Life in a snapshot

Documenting emotive milestones in life has been the dream of Edmund Tung since he first picked up the camera in 1998.

Eight years later, his dream came true when he started Life View, a photography studio that helps couples remember some of their most wonderful times together.

“Ever since I joined this line, I’m glad that I’ve never disappointed anyone who gave me the privilege to record the most important day of their lives on my camera,” said Edmund. “I insist on producing the best results, and it gives me great gratification to see my clients pleased and appreciative of my work.”

Before every shoot, Edmund would lighten the mood to help the couple feel relaxed.
“They are after all not professional models. Shooting in a jovial and harmonious ambience has always been a rule of mine,” he noted, and quipped, “Then I would ‘show off’ the ‘professional poses’ that I had picked up from everywhere for their reference.”

One of his clients, Janelle Lee, was impressed by his organised working style and his determination to create a unique pre-wedding video concept for her. The 28-year-old editorial executive also invited him to be her wedding photographer in Bali in September.

“I guess the most important part about being a wedding photographer and videographer is to inject jokes at the right moment,” she said. “There was a scene where I needed to express bliss in my smile, but I couldn’t.”

“But at that very moment, he said something that cracked me up. And voila! We got the shot!” Janelle added that Edmund, who is based in Malaysia, even showed her and her husband how he edited their video. “It was definitely an eye-opening experience for us!” she marvelled.

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