Celebrity Weddings:
Ken Chu & Vivien Han


What is this we hear? In yet another wedding to hit the Chinese entertainment circle, Taiwanese actor Ken Chu (of Meteor Garden fame) and Chinese actress Vivien Han have gotten married in a beautiful ceremony held in Bali!

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The photogenic couple first met on the set of Chinese drama “Dreams Come True” two years ago. Despite just dating for a year, Ken Chu popped the question to the love of his life on her birthday in April with a three-carat heart-shaped diamond ring in front of friends and family. The couple has also since shared the touching proposal story, which also included a serenade by Ken Chu and heartfelt words of thanks, which brought tears to the couple’s eyes.


While the couple put up an entertaining show for their guests, performing duets and dances during the wedding, the highlight of the ceremony was no doubt the attendance of Ken Chu’s Meteor Garden ” F4 brothers” Vanness Wu and Jerry Yan. While Jerry Yan had earlier hinted that he might not be able to attend the wedding due to work commitments, this turned out to be his big surprise for Ken Chu, when he turned up. With Ken Chu’s marriage, Jerry Yan is also officially the last bachelor standing in F4.

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Congrats to the beautiful couple Ken Chu and Vivien Han!

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Celebrity Weddings:
Shuqi & Stephen Fung

It seems like the Chinese entertainment circle is experiencing a wedding rush recently! After the recent weddings of Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo, and Peter Ho, the newest A-list couple to announce their union is none other than Shuqi and Stephen Fung!

The pair announced their marriage with a simple statement accompanied with their pre-wedding photos, stating that they do not plan to hold any wedding banquet, and that they have known each other for 20 years and dated for the past four years.

From what we see from the pre-wedding photos revealed, it is obvious that the photogenic couple enjoy a great chemistry! A big congratulations to Shuqi and Stephen Fung!

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Celebrity Weddings:
Peter Ho & Peggy Lin

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Taiwanese actor Peter Ho has just gotten hitched to his girlfriend of nine years, Peggy Lin on 1 September 2016 in a wedding banquet held at the Le Meridien Hotel Taipei! While the couple’s wedding banquet was held yesterday, they had earlier registered their marriage on 10 March this year — the same day as Peter Ho’s parents’ wedding anniversary.

The strapping actor has been famously private about his relationship, having only disclosed the presence of Peggy Lin (not from the entertainment circle) late last year through his personal Weibo. Even Peter Ho’s good friend of 16 years, Vivian Hsu commented that she only knew about Peggy at the beginning of this year even though the pair were longtime friends.

jiaVivian Hse (first from left), Jia Jing Wen (second from left) and Jam Hsiao (second from right) (Photo from Jia Jing Wen’s Weibo)

The couple’s wedding in Taipei was a star-studded affair attended by a bevy of celebrities including Vivian Hsu, Jam Hsiao (who presented three songs for the couple during the wedding), Sun Li (famous for her role in Legend of Zhen Huan) and so on.

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Actor Dylan Kuo served as Peter Ho’s best man. Earlier in the day, the groom’s party underwent a gatecrashing session that saw them ingesting wasabi puffs and chilli toast, as well as perform a spontaneous beatbox rendition on demand. From the photos captured, it definitely looked like the groom’s party was a great sport and everyone had a lot of fun!


After “battling” the gatecrash and finally receiving the bride, the couple paid their respect to their parents before leaving. The sentimental bride was also caught shedding tears throughout the process, making for a touching and heartwarming session.

The couple’s pre-wedding photos are also worth a mention — instead of popular destinations like Europe or Japan, the couple instead opted to have their photo shoot in the deserts of Inner Mongolia.

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When asked about their unconventional choice, Peter Ho revealed the couple felt that it was especially meaningful to have their photo shoot in a more “inaccessible” place — the logistical challenges that the couple went through to get the shoot going was reminiscent of the difficulties encountered during their nine-year courtship, and it was not an easy process to get to the “end goal”.

We say, what a thoughtful story! The photos by the way, look magnificent as well, with the rugged and exotic landscapes of Inner Mongolia.

Here at Wedding & Travel, we wish Peter Ho and Peggy Lin all the best in their union!

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Celebrity Wedding : Moylie Wu and Philip Lee

For ex-TVB actress Moylie Wu, the end of 2015 was the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She had officially become Mrs Lee as she married Philip Lee, a Hong Kong businessman on the 28th of December.

It was a star studded wedding event as Moylie, a popular actress who had appeared in numerous TV dramas and movies, had friends from the entertainment industry attending her big day. It was jokingly rumored that her wedding event was similar to TVB’s annual celebration show where all the artistes would attend.

And it was in great anticipation to look forward to what the bride wore on that day. Moylie who had recently opened a bridal store “KEVOLIE” would have no lack of wedding dresses to choose from.

She wore a stunning white mermaid-like wedding dress from her own store while her husband wore a smart white suit during the solemnization.

image002Courtesy of

For the tea ceremony, the pair wore traditional Chinese wedding clothes. The “gua” that Moylie wore cost a whopping HKD$200,000 – 3D dragons and phoenixes hand-stitched for almost a year. Certainly looking all bling-bling in that!

image003Courtesy of

For the evening reception at Ritz Carlton, Moylie wore a bright red lace top elegant dress from her own store.

image005Courtesy of

She also wore another beautiful V-line Marchesa gold dress for the evening.

image007Courtesy of

A couple of days after the wedding, the pair returned to Philip’s hometown to pay respects at the ancestral hall. Moylie wore a red dress with a jacket while Philip was cladded in a red sweater and jeans attire. Moylie wrote on her Instagram that she loved this red dress. The residents present teased the couple with wishes that they may have one or two kids soon. Moylie replied jokingly that she was aiming for three.

May this lovely couple be in an everlasting and blissful marriage from hereforth!

image009Courtesy of moyliewu weibo

Planning Your Wedding? Here’s How You Can Make Your Bridesmaids Happy

A bride-to-be conducted a poll on Reddit recently asking bridesmaids to share from their experiences what they thought were the dos and don’ts for brides to ensure a happy bridal party. Here are some of the top responses.

Don’t choose the bridesmaids dress for them

brides(Photo from Daily Mail)

Always ask your bridesmaids what their preferences are before deciding on the bridesmaids dress. As everyone has different body types, many bridesmaids shared that they appreciated it when brides provided a few choices for them to pick from, instead of stipulating just one dress.

In the case if you are going to save your bridesmaids some money by a family member to make the dress, do check if they would prefer to buy their own dress anyhow. Reddit user Lil-boots1 recalled, “Her mother made our dresses, and while I appreciate the part where I didn’t have to buy one, they were horrible and we were all looking pretty rough. I would have preferred just spending some money on something that looked better.”

Don’t micromanage

Sometimes, it is easy for to over-magnify details when we are too engrossed in our wedding planning, and forget that we might be going a little overboard. Reddit user Smuffleupagus shared that her sister had tried to micromanage every single detail of her wedding, down to forcing the bridesmaids to get their French manicures in square tips instead of round. As Smuffleupagus put it, “In the end it made absolutely no difference to how happy her day was. So I’d say don’t micromanage the small details that aren’t even going to show up in photos.”

Do seat bridesmaids and their partners together

If you are thinking of having bridal party-only tables (i.e. tables for bridesmaids and best men only) during your wedding, you might wish to think twice. Reddit user Alect0 said, “I was a bit annoyed at one of those times as I was told my fiance would be on the next table but instead he was on the other side of a large room and didn’t know anyone on his table. I mean he got by but wasn’t the most fun experience I think.” Being a little more considerate towards your bridesmaids and their partners would go a long way to ensuring everyone had an enjoyable night!

Do be sensitive when it comes to money

While you might have no qualms about splashing out for the biggest day of your life (be it for the actual day wedding or pre-wedding events leading up to it), do be considerate and mindful of how much you are asking your bridal party to spend. Reddit user centuries_ shared, “My friend is in a wedding and the bride has forced each bridesmaid to buy specific outfits for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, as well as a $200+ dress. Plus they split the tab for a swanky hotel after a night out. Far, far too much money to ask someone to spend.”

Do say thank you

While this might sound like a given, you will be surprised by how many brides actually forget to show their appreciation for their bridesmaids, especially when they get caught up in the chaos of the actual day. Reddit sheeplikeme posted that the best moment of her bridesmaid experience was when the bride specially pulled her aside just to say thanks. As her experience shows, sometimes you don’t need fancy gifts to make your bridesmaids happy.

What were your favourite and least favourite moments from your bridesmaids experience? Share with us!

Read the original article on Daily Mail.