Kelly Lin and Chris Young to hold wedding in Maldives

Beautiful model and Taiwan actress Kelly Lin and American born business man Chris Young had their wedding ceremony in Maldives on 28 March 2011. The pictures taken show the couple posing on a romantic small boat in Maldives. The bride, Kelly, dressed in white, low-cut wedding gown and the groom, Chris, wore a simple white shirt and pants. They exchanged their vows in a 30-minuties ceremony on the beach with their 30 guests invited from Los Angles, Taipei, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

The guests arrived at the Maldives 3 days before the wedding day. The groom, Chris, gave his beautiful bride a sparkling 3 carat diamond.

“Dad don’t look from the sidelines, he is nervous!” the bride said to his dad when they were taking their wedding pictures. The bride, Kelly, changed to red, bareback dress later that evening.
Guess who was the bridesmaid? Taiwan-born Hong Kong actress Shu Qi. “I hope that she will be happy. We can still be best sisters forever” Shu Qi said on the wedding day.
Wedding and Travel wish the beautiful bride and the groom a happy life together.