Completing the Story of Love


It was a relationship that seemed to have taken off right from the first time Jacqueline and Lionel were introduced to each other. Sharing interests helps but it was possibly the chemistry and bond they feel with each other that really pushed the relationship forward.

The Full Story

They were introduced more than two years ago. Since then, Jacqueline and Lionel’s chapters of romance have been nothing but passionate and filled with love.

How does one propose without being cliché or overly mushy? With a little creativity and humour, perhaps.

Lionel prepared a “marriage contract” for Jacqueline. The contract stated clearly his declaration of love and marriage vows – to be accepted or rejected by Jacqueline. He had whisked the document out to read out loud over a candelight dinner. On top of that, Lionel also surprised her with a meticulously handwritten scroll in calligraphy, of his “Ten Commandments of Love”.

For Jacqueline who was so overwhelmed she was moved to tears, it was needless to say that she accepted his contract whole-heartedly.

On Jun 16, the two finally celebrated their tying the knot at Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel, so chosen for its reputation as one of the best hotels in Singapore, renowned for its excellent service, shares Jacqueline. For the couple who had friends and family members flying in from all over the world – Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, China, Japan, Australia, United States and Europe – Ritz-Millenia solved the issue of catering to a total of 100 tables.

Although the couple had booked the place a year in advance, preparations only really began three months prior to the wedding. But three months was all the time Harijanto from Boenga needed to conceptualise this unique setting for Jacqueline and Lionel.

The ballroom at Ritz-Carlton Millenia was transformed into a renaissance garden theme filled with flowers and decorations in light pinks and lime greens. Life-sized Greco-Roman statues bearing fresh flowers – imported from overseas, no less – and grapes completed the ambience. For the couple whose story together speaks of love, they were well-pleased with these statutes that are symbols of love and beauty. They felt it added to the “feel of romance in the air”.

Family and friends too usually have sparks of ideas that might make your wedding different from another’s. Jacqueline’s mother contributed her creative juices to the setup with placements of bunches of grapes amidst table arrangements, a novel idea that thrilled the guests.

The bride thoroughly enjoyed her walk down the aisle that was lined up with arches of flowers and statues on both sides – a tribute to their love. The couple strolled in to the ballroom with a song from Il Divo – “The Man You Love”, a romantic love song in part English and Spanish that added to the mood of love.

And what ambience would be completed without the universal language of music? The Sherry Vintage band and their lead singer (Ms Felinda Wong) entertained the guests with a blend of love songs, new and old, and in various languages to cater to both local and overseas guests.

A fond memory for the couple included the participation of some of their guests, who got so carried away they went up stage to sing along with the singer! At the end of it all, for Jacqueline and Lionel, they felt it was “truly a magical and resplendent evening”.