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(Photo from Necessary Provisions Facebook) What makes a good life, you say? Well, for us over here at Wedding & Travel, a good cuppa (all the better for hitting those deadlines, right?), and some quality me-time from the hustle and bustle definitely rank high on
One of the best-selling movies across Asia in the year 2011, we think you wouldn’t be too unfamiliar with Taiwanese novelist-turned-movie director Gidden Ko’s feature debut “You Are The Apple of My Eye” (《那些年,我们一起追的女孩》). Adapted from Ko’s 2006 novel, the movie tells of Ko’s personal
Romantic brides looking for inspiration for your wedding dress, look no further than Enchanted Atelier. Enchanted Atelier has always been one of our favourite designers to look out for everytime bridal week comes around, and its Spring/Summer 2014 collection does not disappoint. Keeping with its
While award-winning British chef Gordon Ramsey’s face-off with three famed local hawkers was the talk of the town last weekend, we think that Food-O-Philia 2013 is one event you foodies shouldn’t be missing out on. As the name suggests, Food-O-Philia 2013 is a buffet spread
With its unassuming location at the Tan Boon Liat Building along Outram Road, you might be forgiven for overlooking this little gem — The Providore — that has recently been making waves in the local food scene with its tasteful selection of gourmet and artisan
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