much like what a wedding is about. One of the most well loved holidays universally; start to replicate your very own Christmas now.

Creating the Theme

Bold, bright colours with sparkles loaded on – that’s the way to go. Here, we bring on baubles and glitter to give that extra oomph in the set up.

The florist, The Red Petals Florist, uses roses in reds, pinks and fuchsia to create that jubilant feel of celebration and romance at the same time.

The flowers are arranged in spheres to suggest festive baubles and bells. To make the celebratory connection stronger, put some real baubles in the arrangements, as well as crystal accessories. Purple roses are added in smaller bunches so that it doesn’t look overly Chinese-New-Yearish.

The tablecloth in mauve follows the colour range, and yet makes sure that attention is focused on the flower arrangements.

Hand painted Royal Copenhagen dining ware grace the setting with an air of luxurious simplicity. In a show of originality, dried moss and mistletoe are used in lieu of the table runner. Place some speckled or patterned eggs on the moss – they are great as traditional symbols of fortune while adding a quirky and fun touch. Paper dollies in the shape of snowflakes up the novelty scale!

Christmas decorations are not just for Christmas! It’s about heartwarming times, festivities and a time for love and fun. Best of all, they are easily available from stores and look great when well arranged.

We’ve used a lovely spread of fusion finger food, courtesy of Stamford Catering, for this theme. Aesthetic and addictive, the creations combine ingredients such as bell peppers with mushrooms, kimchi with squid and kidney beans with roasted Mediterranean lamb. Our favourite? The Cheese Fantasy Shooter with bunches of red berries trailing down the sides.

Doing It Yourself: Ideas & Tips

This theme would be ideal if you intend to hold your reception as a masquerade. Hand masks to your guests or ask them to come dressed for a masked ball. Wedding favours could be simple decorations or a bottle of stardust.

florist The Red Petals Florist 9764 9694 photography Andy Liew, J Studio dining ware Royal Copenhagen 67355298 / 67373467 chair Gnee Hong Co. 6336 3509 text Chui Hua

Left: Create a theme of festivity and celebration with reds and sparkly decorations! Hang a wedding ‘mistletoe’ over the table and kisses go round. Top: Add your own touch to egg shells using decorative stickers. Use dried moss and mistletoe as table runners and sprinkle sequins to create some sparkle. Opposite: A tall centrepiece in the shape of a sphere conjures images of Christmas baubles and bells. Elegant dining ware from Royal Copenhagen tops up your glam factor.

Roses, baubles, fir cones, presents and all manners of familiar decorations create a sense of celebration.

This page clockwise from top: Cheese Fantasy Shooters fit the theme nicely; Shortbreads and cookies with tea grant an air of English-ness; An interesting fusion creation – Samsui chicken on toast. Opposite: An array of creative fingerfood for your guests, featuring concoctions such as sago cream with pomelo and mango, strawberry mixed nuts cream, green ranch crabmeat cocktail, salmon roll with wasabi mayonnaise on seaweed, roasted mediterranean lamb on toast garnished with kidney beans and poached shrimp cocktail with honey melon.