Beautiful Bride of all time, Elizabeth Taylor

First Marriage

Elizabeth was 18 in her first wedding. The groom was Conrad “Nicky” Hilton. The wedding ceremony was on 1950. The gown was designed by Helen Rose, an MGM studio designer. The white satin dress included seed pearls and beading which had taken a number of workers two months to complete. Her sweetheart neckline was covered with a chiffon overlay, and a three-quarter length veil attached to a lace cap that trimmed with pearls. She also wore a pearl tiara and carried a bouquet of white orchids.

The wedding cake featured figurines of the bride in vanilla ice-cream the bride’s favourite and the groom in chocolate. The groom “Nick” was surrounded by bridal party dolls with the matron of honor in pale green crepe paper and the bridesmaids in yellow.

The wedding place was Taylor’s home and started to filling up with wedding presents. Her father gave her a painting by Frans Hals and a “breath of spring” mink coat. Her uncle gave her a $65,000 diamond ring.

Mr Taylor, the bride’s father, bellowed “I won’t have cold fish at my daughter’s wedding” as MGM was planning to release some cold fare of its own, two “turkeys” the “conspirator” and the “big hangover”.

The bride and groom had a great honeymoon, traveling to Europe for three months.

This marriage ended on 1951.

Second Marriage

Elizabeth was 20 in her second wedding and the groom was the British actor Michael Wilding. The wedding ceremony was on 1952. Her gown was pretty simple with a smaller bouquet of white flowers. Her wedding place was a modest suit. This marriage ended on 1957 after five years.

Third Marriage

This one was the most tragic one. Elizabeth was 24 on her wedding day on 1957. The groom was the American film producer Michael Todd who proposed to her bride with a 29 carat diamond ring. The bride, Elizabeth said that Michael Todd was her first true love. Her wedding dress was a hooded gown, she was holding a white bouquet of flowers and surrounded by family and friends. Unfortunately her happy marriage ended because of the plane crash. Todd’s private plane Lucky Liz crashed near Grants, New Mexico. This was exactly 13 months after their marriage on 1958.

Fourth Marriage

Elizabeth Said “I do” for the forth time to Edwin Jack Fisher known as Eddie Fisher, He was an American singer and entertainer, who was one of the world’s most famous and successful singers in the 1950s, selling millions of records and hosting his own TV show.

Fisher actually left her first wife to marry Elizabeth Taylor on 1959. She donned a green chiffon gown with a wrap around her head.

The romantic couple played a dramatic role together in 1960 called butterfield 8. But this marriage ended on 1964.

Fifth Marriage

Richard Burton was her fifth husband. It was on the set of Cleopatra that Elizabeth and Richard met and fell in love. The couple had planned to marry in Toronto, where the groom was appearing in a stage presentation of Hamlet that was gearing up for an opening in New York on April 9.

The church was located downtown at the corner of Sherbrooke and Simpson St. when the bride and groom, Elizabeth and Richard got married. For this wedding, the bride wore a short yellow chiffon dress and wore an intricate floral headpiece. This was on 1964.

They were the archetype of a power couple everyone wanted to know more about. When fans watched the films they made together, it was hard to separate the celebrity from the acting, real life from fiction.

The marriage didn’t last long and the couple divorced on 1974.

Sixth Marriage

The couple gave it another try one year later. Richard and Elizabeth got married again on 1975 in a nontraditional ceremony in Botswana.

At the time, the BBC reported, “The bride wore green, with lace frills and guinea fowl feathers.” Burton wore a red shirt, white pants and red socks.

This marriage ended on 1976.

Seventh Marriage

The republican politician John Warner was the groom this time. Elizabeth sounded like a woman in love the day she married John Warner. “The sun came out and smiled on us” the bride said after sunset wedding at warner’s Virginia farm on 4 December 1976.

The bride wore a lavender cashmere dress and matching coat trimmed in silver fox; the groom wore.

They ended the marriage on 1982.

Eighth Marriage

Taylor’s last marriage was to Larry Fortensky, a construction worker she’d met while they were both undergoing treatment at the Betty Ford Clinic. Their wedding was on 1991.

The bride wore a $25,000 Valentino gown, which was a gift from the designer who attended the wedding.

The beautiful bride of all the time died on March 23, 2011, at the age of 79, surrounded by her children, Elizabeth Taylor died at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California. She died from congestive heart failure.