Hungry Like a Hippo!

Text: Makanqueen

If you love meat and French cuisine, you can’t miss Hippopotamus, a French steak house with nearly 130 outlets in Paris alone.
While the French are known for creating fine culinary art, Singaporeans are known for our love of devouring this art. So we should thank our lucky stars that Hippopotamus decided to park on our shores right in the central location of Marina Square.
If you are as curious as us about the name, we learned that apparently the French like to exemplify their hunger with the phrase “as hungry as a hippo”, which is similar to the English version “I can eat a cow”.
Well be hungry no more as Hippopotamus will feed you good with their extensive menu which consists of the widest selections of cuts from well-known sirloin, tenderloin and ribs to the rare hanger and skirt steaks. Both hanger and skirt steaks are known for their rich flavours and rarity as each cow only has one cut of these meats which is served in two portions in restaurants.
Due to its scarcity, hanger steak used to be known as ‘butcher steak’ as butchers would keep this priced piece for themselves. Best served medium rare, the meat is extremely flavourful with just the right level of chewiness. What makes it worth mentioning is that the prices for such exquisite meats are extremely unbelievable at only $19.90 for 200g of hanger steak and $18.90 for 180g of skirt steak.
To complement these cuts, there is also a long list of salads, sides, cocktails and wines as well as some non-meat mains like cod fish and grilled king prawns. The extensive dessert menu will also keep your sweet tooth happy with all-time favourites such as Crème Brulee and Warm Chocolate Cake; rare treats like Roasted Pineapple; and the super value for money Combo Dessert consisting of 5 treats with Crepe Topped with Chocolate Sauce, Floating Island (a fluffy souffle, deliciously paired with vanilla custard, almonds & caramel sauce), a scoop of Strawberry Sherbet, Crème Brulee and Fruit Salad (only $10.90!).
With an impressive menu at such affordable prices, it is little wonder that Hippopotamus has made a household name of itself in France. The next time you are hungry or have a sweet tooth attack, you know where to go!
6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-204/205
Marina Square (S) 039594
Tel: 63385352
Opening Hours: 11am – 10.30pm (daily)