Wedding Goes to the Museum



Solemnisation – the memorable exchange of vows that seal your love and mark the first step in a lifelong journey. These precious moments of our lives deserve the grandest stage to unfold and we have found it in the timeless beauty of the National Museum of Singapore.

The Inspiration

’The venue for the theme is the very inspiration. The National Museum of Singapore, where memories of the people are housed, is a rich repository of the nation’s stories.

To say your vows, in a place where history is retold, puts the solemn back in the solemnisation. This is the theme: a day to treasure, of precious moments and memories.

Creating the Theme

The Balcony at the National Museum of Singapore, a classy and solemn venue, shapes the theme entirely.

Simple, yet classy, that’s the air we want to achieve with the flowers. The florist, Boenga, has injected their signature classy touch with the arrangements. Flowers here are carefully selected for their hues and shapes.

Whites, off-whites and pinkish tones create a purity that’s virginal but not austere. Hydrangea tempers the solemnity to add some romance, while tulips and roses add class. Cymbidium orchids spice up the shapes of floral arrangements with their slender sprigs. The flowers are uncut so as to soften the hard lines in the venue.

At the table, glassware is best for showing off the uncut flowers’ shapes and petals. For the best effect, glassware of various shapes and heights are used. Chairs for the couple and along the aisle are simply adorned with gauze ribbons and sprigs of roses and crystal accessories. Over the table, a small arch is created with flowers and ferns.

Crystals and clear jelly confer an ethereal air to the place while brightening it. Doves preside over the venue as symbols of love, fidelity and harmony.

Doing It Yourself: Ideas & Tips

The key thing to note when doing it by yourself is that you need to complement the solemn air without making it severe. Choose decorations which look and feel light, such as sashes and uncut flowers.

Stay to a light colour theme while designing your props. To complete the theme, curate a mini exhibition to showcase memorable artefacts and photographs from both of you.

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