Not Your Usual Deal

Sam Soh and Ophilia Leung, both 28

Text: Lin Zixin / Photo: Dexter Tan / Bliss Bridal Creations

Boy meets girl at a gathering of mutual friends. Boy dates girl for 12 years. Boy proposes to girl with a ring he secretly bought beforehand. While Sam Soh, director of Internet Development, and Ophilia Leung, a campaign manager, both 28, laughed that the story leading up to their wedding would bore most people, the couple’s choice for their pre-wedding photo shoot was definitely far from boring.

Away from glitzy cosmopolitan Singapore, Sam and Ophilia opted for the idyllic charms of Pulau Ubin for their outdoor pre-wedding shoot. “We were hoping to go somewhere unique after completing our studio shots, which we felt used the standard backgrounds, props and costumes as other couples,” the couple revealed. And that’s why the couple was immediately sold on the idea when their photographer suggested Pulau Ubin, a short 15 minutes’ boat ride away from main island Singapore.

Behind the Scenes

While Sam and Ophilia had expected to brave the sunny weather for their shoot, they were less prepared for other unexpected happenings.

Speaking on the things that couples looking to have their photo shoot at Pulau Ubin should look out for, Sam listed in good humor, “Ant hills, wild boars and unfriendly natives!”

“We were cycling deep in the forest when a big wild boar suddenly came running past and nearly hit our photographer!” Sam recalled, chuckling. “We were really shocked then but it was only later that we read in the papers that the boar was actually reared by a native and should be harmless.”

The lovely pictures of the couple on the boat en route to Pulau Ubin also had an untold story behind. “The boat was actually quite small and the ride was very bumpy… I was running around in my gown and high heels and trying not to fall off the boat the whole time!” Ophilia smiled.

For the ladies, a useful piece of advice from Ophilia is to note that changing costumes in the public toilets of Pulau Ubin is no easy feat. “As the floor was wet and the cubicle was small, it took me a good 20 minutes to struggle into my shirt and jeans (Ophilia’s next costume) while holding onto my wedding gown at the same time!”

Looking at the final product, we agree with Sam and Ophilia that their little adventure to Pulau Ubin was all well worth the effort. Especially memorable for the couple was the spontaneous shots taken against the dipping sun they chanced upon at the ferry terminal as they were just about to head back. In a perfect wrap for the action-packed day, Sam and Ophilia were able to seize the moment and create lasting memories of the magical sunset.

All we can say is, sometimes, the best things in life just come at the most unexpected places.