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Seopji-koji Along a scenic coastal road and fishing village, Seopji-koji comes into view. Overlooking its hill are fascinating sea views of clear blue waters and a standing rock as tall as 30 meters. This fascinating location has become a hot tourist site after the hit
Many brides make the mistake of assuming that choosing the veil is an easy task, and that almost anything goes. When they actually get down to choosing one however they realise that it isn’t as simple as they think. Just like your wedding gown, shoes
The Inspiration For a white wedding, green is in.   Imagine there is a showdown between fresh and fake in the race to spruce up the wedding ballroom, as eco-friendly couples pick silk flowers that look like the real thing to save the environment –
“I caught a pixie in my hand and it took me to this magic land. It sprinkled its dust on every bud, and beholds its blossom galore!”   The Inspiration At every turn, in every nook and cranny, the flora and foliage seem to have
Fresh floral wholesome sweetness is the core idea of day weddings. Let us return to the deep rosy glow a women in love naturally emits, to the shy bride who is unable to hide her happiness. No outlandish performance this time round, let’s go natural!
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