Stand first

Tired of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life, Williams Chad, 26, and Mandy Teo, 25, found a place to retreat for an evening, to lap it up in luxury and celebrate the most significant occasion in their life. At Lawry's The Prime Rib, Tan Qiuhua discovers they were practically royalty in a colonial frontier.

When & Where

Saturday, 30 August 2003. Entering Lawry's was like stepping into a time machine and being transported back in time into a colonial palace of the American frontier years. The majestic setting of lavish wooden interiors, polished parquet floor, long floor-to-ceiling windows, Elizabethan-esque paintings and hanging chandeliers left all gaping in awe.

In a cosy private function room in Lawry's, marine engineer Williams and nurse Mandy were pampered like royalty. That evening, they solemnised their marriage in a truly classic and romantic atmosphere surrounded by their loved ones.

Indeed, since day one, the love story of Williams and Mandy has been as magical as a dream right out of a fairytale. One and a half years ago, the pair met online through the popular Internet chat program, ICQ. After chatting online for a couple of times, curiosity spurred them to meet. On their first meeting, Williams picked Mandy up from work and together they went to Clarke Quay for bubble tea.

Starting out as casual friends, it was not long before they realised how well they clicked. As Williams aptly put it, "We had things to talk about." Naturally, they finally got together. Their love blossomed and today, one and a half years later, they have joined in marriage.

Suit & Gown

In order to match the theme of Lawry's, Mandy decided to tailor-make her gown. The end result was a beautiful peach coloured one-piece dress, which was sweet, simple and elegant at the same time. Just the perfect complement to the extravagant and stylish décor of Lawry's!

Williams' suit on the other hand was much simpler. His pastel coloured striped long-sleeved shirt was specially chosen by Mandy to match the colour and design of her gown.

Flowers & Decor

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience; who doesn't want their marriage to be as perfect as possible, right down to the tiniest detail? Williams and Mandy were no exception. Mandy chose the flowers: a fine selection of sweet peach-coloured roses, tiny red wax leaves and eucalyptus leaves. To further accentuate the romantic atmosphere, the florist sprinkled some red, pink and white rose petals sparingly on both the dining and solemnisation tables.


Soothing instrumental music played softly in the background as the solemnisation commenced. At the couple's request, the lights dimmed slightly and lighted candles cast a beautiful orangey glow in the room. As melody blended with light play, everything was simply perfect.

The Highlight

After the solemnisation, guests settled down for dinner at the long table. The appetiser was none other than Lawry's Famous Spinning Bowl Salad. This unique salad is served by first spinning the salad bowl on a bed of ice before pouring Lawry's exclusive vintage dressing over it. The act of preparation itself was enough to draw several "oohs" and "ahs" from the impressed guests.

The Menu

It was a feast fit for the crown. Guests could choose from either Lawry's famous California Cut Prime Rib, Chef Featured Fish of the Day, or Chicken Cordon Bleu for their main course. Dessert was a generous serving of Strawberry English Truffle. The rum and sherry-laced cake layered with vanilla custard cream, juicy strawberries and fresh whipped cream was the perfect fare to wind up the sumptuous dinner.

As guests savoured their last mouthfuls of the heavenly dessert while revelling in the splendid classic atmosphere of Lawry's, the solemnisation dinner finally came to an end. For Williams and Mandy who had just been united in matrimony, this merely marked the beginning of the long road ahead together. In any case, we're sure theirs will be nothing but a blissful and everlasting marriage.


"All along I've wanted to hold my solemnisation here. It's been my dream." - Mandy

*Lawry's The Prime Rib offers affordable solemnisation and wedding packages at prices starting from S$47.80+++ and S$85.00+++ respectively.

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