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Zhenyu Lai, 26, and Yuan Yin, 23, both Graduate Students

Text: Cherie Wong / Photo: Kate / Ils Adorent

Zhenyu and Yuan Yin dated for three years while pursuing a university degree in America. But this is where their love story deviates from that of the average couple who met on campus. Both chose to further pursue a PhD. So they planned their wedding in under a month, came back to Singapore for a week and got married, then flew back to the U.S. to continue with the life they have always known together. In that week, they managed to find precious time for their pre-wedding photographs, and due to time constraints, picked only the Singapore River as their destination of choice. But they are well pleased with the results.

Behind the Scenes

“We chose the Anderson Bridge by Shenton Way. We wanted the location to reflect some characteristics of Singapore, and eventually we decided that architecture was what defines Singapore the most,” shares Yuan Yin.

Ask them about their respective favorite part of the experience and the response is the same. Zhenyu reveals how on the bridge they came across a group of children on a class excursion. “They were dressed in brightly colored ponchos and Kate asked their teacher if they could pose with us for a shot. We felt like celebrities!”

“The fact that everything was spontaneous and could not have happened if not for chance made the moment more special and memorable,” adds Yuan Yin.

The duo realized just how crucial the tiniest details are in a photo shoot. It was raining and they were worried that the weather would ruin the bride’s white gown and makeup. But their fears were allayed when they soon found out that the makeup was waterproof!

As people who have got so used to spending much of their waking moments together when they were studying overseas, the couple truly understands the importance of putting aside quality time for each other. Their biggest advice to other couples is to spend some alone time with each other prior to the photo shoot so that when it happens, both parties are in the right mood, and everything will feel more natural and less constructed.

“Take a moment to remember why you’re doing this and what it means to the both of you,” says Yuan Yin.

Zhenyu also feels that even if the presence of the camera tends to make one feel self-conscious, it is most important to try to ignore it, and have a lot of fun!

The Love Story

When we pulled Yuan Yin aside and asked her for the sweetest thing Zhenyu has ever done for her, we are moved to know it was an incident that happened after their marriage. She obliges and reveals how exactly one month after their wedding, she came home to a card he had written, telling her how content and grateful he was to have her as his wife.

“It was a very simple card but it moved me to tears. People always say the flame dies once you’re married, and you no longer feel the need to surprise your partner or explicitly show love. So this short note went a long way in showing me how much he cares.”

We wish this couple all the best in their journey of love.

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