Tibetan Couple’s Pre-wedding Photos Has Got the Chinese Internet Talking

A set of pre-wedding photos taken by a young Tibetan couple has unexpectedly gone viral amongst Chinese Internet users in recent days. In the photo shoot, 31-year-old Gerongpengcuo and his wife Dawazhuoma made a bold statement in embracing their traditional roots and contemporary influences unreservedly, with photos showing the couple posing in traditional Tibetan costumes against breathtaking natural landscapes making a strong contrast against photos of the couple wearing modern fashion, posing with luxurious cars and wine.

Gerongpengcuo had worked in Beijing as a broker for the entertainment industry for four years before moving to Chengdu, where he set up an advertising company with his friend He Di, who was also the photographer for their pre-wedding photo shoot. On the other hand, Dawazhuoma runs a Taobao retail store selling handmade ornaments. The traditional scenes of the photo shoot show how life would have been for the couple if they didn’t receive higher education and move to work in bigger cities.

We think this set of photos has captured the delicate position of Chinese youth in today’s world — while the Chinese youth remain very much rooted to their traditions and heritage, they nonetheless pursue a consumerism culture and aspire to attain material wealth in their lives. Gerongpengcuo and Dawazhuoma’s photos capture both mentalities and perhaps that is why they struck a chord with the Chinese audience.

Gerongpengcuo attempts to articulate this caught-in-the-middle sentiment, “We are very happy and satisfied in the city, but we also feel a bit lost and uneasy. Seeking the root of culture doesn’t restrict Tibetan youth. Some of the younger generation easily lose themselves and can’t feel the sense of cultural belonging while they are pursuing their dream. We hope we can send out a signal to the young people that on the road to happiness, you don’t need to lose your principles.”

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(All photos from Shanghaiist)

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Movie-Inspired Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas

For couples who are brainstorming for interesting ideas for your pre-wedding photo shoot, movies might be a good place to start from. Movies are an easy way to get your ideas rolling if you’re thinking of creating a pre-wedding photo shoot that would tell a story, instead of simply capturing posed moments. They are also a great wealth of inspiration to tap on for colour palettes, fashion choices, and the mood and ambience for your photo shoot. Today, we share with you three couples who recreated some of our favourite movies in their wedding photo shoots.


Is there anyone who doesn’t have a soft spot for this classic Pixar animation, UP? Lisa and Geoff took their photo shoot to the replica of the UP house in Utah, USA and reproduced their favourite scenes from the movie. The results are a heartwarming and colourful photo shoot that immediately brings a smile to our faces.

This replica of the UP house was built by Bangerter Homes. Not only has the team reproduced the house’s exteriors, the amount of detail put into the interior design is amazing as well!

up2 up5 up6 up11 up12 up13 up15
(Photos from The Goodness Blog)

The Notebook

Nicholas Spark’s The Notebook is no doubt one of the most popular romance movies of all time, so we were definitely not surprised to see Italian couple Angelo and Chiara recreate these immaculately romantic scenes from the movie! What we loved the most about this photo shoot is how it captured the drama and mood of the movie perfectly with its muted colour tones and vintage-inspired aesthetic.

nb1 nb2 nb3 nb4 nb5 nb6 nb7 nb8
(Photos from Huffington Post)

Before Sunrise

Cult favourite Before Sunrise might be a lesser-known movie among the mainstream crowd, but is definitely not lesser-loved. While London couple Betty and Seng could not replicate the exact scenes in the movie, they sought to capture the mood and ambience surrounding the main characters. (Note: For those who have not watched the movie before, Before Sunrise portrays the story of two travellers who met on the train, and fell in love as they spent the night talking and walking around Vienna.) This is a great example of a photo shoot that shows how you don’t always have to translate your inspiration literally in your photo shoot!

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(Photos from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings)

Beautiful Underwater Pre-wedding Photo Shoots

With the myriad of pre-wedding photography services on the market now, do you sometimes feel like you’ve seen it all when you’re searching for ideas for your own unique shoot? If flying to some exotic destination for your pre-wedding photo shoot is not the thing for you, here’s one innovative idea we have for you — why not take your shoot underwater?

If the idea of getting wet for your shoot might sound intimidating and well, not so flattering, rest assured that water is a natural filter that ensures that light falls softly on your features, and gives your skin a flawless glow. (Just remember to choose waterproof makeup!) Pair that with the elegant and flowing shapes that come with zero gravity underwater, and you are on your way to having some gorgeous high-fashion wedding photos that would wow your guests! If you need further convincing, just check out these breathtaking photos below.

We’re loving how the colours pop underwater to make this a beautiful and vivid portrait.

Underwater photo shoots are the best occasion to pick those flamboyant dresses that you’ve always wanted to try, but were afraid that they would be too OTT in real life. Given the darker background, a dress with a strong and vibrant colour would translate beautifully in your photographs.

Things don’t always have to be so serious — we love how this couple is just chilling underwater in their colourful beach gear. What a humorous juxtaposition!

Underwater photo shoots are great for creating a mysterious mood. We love how this couple played with reflections on water for an elusive kiss.

Last but not least, take your cue from this couple who opted for simple and classic black and white, which is beautiful for underwater photo shoots as well!

All photos from Refinery 29.

Stunning Wedding Photos from Kenya

For couples who are looking for the next exciting destination for your overseas pre-wedding photo shoot, why not look to the exotic Africa, in particular Kenya? We were simply blown away by the following set of photos taken by Melbourne photographer Jonas Peterson, which boast spectacular natural scenery accentuated with the vibrant local ethnic colours.

The couple featured in the photos are Nina and Sebastian. The bride’s work as a wildlife photographer and senior marketing advisor to wild cat conservation organization Panthera was what laid the path for their unique wedding held at the national wildlife reserve Maasai Mara in Kenya.

ken1 ken2

“The bride of the Maasai normally wear a lot of jewelry, and the necklace, called enkarewa, is especially important,” Nina said in a The Huffington Post interview. “When I first told my closest friend in the Maasai community about our wedding, he came back to me with a necklace and bracelets as a special gift made for me by his family. The stick carried by Sebastian was also a gift from the local Maasai community.”

ken3 ken4 ken5

“During this time, I have become very close friends and almost family with the Maasai, who have welcomed me into their lives,” Nina told HuffPost Weddings. “Because we were planning to hold our ceremony on the land of the Maasai, it was very important to us to incorporate some of the traditions of the Maasai culture into the ceremony…After the announcement [of husband and wife], a traditional Maasai song and dance followed according to tradition.”

ken6 ken7 ken8 ken9 ken10 ken11


For more photos and the original article, visit The Huffington Post.

Innovative Pre-wedding Photography

Looking to make your pre-wedding photographs more special and memorable than others out there? Apart from splashing out on a more unique location (overseas pre-wedding shoots, anyone?), bespoke looks, here’s a solution that will cost you much less — how about coming up with your very own unique storyline? We came across this particular shoot that was trending online. (For full set of photos, please click here.)


The scenario for the couple’s pre-wedding shoot is set to happen during their wedding ceremony. On the onset, these photographs look regular enough, with the usual lovey-dovey poses. But here’s where things start to get a little more interesting. A character appears to disturb the couple’s peace, but this is no pesky relative nor any ex-lover with a vengeance — far worse, it is a (gasp) zombie!


This couple’s rather into it — the shoot’s even got some fairly realistic and may we say, violent scenes!


And if you’re like us who thought that the shoot would end with its usual hero-wins-the-day scenario, you’re in for a big surprise. Here at Wedding & Travel, we think what really took this set of pre-wedding photographs from just ‘great’ to the territory of ‘omgfantastic’ was the ending, which hinted at the death of the couple at the hands of the zombie mob, but not before they share a beautiful kiss to seal their fate.


We hope this set of photos gets your inspiration going! Maybe your very own  superhero versus villain story? Or have a go at the star-crossed lovers scenario? How about diving deep into fantasy or history? The possibilities are endless once you start thinking about them. Now just don’t get too addicted to the costumes and role-play!