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Enchantress of Eden

Fresh floral wholesome sweetness is the core idea of day weddings. Let us return to the deep rosy glow a women in love naturally emits, to the shy bride who is unable to hide her happiness. No outlandish performance this time round, let’s go natural! You are happy, you feel blessed, a sweet swelling sensation is about to burst through.


The Gowns

Floral prints on the bustier or on the entire gown bring out sensual femininity while tints of blue, grey, pink or gold enhance the saccharinity of the bride. The designer makes sure that plunging V-necklines, strapless, mandarin collars or simple A-line gowns all match her floral design desirably.


The Look

Basic pink highlights the blush of a bride. For outdoor day weddings, we recommend the make-up to go as light and natural as possible, engaging sweet pastel colours instead of dark smoky shades.


The Hair

Hair tied in buns generally increases the glamour of the bride. However, they need not look as severe and restrained as they traditionally did. Pile layers of hair on top of one another and coiffe the ends to create a ruffled, loosed textured look.


Rule of the Day

Look good, feel good and have fun. After all, the day belongs to you.