Jack of All Trades

Just ask his wife. “He is always open to try the things I introduced him to, such as taking up Argentine tango, travelling to exotic places like Jordan and Bhutan, and even learning how to bake,” said Mrs Yeow, a.k.a. Tan Xin Min, a 26-year-old financial analyst.

“I find it amazing that despite him not showing any prior inclinations to these things, he does end up enjoying them,” she added.

Yuyi and Xin Min had known each other since their junior college days. But to Yuyi, Xinmin was just another name, another face. Fast forward to 2009, they stumbled upon each other on Facebook and rediscovered more about each other.

For the first time in years, they met up to rollerblade at East Coast Park as Yuyi was just picking up the sport, while Xin Min was eager to give it — and perhaps their relationship — a go.

“If she had not wanted to try rollerblading, perhaps we wouldn’t have gone out in the first place,” said Yuyi, 27,
a doctor by profession.

Subsequently, they discovered their common love for photography, food and scuba diving. And since his reunion with Xin Min, Yuyi has learnt to bake from scratch, and even tango, despite having two left feet. To prepare for their wedding in June 2011 at Glass House at Sentosa Cove, Xin Min scoured wedding blogs for ideas on wedding themes, layouts and outfits to get her inspiration.
“We wanted the wedding to be a reflection of who we are and have the intimate involvement of our family and close friends,” said Xin Min. “Many vendors we approached were used to the common style of wedding celebrations, and there were difficult times when we tried to explain our ideas. Thankfully we had each other’s support.”

The couple decided to tie the knot by the sea to commemorate their first meet-up by the beach. The solemnisation was held outside the Glass House, under a gazebo on a trimmed lawn facing the sea.
The floral theme colours were green and cream to match the outdoor setting. On top of a piano and song rendition, the newlyweds also performed Argentine tango, a number that they mastered under a year before the wedding.

Recounting the most memorable moments of their big day, Xin Min said: “During a photo shoot at the Capella, we saw wild hornbills and cockatoos circling above us. It was such a rare and beautiful sight that it reduced the worry I had about the cloudy skies and constant drizzle.”

“During the solemnisation, Yuyi could not find his scribbled vows but still gave the best one ever from his heart,” she added. “Right after that, a yacht sailed by and the people onboard waved excitedly at us and shouted congratulatory words.”

To prove her point that Yuyi is a smacking good kisser, Xin Min revealed what went on behind the scenes during their pre-wedding photo shoot at Lombok.

“When we were doing a kissing shot in the village, a group of children who had gathered to watch us were giggling aloud. It was quite an awkward moment yet I found myself lost in the kiss,” she said.

Jack of all trades makes one a master of love, or so it seems, as the couple has demonstrated.