Celebrity Weddings:
Ken Chu & Vivien Han


What is this we hear? In yet another wedding to hit the Chinese entertainment circle, Taiwanese actor Ken Chu (of Meteor Garden fame) and Chinese actress Vivien Han have gotten married in a beautiful ceremony held in Bali!

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The photogenic couple first met on the set of Chinese drama “Dreams Come True” two years ago. Despite just dating for a year, Ken Chu popped the question to the love of his life on her birthday in April with a three-carat heart-shaped diamond ring in front of friends and family. The couple has also since shared the touching proposal story, which also included a serenade by Ken Chu and heartfelt words of thanks, which brought tears to the couple’s eyes.


While the couple put up an entertaining show for their guests, performing duets and dances during the wedding, the highlight of the ceremony was no doubt the attendance of Ken Chu’s Meteor Garden ” F4 brothers” Vanness Wu and Jerry Yan. While Jerry Yan had earlier hinted that he might not be able to attend the wedding due to work commitments, this turned out to be his big surprise for Ken Chu, when he turned up. With Ken Chu’s marriage, Jerry Yan is also officially the last bachelor standing in F4.

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Congrats to the beautiful couple Ken Chu and Vivien Han!

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Shine Bright Like The Stars

Are you plagued by dark skin pigmentation that is making you look dull and listless? For many Singaporeans, we are always exposed to deadly UV rays in this heat. It is no wonder that our fragile skin is easily damaged, losing its shine. The all new Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Series launched by For Beloved One, a cosmeceutical skincare brand from Taiwan, will help to unveil your skin’s brightening factors and protect you from dark and uneven skin tone.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi's Key Series

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Series comprises of two key brightening formulas developed by For Beloved One’s team of experts – the Lumiskin™ and the Wonderlight™, which help to inhibit the darkening cycle right from the beginning and activate the brightening factors in your skin. This ensures that your skin gives off a natural, perfect brilliance.

The series includes 5 products, namely the toner, essence lotion, jelly and bio-cellulose mask. Each product contains specially formulated brightening ingredients that permeate your skin, laying a strong and healthy skin foundation. You can effectively achieve a flawlessly clear skin tone with a hydrated glow!

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Toner $60 for 200ml

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Toner $60 for 200ml

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Toner contains X-pressin™ C and Vitamin B3 that accelerates metabolism, softens skin, acts as a brightening precursor, and brings ultimate luminosity to the skin.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Lotion $57 for 50ml

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Lotion $57 for 50ml

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Lotion contains Eurol® BT, a botanical extract, and Vitamin B3 to strengthen skin, inhibit dark spots, prevent pigmentation and encourage brightness.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Essence $99 for 30ml

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Essence $99 for 30ml

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Essence has dual inhibition of sources of dull skin, helping to accelerate skin metabolism and fade dark spots, restoring brilliance to the skin from inside out.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Jelly $85 for 50ml

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Jelly $85 for 50ml

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Jelly contains Dermawhite™ WF, Rosa Alba Extract and White Wine Extract, helping to stop pigmentation and unveil brightness within the skin. It will also calm and soothe your skin, keeping it moisturized and revitalized.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Bio-Cellulose Mask $63 for 3 pieces/box

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Bio-Cellulose Mask $63 for 3 pieces/box

The star product in this series is the Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Bio-Cellulose Mask, the world’s first brightening repair bio-cellulose mask. This mask contains a 3D collagen repair formula, Matrixyl® 3000, to stimulate collagen synthesis deep within the skin for repair and regeneration. You will achieve a rapid boost in your skin’s brightness and luminosity, as the vicious cycle of dark spot generation is inhibited.

With breakthrough technology and brightening formulas in the all new Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Series, this will prove to be the key to achieving the most beautiful and brightest complexion, as well as perfect translucency of your skin! So even if you are exposed under the sun daily, you will not have to fear that your dull, dark skin will ruin your beautiful image on your wedding day! Start reversing your damaged skin now, and regain clear, bright and luminous skin!

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Series is available at Sephora stores.

Saranghaeyo (I Love You) – Journey of Love!

Do you want to experience the mesmerizing beauty of South Korea? Or immerse in their traditional lifestyle and learn more about the people, language and culture first-hand? Amidst the romantic ambience, a honeymoon trip will be even more meaningful if you and your significant other can go on an enriching journey of discovering the bountiful things you never knew about the country. Even if you’re not a fan of Korean popular culture, our recommendations will surely get you excited and ready to embark on a Journey of Love to South Korea!

1. Han River

Picture from

Picture from

Head down to Han River for a range of activities to engage in as a couple! If you’re a sporty couple, rent a tandem bike and tuck in comfortably for a leisure and lovey-dovey ride. There are quite a number of bike rental stations located along the river, with prices ranging from around ₩3,000 (S$3.50) for an hour. Do prepare some food so that you and your significant other can relax along the river for a picnic after biking (or you can also opt for chicken and beer delivery!).

You can then take a ferry river cruise for a wonderful panoramic view of the river under the setting sun. Watch the city lights start coming alive at night, as you tuck into a romantic dinner with your significant other on the cruise. Cruises range in prices from just W12,000 – W65,000 (S$14 – 76), so you can surely find one that is within your budget!

Picture from

Picture from

After a satisfying dinner, have a quiet saunter along the Han River, which gives you an amazing vista of the world’s longest bridge fountain. The Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain plays different shows during the day and night. After the sun sets, rainbow-coloured lights illuminate the fountain in the air in synchronization with music. An absolutely magical and enchanting moment to savour with your loved one!

2. Jeonju Hanok Village

Picture from

Picture from

What is a trip to South Korea without trying on their traditional Hanbok? You and your significant other can visit the Jeonju Hanok Village known for its lovely, traditional hanoks that still line the streets. There are many hanbok rental shops there, where you can rent a hanbok to wear while exploring this picturesque village, with prices ranging from ₩5,000 – 10,000 (S$5 – 10) for 1 – 3 hours. There are so many different styles and colour combinations for the hanboks; you can even choose to wear a traditional Queen costume, while your significant other wears a King costume. Don’t forget to take pictures to boast of your royalty love as you walk down the vibrant streets in Jeonju! You can also enjoy a first-hand cultural experience living in a hanok guesthouse and eating traditional Korean cuisine, just like locals in the olden times. This will definitely be a pleasing and refreshing honeymoon!

3. Ssamziegil Experience Workshop

Picture from

Picture from

Personalized and do-it-yourself crafts are the best to show your sincerity, or when you want to give your significant other a memorable gift. At Ssamziegil Experience Workshop, an art and craft specialty store situated in a shopping mall in Insadong, you can get your hands on making many lovely crafts. You and your significant other can learn how to design various Korean crafts such as drawings/ paintings on ceramics (plates/cups/vases etc.), mother-of-pearl rings, handphone accessories, hand mirrors, business card holders and hanji (Korean paper) crafts like jewel boxes and paper lamps. This is definitely a great opportunity for you to express your creativity and love. You can even make your craft a customized one-and-only piece by inscribing each other’s names on it. Exchange your love mementos with one another. How sweet is that! Your completed ceramics can be collected two weeks later or have it delivered to you at a fee of ₩2,500 (S$3). Other crafts can be collected on the spot.

If you are considering South Korea for your honeymoon, do check out the Chan Brothers Group of Companies booth at Wedding & Travel Fair @ Hougang Mall Level 1 Atrium, for exclusive travel offers! There will be up to 50% OFF 2nd pax for any selected Korea package tour*! ONLY from 13 – 19 May!

*Conditions apply

hougang mall

Who Is Tavia Yeung Marrying? Him Law (lor)!

As love will find its way, TVB’s leading lady and prima donna Tavia Yeung, 36, has finally gotten married after 4 years of dating fellow Hong Kong actor Him Law, 31. The couple held a secret wedding in England’s Leeds Castle on March 22 – the day they registered their marriage.

Picture from

Picture from

Yeung and Law became a pair in 2011, after they starred in the medical drama Hippocratic Crush together. Their relationship was not a smooth-sailing one, as Yeung was 5 years older than Law and she had a higher status in the entertainment industry than Law. The two, however overcame all odds and are now finally seeing their relationship bear fruit.

Picture from Apple Daily

Picture from Apple Daily

Yeung’s mother, sister and brother-in-law, as well as Law’s father, witnessed the two’s secret wedding ceremony held in England. Even though the wedding was supposed to be of top secret, Yeung’s sister leaked the news out when she shared photos of their family in England on Facebook.

Picture from Tavia Yeung's Weibo

Picture from Tavia Yeung’s Weibo

The couple had their wedding photos taken in front of Leeds Castle. The castle which has nearly 900 years of history is one of England’s oldest castles. Yeung is seen wearing a white lace wedding gown with a long trailing veil, and Law complemented her outfit with an all-white tuxedo.

W&T wishes the couple a blissful and long lasting marriage (just like the Leeds Castle ^_^)

Congratulations! 🙂

Scarlet Heart Co-stars Nicky Wu & Cecilia Liu Weds

The Chinese drama “Scarlet Heart” which broadcasted in 2011 has not only achieved high ratings; it has also played matchmaker for Taiwanese actor Nicky Wu, 46, who starred as the male lead alongside Mainland Chinese actress Cecilia Liu, 29.

Their on-screen love story touched and captivated the hearts of many viewers. The relationship between the two went from reel-to-real, when they starting dating after working on the drama series. Wu and Liu registered their marriage in January last year.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

However, it was not until this year that the couple finally held their wedding ceremony and celebrations in Bali over a weekend.

Accompanying Wu as members of his groomsmen entourage were his former idol groupmates Alec Su and Julian Chen from the boyband Little Tigers, which caught Asia by storm in the late 1980s.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

On 20th March morning, Wu and Liu held their traditional wedding tea ceremony. Wu wore a traditional changpao with golden dragon embroidery, while Liu complemented his outfit with a stunning kwa (Chinese traditional wedding dress) embroidered with dragons and phoenixes, befitting their characters in Scarlet Heart.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

Fans of Scarlet Heart will also be thrilled to know that the couple’s wedding invitations and wedding favours featured designs of magnolias – a token of love between Wu’s and Liu’s characters in the drama that brought them together for real.

Picture from Toggle

Picture from Toggle

The couple then changed into evening wear for the dinner party, with Wu in a dashing white suit and Liu in an elegant red cheongsam. A wedding feast for 350 guests was held that night at Bali’s Ayana Resort and Spa.

W&T wishes the couple a happy and blissful marriage! 😀

Bridal Week

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

14th February is a special day for couples. On this romantic day, couples show their love and affection for each other in various ways. Some shower lavish gifts on their other half, while others simply want to savour a sincerely home-cooked meal.

Have you ever wondered what your other half truly thinks about Valentine’s Day? Are you planning for a unique day to spend together?

W&T did a survey with around 100 people, attached or married. This may be a good guide for you to look through before you bring him/her out on 14th February.

Present a heartfelt gift

What do you want for vday 1

Have you always thought that giving a gift to your loved one is of utmost importance? Your other half may think otherwise. Instead of spending money on gifts that they may end up not using, spending the day together is more important to close to half of the people surveyed. Quality time with each other is priceless, and is not something that a gift can replace. However, this is a tricky issue that may differ among individuals. There is also a significant number of people who expressed that they will get angry if their other half forgets about getting a gift for them. You may want to get a hint before planning so that the gift will be something he/she really wants or needs.

It may come as a surprise to you but most people surveyed prefer to receive DIY gifts. A DIY gift is a symbol of sincerity and many couples feel that it is more meaningful. A handmade gift is also special as there is only one such gift in the whole world and cannot be bought with money. Other than DIY gifts, a pretty large number of people prefer gifts that they can pamper themselves with or use on a regular basis. Some examples include beauty products (e.g. perfume, cologne and makeup), accessories (e.g. wallets, belts, ties and scarfs), and holiday trips. Most of the ladies also indicated that they still hope to receive flowers from their boyfriend or spouse on this day. For what is a Valentine’s Day without flowers? Flowers are without doubt still an age-old traditional gift for this romantic occasion.

Indulge in a delightful meal

What do you want for vday 2

Making time for each other on Valentine’s Day allows you to relive the moments you’ve spent together and show how much you cherish each other. Majority would love to have a home-cooked meal specially prepared for them. You can put in effort to learn a dish or dessert that your other half likes and surprise him/ her. As the saying goes, “The way to a man’s [woman’s] heart is through his [her] stomach”. Taking time and effort to do something for someone will never go wrong. There is also a significant number of people that prefer to eat at a cafe instead of restaurants. Cafes are a more affordable option, especially for younger couples, that does not compromise on the ambience and quality of food.

So, the eating location has been decided. What’s next? This is one dilemma that has kept many hesitating – who should be paying for the meal? About two-thirds of the people surveyed think that the gentleman should be the one paying. Others feel that a couple should go dutch. Some guys expressed that they wouldn’t mind forking out for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, but lamented that ladies should not always expect the guys to pay. Some ladies feel that it is a tradition for men to pay, but they should also know how to choose places within their means. If guys are planning to eat somewhere expensive, they could perhaps consider asking beforehand whether their girlfriend is willing to split the cost.

Plan an unforgettable celebration

What do you want for vday 3

A relationship is based on mutual feelings of love and attraction. It is a connection and bond between two people. Close to half of the people think that a couple should plan for Valentine’s Day together. In the process of planning, they feel that they can communicate more and learn to resolve conflicts and differences. Others feel that the gentlemen should plan because Valentine’s Day is a yearly affair that ladies look forward to.

Have you already planned for Valentine’s Day? Did you know that most people still prefer eating together over other options such as going on a staycation or vacation and buying presents? Interaction and time spent together is very much valued over any other monetary gifts.

No matter what you have in mind for your special someone, it’s the thought that counts. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly good at doing DIY or cooking, as long as you go the extra mile to plan something just for your loved one, it will be a heartfelt celebration that is surely memorable. He/ she will definitely appreciate your sincerity!

The Ultimate Couple Wear Guide!

It’s the time of the year again, to show the world how much you’re in love. This is a day for all couples to proudly declare their love. You don’t have to worry about people judging your lovey dovey outfits/ accessories. Here are some ideas on how to show everyone, “I’m taken!”.

Match with Colours

Couple Wear 1Picture from

Colours are not only visually appealing, but also have special meanings. Choose a colour that is bright and sunny to make the two of you stand out from the crowd. Blue is the colour of the sky and sea, symbolizing faith, trust and loyalty. Orange represents enthusiasm, happiness and creativity. Red gives off feelings of passion, energy and warmth. Yellow is associated with cheerfulness, energy and joy. If your man doesn’t mind, challenge yourself with pink! Pink is a delicate colour that is sweet, romantic and tender. Colours can evoke a wide range of emotions, choose a colour that best represents your love for one another!


Denim Lovers

 Couple Wear 2Picture from 

Go for the classic, versatile denim look and draw attention from people without much effort. You and your other half can choose to go full denim by wearing your favourite denim shirts along with pants of contrasting colours. If this is too cheesy, why not have the lady opt for a denim dress or dungarees, and the guy with a casual shirt topped off with a denim outerwear? For more reserved couples, you can simply embellish your outfits with a hint of denim in it. The guys can wear a denim cap to match with the ladies’ denim shorts.

Alternate Styled Wear

Couple Wear 3Picture from 

An all-time favourite way of matching couple outfits without seeming like you are showing off to the whole world is to go alternate with matching hues or designs. Two of you can decide on one design or hue and style your outfits with that. For example, the guy can wear a striped or checkered shirt, and the lady can match that with a striped or checkered shoes in shades of the same hue.

Subtle Matching Look

Couple Wear 4 Picture from 

Accessories are ideal for giving that perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Choose matching accessories such as rings, belts, watches or handphone covers to give a tinge of romance without being too high profile. Accessories are great understated add-ons to your outfits to express the unspoken attraction between the two of you. Couple rings are a symbol of eternity and signify everlasting love for each other. A couple watch can bring out a stylish and elegant look that will complement any outfit.

A relationship is a long journey that needs endurance. Show your partner that you will be there to share times of happiness and sadness. Choose to match your footwear to bring out your faith in this love. Guys can go for maroon sneakers, while ladies can match that with scarlet heels. Opt for footwear of different shades of the same hue for a non-tacky look.


Fashion: BHLDN

Long been every bohemian bride’s favourite label, BHLDN (by Anthropologie) has released the stunning photos from their Fall 2015 lookbook. As always, you can expect ethereal and romantic pieces that would induce a heartfelt sigh from your inner girl. That said, we do feel a greater dose of sex appeal with the generous use of illusion details in this collection! BHLDN’s Fall 2015 lookbook also features a couple of vintage-inspired dresses that take a leaf from the opulence of the 1930s. Check out the beautiful collection below!

We are absolutely loving this dress with its subtle illusion front and feathered sweetheart neckline, which give a nice twist to a pretty “standard” look.

Here’s another bohemian favourite updated with an illusion front detail, which lends that extra touch of sexiness to the overall look.

We love how these two dresses reflect a more grown up look with a touch of glamour. Styled with a messy low chignon, we can totally see these two dresses taking centrestage in a classy evening banquet!

Body chains were one of the hottest trends to come off last season’s runway. We say this dress which features a delicate low back coupled with gorgeous chain jewellery is definitely a hit.

bhldn4Here’s another classic look that is updated with this season’s details — a look-harder-or-you’ll-miss it illusion neckline and an enticing lace mesh overlay on a form-fitting sweetheart dress.

We’re loving how this short dress channels an easy charm even with its elaborate beadwork. Additional points for the spot-on styling with the simple tousled curls as well!

All photos from Huffington Post.

Celebrity Wedding: Nicky Hilton


Nicky Hilton has gotten married to James Rothschild, a European banking heir! The fashionista walked down the aisle for the second time (her first marriage was to financier Todd Meister) in a regal couture Valentino gown, which complemented the wedding venue, Kensington Palace, perfectly.

As reported at Yahoo Style, Nicky Hilton’s Valentino dress was “made of three different shades of ivory and silver guipure — a lace composed of a gimp or thicker thread — accented with crystal embellishments and the voluminous balloon skirt’s train spanned three metres”. Hilton completed the look with a cathedral vintage lace veil.


Apart from the bride, sister Paris Hilton and mother Kathy Hilton were also a sight to behold in their baby blue chiffon dresses, as they stepped up as Nicky Hilton’s “something blue” in her wedding.

Congratulations to Nicky Hilton and we hope she is two times lucky!

Who Says You Can’t Wear Glasses on Your Wedding Day?

For all you spectacles babes out there, who says you must wear contact lenses on your wedding day? There is nothing more beautiful than feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you’re the type of girl who wears glasses day in and out, you (and your eyes) will likely feel quite uncomfortable if you suddenly made the switch to contacts on your big day! So, if you’re thinking of sticking to your usual look on your wedding day, we say, good for you and go for it! Here are some other brides who made the same decision and rocked the look.

glasses1 glasses2 glasses3 glasses4 glasses5

All photos from Huffington Post.