Beautiful Underwater Pre-wedding Photo Shoots

With the myriad of pre-wedding photography services on the market now, do you sometimes feel like you’ve seen it all when you’re searching for ideas for your own unique shoot? If flying to some exotic destination for your pre-wedding photo shoot is not the thing for you, here’s one innovative idea we have for you — why not take your shoot underwater?

If the idea of getting wet for your shoot might sound intimidating and well, not so flattering, rest assured that water is a natural filter that ensures that light falls softly on your features, and gives your skin a flawless glow. (Just remember to choose waterproof makeup!) Pair that with the elegant and flowing shapes that come with zero gravity underwater, and you are on your way to having some gorgeous high-fashion wedding photos that would wow your guests! If you need further convincing, just check out these breathtaking photos below.

We’re loving how the colours pop underwater to make this a beautiful and vivid portrait.

Underwater photo shoots are the best occasion to pick those flamboyant dresses that you’ve always wanted to try, but were afraid that they would be too OTT in real life. Given the darker background, a dress with a strong and vibrant colour would translate beautifully in your photographs.

Things don’t always have to be so serious — we love how this couple is just chilling underwater in their colourful beach gear. What a humorous juxtaposition!

Underwater photo shoots are great for creating a mysterious mood. We love how this couple played with reflections on water for an elusive kiss.

Last but not least, take your cue from this couple who opted for simple and classic black and white, which is beautiful for underwater photo shoots as well!

All photos from Refinery 29.