Romantic Honeymoon at Maldives!

Are you planning for an enchanting overseas destination for your honeymoon? Maldives is a splendid choice for couples who are envisioning a unique and adventurous love experience. It has always been a popular honeymoon option with married couples, where there is the breathtaking, sparkling turquoise waters and dolphins to bear witness to their vows of everlasting love.

Choose to be extraordinary and turn your dream honeymoon into reality on this paradisiacal island, as you express your love under the azure Maldivian sky and resplendent sunset. What other experience can be as magical and romantic as walking alongside each other, accompanied by the beauty nature has to offer in Maldives? Think soft, white sands, refreshing ocean breeze, sailing on a yacht, or even go snorkelling among the beautiful coral reefs and marine creatures!

Here is a guide to the top 3 exceptional things you can do at Maldives with your significant other for an unforgettable honeymoon!

1) Traditional Dhoni Cruise

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Take to the waters and cruise among the idyllic Maldives, aboard a traditional handcrafted Dhoni. All meals will be provided with great care for all the days you and your loved one are on board the boat. Sail to different uninhabited islands and stroll along pristine beaches – an off beaten track that is away from the usual tourist resorts. You can get to spend time with the local people and learn their way of life. Dive into the warm, crystal blue waters and watch a spectacular view of marine creatures like clown fishes, turtles etc. To top it off, be served up with a magnificent seafood barbeque, surrounded by beautiful white sands and translucent Indian Ocean waters as a backdrop!

2) Underwater Restaurant

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Why not plan a date with your significant other under the beautiful glistening waters of Maldives? The Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant is the world’s first and only all-glass under-the-sea restaurant that is bound to make you and your loved one dine in fascination, with a sparkling sea of corals surrounding you! The restaurant is situated 3m below the waves of the Indian Ocean, and can accommodate up to 14 guests. Enjoy a private and intimate moment with your significant other as you dine comfortably and enjoy the beauty of the ocean without getting your feet wet! Do you know? The Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant was built in Singapore on dry land, and then carefully dropped into the Indian Ocean. Come and witness this amazing architecture together!

3) Submarine Adventure

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Book a Whale Submarine off Malé and go for an intensely pleasurable adventure of your life with your partner on a submarine dive! Whale Submarine is currently the world’s largest deep diving tourist submarine, and makes a dive every 90 minutes from 9am till 8pm. The cabin is fully air-conditioned and has a normal atmospheric pressure so you can breathe normally. Don’t worry if you can’t swim as you will not get wet at all in this rare opportunity to see an exciting and mesmerizing view of the underwater world. Get ready to delve into the mind-blowing beauty of shoals of colourful fishes, a splendid display of corals, fascinating whales, and other exotic marine life. If you are lucky enough, you might even be able to spot Napoleons, White Tip Reef Sharks, Giant Groupers or even shipwrecks! Don’t forget to bring along your cameras to snap a memorable photo of this one of a kind honeymoon escapade!

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