Home Sweet Home

Brides are usually the centre of attraction at any wedding, but Sisca Oktaviani, 23, a public relations officer, decided to give the honour to her husband-to-be by naming the most significant milestone of their lives after him.

“I wanted a formal wedding banquet and was not interested in a special theme due to budget considerations,” admitted Faray Teddy, a 33-year-old SAP consultant, who met Sisca in 2008 at a friend’s Christmas party in Jakarta.

“However she managed to work on a budget and came up with the brilliant idea of having a homey decoration revolving around the theme Teddy’s Home,” he said.

The wedding held at the Mercantile Club, Jakarta, in March 2011 took on a cosy, romantic and white ambience adorned with more than 50 pairs of teddy bears, intricate ornaments and bold dollops of rouge flowers with the help of Butterfly Event Styling Boutique.

A makeshift mini-studio was set up for guest photos simply with the use of English floral wallpaper in a corner. The photos were instantly printed and given to their guests in envelopes specially designed by the newlyweds for the occasion as souvenirs.

“We took a lot of photos on our wedding day, even during our break time after lunch when we were supposed to rest,” said the couple.

But instead of resting, they climbed four floors up to the rooftop of the Mercantile Club to pose on the helipad.

“And when we opened the door at the rooftop, the alarm went off and deafened us on the spot. But we pressed on and took some pictures, laughing at the company of the wailing siren,” they said.

Even their pre-wedding portraits proved to be quite an adventure for this snap-happy couple.

They were supposed to spend the morning working on the indoor photo-shoot and the later part of the day on the outdoor shoot. But as they sailed towards the idyllic Bidadari Island after lunch to take photos, they ran into a storm.

“We were in the middle of the sea. The boat was not moving due to the big waves that were moving against our direction. Then it all started getting wet,” they recounted. They managed to steer back to the shore safely and decided to reschedule the outdoor session.

“Which was a blessing in disguise because when we rescheduled it, we got a full-day outdoor session instead of half-day,” they added. “It means more photos, and more time to relax and enjoy the island getaway.”

Despite their 10-year age gap, Sisca and Faray have never felt apart in their relationship.

Said Faray: “She has always been understanding and supportive even when things are going wrong, which shows that maturity has nothing to do with age, considering that she is much younger than me.”

“I love him because he is loyal, honest and intelligent,” said Sisca. “I can be ‘myself’ every time when I am with him. He can create ‘us’ and offer a future without destroying the ‘me’.”

When it comes to love, age is just a number.