The Ultimate Couple Wear Guide!

It’s the time of the year again, to show the world how much you’re in love. This is a day for all couples to proudly declare their love. You don’t have to worry about people judging your lovey dovey outfits/ accessories. Here are some ideas on how to show everyone, “I’m taken!”.

Match with Colours

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Colours are not only visually appealing, but also have special meanings. Choose a colour that is bright and sunny to make the two of you stand out from the crowd. Blue is the colour of the sky and sea, symbolizing faith, trust and loyalty. Orange represents enthusiasm, happiness and creativity. Red gives off feelings of passion, energy and warmth. Yellow is associated with cheerfulness, energy and joy. If your man doesn’t mind, challenge yourself with pink! Pink is a delicate colour that is sweet, romantic and tender. Colours can evoke a wide range of emotions, choose a colour that best represents your love for one another!


Denim Lovers

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Go for the classic, versatile denim look and draw attention from people without much effort. You and your other half can choose to go full denim by wearing your favourite denim shirts along with pants of contrasting colours. If this is too cheesy, why not have the lady opt for a denim dress or dungarees, and the guy with a casual shirt topped off with a denim outerwear? For more reserved couples, you can simply embellish your outfits with a hint of denim in it. The guys can wear a denim cap to match with the ladies’ denim shorts.

Alternate Styled Wear

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An all-time favourite way of matching couple outfits without seeming like you are showing off to the whole world is to go alternate with matching hues or designs. Two of you can decide on one design or hue and style your outfits with that. For example, the guy can wear a striped or checkered shirt, and the lady can match that with a striped or checkered shoes in shades of the same hue.

Subtle Matching Look

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Accessories are ideal for giving that perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Choose matching accessories such as rings, belts, watches or handphone covers to give a tinge of romance without being too high profile. Accessories are great understated add-ons to your outfits to express the unspoken attraction between the two of you. Couple rings are a symbol of eternity and signify everlasting love for each other. A couple watch can bring out a stylish and elegant look that will complement any outfit.

A relationship is a long journey that needs endurance. Show your partner that you will be there to share times of happiness and sadness. Choose to match your footwear to bring out your faith in this love. Guys can go for maroon sneakers, while ladies can match that with scarlet heels. Opt for footwear of different shades of the same hue for a non-tacky look.