My One and Only

Text Lin Zixin Photo Gary, The Aisle Bridal

Luke Sim, 29, and Selena Teh, 27, are two people who sure know how to spice up their lives. The romantic things that Luke has done for Selena might read just like a romance novel, and here’re just a few for the record – the man proposed to his fair lady at the Peak in Hong Kong under starry skies, and even took pains to rent a 15kg helium tank just to surprise her with balloons on the day of their pre-wedding shoot. (All together now, aww!)

Behind the Scenes

For such a loving couple, having a memorable and one-of-a-kind pre-wedding shoot at Sentosa was right up their alley. Shooting at locations including Underwater World, Fish Reflexology Centre, Siloso Beach and notably, Dolphin Lagoon, Selena laughed that the couple had always wanted something different from the norm. “The staff over at Sentosa even told us we’re the first couple in Singapore to take pre-wedding photos with their dolphins!”

“It was definitely very special and the highlight for me,” Luke agreed, “On top of that it was really fun and interactive… after all, how many couples get to have dolphins in their shots?”

For aspiring couples who are considering having their pre-wedding pictures taken at Sentosa, Luke and Selena recommend getting in touch early to avoid disappointment.

“Also, keep in mind that long gowns are not allowed if you’re taking pictures with the dolphins as they fall sick easily and the gown might contaminate the water,” Selena shared, “I would advise a casual dress for the shoot!”

Looking back, the couple had a blast on the shoot and relished the sincere wishes they received from strangers and tourists during the shoot. The only complaints? “The energy level can get a little low, especially when it was hot. Also, it would have been great if we had more time!” Luke chuckled.

And that, we think, could have been the least of some couples’ worries on a pre-wedding shoot. Looking at the fantastic results of the photo shoot, we think it couldn’t have been more perfect.