Wedding Magazine Issue 27

Wedding & Travel Magazing Issue 27

As they say, love is a funny thing and it often happens when you least expect it. Take real wedding couple Vina and Cipta for instance. They had met at the wedding of Cipta’s older brother and Vina’s cousin. Love did not happen then as Vina had a boyfriend at the time and Cipta was based overseas. But, that was only the prelude to their fate. Two years later, the couple was reunited in their home country. Thankfully, there was nothing to hold them back this time.

Others, like Eric and Michelle, had it a little luckier as cupid’s shot landed accurately at their first meeting. The couple had met via mutual friends and it was love at first sight for Eric. Their courtship eventually culminated in a glamorous and romantic wedding that their guests dubbed “the best wedding they ever attended”. It goes to show that while some couples may have to go through adversaries or a longer route to reach their destination, the good news is those who are meant to be will eventually arrive.

In the 1992 movie Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino plays a blind retired army officer who is kind of eccentric yet had his way around women. In particular, his ability to tell their physical features based on their scent, including whether she has a twinkle in her eyes, makes for an intriguing and ingenious pick up approach. In reality, your scent says a lot about you too. It’s often a sign of whether you are “floral” and romantic, “citrusy” and cheerful, or “woody” and wise, etc. In this issue, the lifestyle director of Jo Malone London Debbie Wild shares with us scents that evoke romance and memories and the best fragrances to bring along for your honeymoon.

Speaking of honeymoons, we crossed continents to Asia Pacific and Europe to bring you two fascinating and picturesque travel destinations. In New Zealand, we went on a self-drive tour of the North Island and visited the home of Bilbo and Frodo at the Hobbiton Movie Set. Framed by lush green farmland and charming hobbit holes, no other place on earth looks like this and is certainly worth the travel distance for all fans of the Lord of The Rings movies. True to its name of a nature lover’s paradise, New Zealand’s gorgeous beaches and scenic landscape will have you wanting for more.

For those who want to combine the best of history and modernity in one trip, Germany has nothing short of remarkable to entice you with. From Medieval old towns that fairy tales are made of to fortresses where you can hold your wedding at to shopping villages where you can find the best bargains for the most luxurious brands, Germany has something that will satisfy every traveller.

ncidentally, 2016 is our company’s 30th anniversary. On this note, we wish all our readers an equally long-lasting marriage and one filled with love, peace and joy.

With Love,
W&T Editorial Team