Wedding Magazine Issue 23

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 23

At W&T, we endeavor to uncover heartwarming stories that will inspire you. In this issue, we spoke to three couples who have long passed newlywed status, yet whose love for their spouse is no less than the day they first got married because of one common activity they have been doing year after year.

We are equally happy to share stories of couples who have just embarked on their matrimonial journey. Meet Ang Chun Liang and Ho Chee Tiong, two ordinary guys who went through exceptional feats and wit to propose to their significant other. It goes to show that when you know your partner well enough, the chances of getting a “Yes” from her is a given.

In “The Gatecrash”, it’s survival of the fittest as the ‘tormented’ and their ‘tormentors’ indulge us on the gruesome details. Brides-to-be and ‘sisters’ can make notes of what to include in the torture list for your big day. Grooms-to-be and ‘brothers’, be advised to take note of the tricks that the bride’s side may have up their sleeves and be combat ready!

And since we know how important the wedding carriage is to you, we teamed up with some of the best decorators to transform a selection of vintage vehicles into timeless wagons that will make heads turn. We bet you’ve never seen anything quite like a balloon decorated Mitsuoka Viewt! The creative teams are also responsible for the fashionable boutonnieres in “Bountiful Boutonnieres”.

As a special treat for you, we went all out to create the most laborious and elaborate theme wedding ever in “The Moroccan Seduction”. The whole set up was created from scratch including spending hours braving rain and shine to pitch the Mongolian tent that was specially flown in. As usual, we hope that our efforts will inspire you to turn your biggest and wildest dreams into reality for your own wedding. After all, this is probably one of the few occasions in life where you can get away with almost anything!

Speaking of inspirational weddings, our inventive team went on to create a midair sky garden in one of The Singapore Flyer’s capsules in “On Cloud Nine”. Yes, nothing is too far-fetched as we are limited only by our own imagination.

As always, we can’t advocate enough the importance of having fun planning your wedding and most importantly, to actually have fun on the day itself and not let anything trivial or even major get in the way of your happiness. We wish you happy planning and hope that one day, it will be your turn to share your amazing stories and adventures with us!

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team