Something blue is true

location LABRADOR PARK | florist FIORE DORATO 6538 7227 | gowns & suits DI GIO BRIDAL 6225 1612 | chairs THE WEDDING CHATEAU | photography ANDY LIEW, J STUDIO | styling & art direction CLARA LIAN & JANELLE LEE | text SUMMER LEE

The Inspiration

You’ve probably heard of the most famous wedding adage – “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. While you may not know the meaning behind each ‘something’, it is enough to know that it is supposed to bring good luck to the wedding couple who follows this tradition.

Hence, for ‘something old’, we referred to this old saying for inspiration. For ‘something new’ nothing can quite match this new romantic theme. ‘Something borrowed’ would be this wonderful location at Labrador Park and obviously, ‘something blue’ is all over the place in this original theme.

Creating the Theme

There is nothing more charming than exchanging your vows next to the sea and the greenery at Labrador Park.

When the couple first arrive at the venue, they will be swept off their feet by the vista seen through two rows of feathery floral arrangements created by Fiore  Dorato at the entrance of the aisle – for at the other end, a dreamy gazebo adorned with translucent drapes, strings of crystal-clear beads and blue ribbon streamers awaits their presence.

The design concept of this solemnisation is tiffany blue and lots of bubbly sparkles to bring to mind faithfulness, purity and loyalty. Other cool shades like silver and white are thrown in to accentuate the primary colour.

There is always something mystical and enchanting about snow that is synonymous with romance ¨C probably because people naturally want to cuddle up in the cold. Here, white flower petals are scattered to make a frosty carpet for your march-in. You can even get your guests to toss the petals as you walk down the aisle for a snowing effect.

Doing it Yourself

With a little creativity, you can convert the blue theme into a winter theme by throwing in some winter ingredients into the luncheon menu and set-up.

Find a cake designer to bake you an all-white cake with snowflake decorations and silver embellishments.

To bring down the heat for an outdoor reception, set up a station that serves chilly sweet treats, such as shaved ice desserts, ice-blended drinks, icy fruit smoothies, or simply popsicles. Or go the other extreme and bring in a bucket of hot chocolate, the favorite beverage in the sub-zero season.

To thank your well-wishers for coming, you can present them with hand painted paper umbrellas to shelter against the sun. These same umbrellas can also be used for other outings or as a trendy decoration for their home.

As a special touch, get a guide who is well-versed in the rich war history and diverse flora and fauna of Labrador Park to take your guests on a tour before or after your solemnisation.