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Peter Ho & Peggy Lin

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Taiwanese actor Peter Ho has just gotten hitched to his girlfriend of nine years, Peggy Lin on 1 September 2016 in a wedding banquet held at the Le Meridien Hotel Taipei! While the couple’s wedding banquet was held yesterday, they had earlier registered their marriage on 10 March this year — the same day as Peter Ho’s parents’ wedding anniversary.

The strapping actor has been famously private about his relationship, having only disclosed the presence of Peggy Lin (not from the entertainment circle) late last year through his personal Weibo. Even Peter Ho’s good friend of 16 years, Vivian Hsu commented that she only knew about Peggy at the beginning of this year even though the pair were longtime friends.

jiaVivian Hse (first from left), Jia Jing Wen (second from left) and Jam Hsiao (second from right) (Photo from Jia Jing Wen’s Weibo)

The couple’s wedding in Taipei was a star-studded affair attended by a bevy of celebrities including Vivian Hsu, Jam Hsiao (who presented three songs for the couple during the wedding), Sun Li (famous for her role in Legend of Zhen Huan) and so on.

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Actor Dylan Kuo served as Peter Ho’s best man. Earlier in the day, the groom’s party underwent a gatecrashing session that saw them ingesting wasabi puffs and chilli toast, as well as perform a spontaneous beatbox rendition on demand. From the photos captured, it definitely looked like the groom’s party was a great sport and everyone had a lot of fun!


After “battling” the gatecrash and finally receiving the bride, the couple paid their respect to their parents before leaving. The sentimental bride was also caught shedding tears throughout the process, making for a touching and heartwarming session.

The couple’s pre-wedding photos are also worth a mention — instead of popular destinations like Europe or Japan, the couple instead opted to have their photo shoot in the deserts of Inner Mongolia.

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When asked about their unconventional choice, Peter Ho revealed the couple felt that it was especially meaningful to have their photo shoot in a more “inaccessible” place — the logistical challenges that the couple went through to get the shoot going was reminiscent of the difficulties encountered during their nine-year courtship, and it was not an easy process to get to the “end goal”.

We say, what a thoughtful story! The photos by the way, look magnificent as well, with the rugged and exotic landscapes of Inner Mongolia.

Here at Wedding & Travel, we wish Peter Ho and Peggy Lin all the best in their union!

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Who Is Tavia Yeung Marrying? Him Law (lor)!

As love will find its way, TVB’s leading lady and prima donna Tavia Yeung, 36, has finally gotten married after 4 years of dating fellow Hong Kong actor Him Law, 31. The couple held a secret wedding in England’s Leeds Castle on March 22 – the day they registered their marriage.

Picture from

Picture from

Yeung and Law became a pair in 2011, after they starred in the medical drama Hippocratic Crush together. Their relationship was not a smooth-sailing one, as Yeung was 5 years older than Law and she had a higher status in the entertainment industry than Law. The two, however overcame all odds and are now finally seeing their relationship bear fruit.

Picture from Apple Daily

Picture from Apple Daily

Yeung’s mother, sister and brother-in-law, as well as Law’s father, witnessed the two’s secret wedding ceremony held in England. Even though the wedding was supposed to be of top secret, Yeung’s sister leaked the news out when she shared photos of their family in England on Facebook.

Picture from Tavia Yeung's Weibo

Picture from Tavia Yeung’s Weibo

The couple had their wedding photos taken in front of Leeds Castle. The castle which has nearly 900 years of history is one of England’s oldest castles. Yeung is seen wearing a white lace wedding gown with a long trailing veil, and Law complemented her outfit with an all-white tuxedo.

W&T wishes the couple a blissful and long lasting marriage (just like the Leeds Castle ^_^)

Congratulations! 🙂

Scarlet Heart Co-stars Nicky Wu & Cecilia Liu Weds

The Chinese drama “Scarlet Heart” which broadcasted in 2011 has not only achieved high ratings; it has also played matchmaker for Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu, 46, who starred as the male lead alongside Mainland Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 29.

Their on-screen love story touched and captivated the hearts of many viewers. The relationship between the two went from reel-to-real, when they starting dating after working on the drama series. Wu and Liu registered their marriage in January last year.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

However, it was not until this year that the couple finally held their wedding ceremony and celebrations in Bali over a weekend.

Accompanying Wu as members of his groomsmen entourage were his former idol groupmates Alec Su and Julian Chen from the boyband Little Tigers, which caught Asia by storm in the late 1980s.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

On 20th March morning, Wu and Liu held their traditional wedding tea ceremony. Wu wore a traditional changpao with golden dragon embroidery, while Liu complemented his outfit with a stunning kwa (Chinese traditional wedding dress) embroidered with dragons and phoenixes, befitting their characters in Scarlet Heart.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Fans of Scarlet Heart will also be thrilled to know that the couple’s wedding invitations and wedding favours featured designs of magnolias – a token of love between Wu’s and Liu’s characters in the drama that brought them together for real.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

The couple then changed into evening wear for the dinner party, with Wu in a dashing white suit and Liu in an elegant red cheongsam. A wedding feast for 350 guests was held that night at Bali’s Ayana Resort and Spa.

W&T wishes the couple a happy and blissful marriage! 😀

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Celebrity Wedding: Nicky Hilton


Nicky Hilton has gotten married to James Rothschild, a European banking heir! The fashionista walked down the aisle for the second time (her first marriage was to financier Todd Meister) in a regal couture Valentino gown, which complemented the wedding venue, Kensington Palace, perfectly.

As reported at Yahoo Style, Nicky Hilton’s Valentino dress was “made of three different shades of ivory and silver guipure — a lace composed of a gimp or thicker thread — accented with crystal embellishments and the voluminous balloon skirt’s train spanned three metres”. Hilton completed the look with a cathedral vintage lace veil.


Apart from the bride, sister Paris Hilton and mother Kathy Hilton were also a sight to behold in their baby blue chiffon dresses, as they stepped up as Nicky Hilton’s “something blue” in her wedding.

Congratulations to Nicky Hilton and we hope she is two times lucky!

Celebrity Wedding: Huang Xiaoming & Angelababy


From breakup rumours to high-key public displays of affection, Huang Xiaoming, 37, and Angelababy’s, 26, romance have hogged the entertainment spotlight for as long as it has been going on. And finally, it is official — the photogenic couple have just registered their marriage at Huang’s hometown in Qingdao, China.

Following news of their marriage, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have also released their pre-wedding photos to the media. The photos are all sweet and lovey-dovey, with Huang kissing a bashful Angelababy, or with the couple sharing cheeky and playful moments on set.

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy first met through a mutual friend in 2009 and have been dating for the past six years. The couple first confirmed their relationship last year, when Huang orchestrated a surprise on Angelababy’s 25th birthday, which saw him dishing out a lavish Lamborghini birthday gift for his lady.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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