Fondue Rendezvous

Text: Makanqueen

Located in the laidback Dempsey Hill, La Fondue is an intimate restaurant with interiors resembling a cosy cottage. The owner wanted to provide an authentic Swiss experience for diners and had imported most of their décor from Switzerland, including old Swiss bells and traditional masks decorating the walls.

To start off the meal, begin with a cheese fondue from a choice of 10 types of cheese. La Fondue imports all their cheese and chocolate from Switzerland to ensure quality and options. Apart from familiar names like Classic Swiss and Cheddar Cheese, other choices include tangy flavours like Pepper Cheese and Chilli Cheese for those who love having chilli to go with anything.

The standard cheese fondues come with a platter of seasonal vegetables, ham, sausages and bread. All cheese fondues contain a bit of alcohol so if you are allergic, do inform the service staff in advance.

Our favourite is the meat and seafood fondue. You have a choice of cooking the food in oil, broth or cheese. As the meats are fresh and nicely marinated, we recommend cooking them in broth to retain the juicy flavours, especially if you’ve already had cheese fondue for starters, it might be too heavy to go for cheese again.

Most of us are more familiar with chocolate fondue and La Fondue doesn’t disappoint with up to 10 flavours to choose from. Served with assorted fruits, marshmallows, pound cake & ice-cream, we had the Yin & Yang, a mix of white & dark chocolate infused with honey & strawberries and Orange Chocolate, a dark chocolate infused with orange liquor & fresh orange puree. Both taste as good as they sound. The next time we return, we’ll probably give Cookies & Cream Chocolate a try. There’s also Bailey’s Mint and Rummy Rum to put you in the mood for romance.
For those who don’t intend to have a full fondue course meal, La Fondue has an extensive range of salads, soups, pastas and grilled meats to suit ever palate.
La Fondue Restaurant
Demsey Hill Green, 25 Dempsey Road, S249670
Tel: 6474 0204
Opening hours
11:30am – 2:30pm
5:30pm – 10:30pm
Closed on Mondays