Fashion: Delphine Manivet

For those of you who loved cool girl Lily Allen’s vintage bohemian chic wedding dress, you’ll be no stranger to the designer behind it — Delphine Manivet. The French designer manages to create effortless looks that combine the contemporary bride’s functional needs (easy to move in, check; practical and comfortable, check) with a romantic and feminine aesthetic — definitely the best of both worlds, if you ask us.

Lily Allen’s Delphine Manivet wedding dress (photo from Pinterest).

Delphine Manivet’s 2015 collection features two series that would appeal to very different brides — the New York collection is a sassy, uptown collection for unconventional brides who are looking simply want to be a more “dressed up” version of themselves on their big day, while the Pagan Bride collection is everything we love about Delphine Manivet — beautiful bohemian wedding dresses galore, with a modern twist.

Pagan Bride Collection

The Pagan Bride collection is a good reflection of Delphine Manivet’s philosophy: the dress should be a girl’s only make-up on her wedding day. The Pagan Bride collection is a strong selection of pieces that reflect the French designer’s timeless aesthetic, while containing features, be it the cut or choice of fabric, that are nonetheless spot on in modern day.

Apart from beautiful A-line dresses (in white and off-white) that would win the hearts of bohemian brides, the collection also features an updated version with a drop-waist, which is one of the trends off this season’s runways. On the other end of the spectrum, the collection also churns out credible urban pieces that would appeal to the city bride — a gorgeous tube shift dress (with pockets!) cut in luxe gold and a white fringe sweater paired with white pants.

A classic bohemian bride look — a white babydoll cut eyelet dress styled with a simple headband.

A sleek shift tube dress cut in luxe gold. Our favourite part? The fact that there are pockets — so functional for the modern bride.

A classic bohemian look with a contemporary twist — the drop waist is one of the hottest trends spotted off this season’s runways.

We’re loving this urban chic get-up that will definitely see itself reused in your everyday wardrobe after the wedding.

One of Delphine Manivet’s best timeless looks that will be perfect for any girl — a flattering A-line dress made in sheer fabric and cut with pleats in all the right places.

More of the adventurous sort? Try this short dress with dramatic puff sleeves that seem to have taken their inspiration from the 1930s.

New York Collection

The New York collection echoes a core belief of Delphine Manivet when designing for her brides — the wedding should be a continuity of something, not a beginning. The French designer believes that all brides want to be a more beautiful version of themselves on their big day, instead of being someone totally different.

This is apparent from the pieces in the New York collection, which contains mix-and-match friendly separates to give brides freedom in wearing what they feel most comfortable in. The extremely ready-to-wear pieces also means that brides can easily incorporate them into their day-to-day wardrobe after the event — definitely a plus point for modern brides.

Apart from separates, the collection also features a solid selection of dresses. Delphine Manivet paired a simple and classic silhouette with beautiful sheer fabrics to maintain a romantic vibe while channeling the uptown vibe of a modern city bride. We are also a fan of the adventurous styling, which includes wide-brimmed hates and asymmetrical braids — definitely very now.

Deceivingly simple, this dress, with its form-fitting bodice with a deep V paired with a babydoll cut dress, is universally flattering.

We can already imagine how this playful mix of a sheer-sleeved top with a pair of perfectly-cut shorts would be great for a tropical beach wedding.

This Grecian-inspired dress is effortlessly chic.

One of our favourites from this collection, this sheer maxi dress is ethereal and romantic while maintaining a modern edge. Definitely Delphine Manivet at her best.

All photos from Delphine Manivet.

Fashion: All You Need To Know About Veils

Much has been written and said about the perfect dress, but what about the perfect veil to go with it? A common mistake brides make is to focus entirely on the dress, and forget about the veil (and other accessories) that go along with it that can equally break or make the look. We’ve put together this handy guide to pairing the correct veil with your wedding dress to help you make the right fashion choices.

Embellished Wedding Dress

(Photo from Yahoo)

If you’re going dramatic with your wedding dress, you might wish to go the other end with your veil and opt for something that is more pared down, so as not to take attention away from your show-stopping dress. A cathedral veil that is minimally decorated with a small sprinkling of crystals would be great as it complements the formality of a statement piece without being over the top.

Classic Dress

(Photo from Eric Dress)

Went with a classic and timeless dress but feel that there is just something missing? A gorgeously trimmed veil would be the perfect way to add some glamour to your ensemble. Look out for veils that are trimmed with satin, horsehair, organza or lace. Alternatively, you may also wish to choose veils that feature gorgeous embroidery details.

Statement Back

(Photo from Once Wed)

If you’ve opted for a low-back or illusion back designs that is all the rage this season, a simple sheer cathedral veil is all you need to complete the look. As they all say, less is more.

Long Train

(Photo from Pinterest)

The lucky thing if you’ve chosen a wedding dress with a long train is, most veils would go along well with it. While you can feel free to pick from chapel length, angel cut, blusher veils and so on, our favourite would be an ethereal look with a cathedral veil that is longer than your train. How’s that for a scene out of a fairytale?

Modern Dress

(Photo from Wedding Dresses Gallery)

For brides who are a fan of sleek and minimalist silhouettes, a complementing veil would be a short (shoulder to elbow length) veil, or one with a more edgy design such as layered, square-cut or blusher veils. You may also feel free to experiment with a more modern touch on the trims, such as going for a polka dotted one.

Vintage Dress

(Photo from Pinterest)

If you’ve opted for a vintage dress, a no-brainer choice would be a birdcage veil to complete the yesteryear look. We also recommend drawing some inspiration from the style of the 1930s (we blogged about bridal styles from the decades a few days ago — read it here if you haven’t already).

Bohemian Dress

(Photo from Grains of Earth)

For bohemian brides who favour airy and flowing silhouettes, a chapel-length veil would be your best friend as it offers movement without being too long to make it difficult for you to move around in. (Yes, we know freedom is a big thing for you bohemian brides!) For a more romantic look, try accessorising your veil with some jewelled hair pieces.

Read the original article at Yahoo.

Bridal Style through the Decades

We’re sure many brides would agree — the search for the perfect wedding dress is the most difficult, but also the most exciting, part of planning for your wedding. With countless brands and styles on the market, you’ll be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the expanse of choices available. Today, Wedding & Travel rounds up some of the most beautiful wedding dresses based on the hottest trends of each decade.

1920s: The Golden Age

Thanks to the influence of popular movies such as The Great Gatsby, the lavish style of the roaring 1920s have made a grand renaissance on the fashion stage in recent years. Defining characteristics from this era include opulent embellishments, dropped waistlines and tubular dress shapes. Too much to take in? One word to remember: glamour, glamour, glamour.

(Photos from Justin Alexander)

1930s: Boudoir Bride

The impact of the Great Depression is evident in the fashion style of the 1930s, which took a more modest and practical approach than the excesses from the 1920s. Brides favoured long, flowing silhouettes and dresses that could be reused again after the wedding. Other features such as butterfly sleeves, fishtail hems and shoulder-hanging trains were also in vogue.

(Photo from Jenny Packham)

(Photo from Ellis Bridal)

1940s: Wartime Bride

Bridal fashion continued to take a conservative approach as governments pursued austerity policies during wartime, even going as far as to banning silk for use in clothing. Many brides tied the knot in long, narrow dresses with sleeves that were left over from the previous decade. After the war, however, illusion necklines and square shoulders became popular styles.

(Photo from Halfpenny London)

1950s: “New Age” Women

The revival of the economy saw a proportionate rise in time and attention devoted to bridal fashion. Recovering from post-war depression, romantic characteristics such as sweetheart necklines, lace embroidery and corseted waists were all the rage with women. For the first time since the 1920s, this decade also saw a rise in hemlines as women embraced ballerina-length skirts.

50-ellisbridal 50-ellisbridal2
(Photos from Ellis Bridal)

1960s: The Hippie Era

With the rise of the hippie movement in the early 1960s, an appetite for experimentation was also fostered in bridal fashion, as women began to opt for shift dresses or mini dresses instead of the traditional choices. Notably, an innovation that arose from this decade that remains popular among women today was the babydoll silhouette.

60-stonefoxbride 60-stonefoxbride2
(Photos from Stone Fox Bridal)

1970s: The Bohemian Bride

The bohemian chic look that is loved by vintage brides all around the world today has its fashion roots in the 1970s. It was during this era when light, airy silhouettes coupled with beautiful lace and gathers first took the fashion world by storm. Accessories such as headbands, turbans and chokers, which have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, first made their appearance in the 1970s as well.

(Photos from Carol Hannah)

1980s: Glitz & Glamour

With the bullish economy in full swing, the 1980s was all about the glitz and glamour when it came to bridal fashion. Over-the-top styles characterised the decade, with brides embracing cake-layered ruffles, rosettes and large dramatic sleeves.

80-eugeniacouture 80-eugeniacouture2
(Photos from Eugenia Couture)

1990s: The Modern Bride

The 1990s saw bridal fashion swing the other end of the spectrum with the rise minimalist designs. Strapless dresses, plunging necklines and lower backs began to gain popularity; at the same time, slip dresses made their comeback to the fashion spotlight.

90-amsale 90-amsale2
(Photos from Amsale)

What is your favourite bridal fashion style from the eras? Share with us what you think!

Fashion: Tadashi Shoji

For brides who are looking for an affordable and stylish wedding dress, look no further than Tadashi Shoji. The designer offers elegant and understated dresses that are at once trendy and easy on the wallet, with each dress in the range of a few hundred US dollars. The brand’s latest collection features beautiful lattice cuts and a play between solid and sheer textures and materials — a clear reflection of the hottest 2015 bridal trends.

Bohemian beauties would love this daring ensemble, which features a blend of sheer lattice and satin. A hint of structure at the waist also accentuates a slender form and defines the flowing silhouette at the skirt.

This off-shoulder dress, with its elegant full lace overlay, is a darling to watch and definitely universally pleasing.

How do you make a simple A-line dress even more flattering than it already is? Check out the intersecting pleats at the waist, which helps to contour and produce a slimming illusion!

We are in love with this beautiful suit dress which is formal without being stuffy and boring. The choice of light, sheer fabrics and the clever use of cut-outs make this the most romantic suit dress we have ever seen.

This sleek and modern dress would not only be great for your ROM, it could be great as a bridesmaid dress as well!

Apart from its highly wearable dresses, another big reason we love Tadashi Shoji is its plus size collection. After all, it is not often that we come across a designer who makes beautiful dresses that translate equally well across different body types and dress sizes (who’s already tired of dresses that would only fit mannequin-sized girls?) If you need further convincing, just check out the two dresses below!

4p p2
Tadashi Shoji makes beautifully cut dresses that look equally gorgeous regardless of whether you’re a size 6 or 12. We think this sweet lattice overlay dress would be perfect for your ROM or engagement reception!

p3 p4
Who says you can’t wear form-fitting dresses if you’re plus sized? We love how these two dresses hug your curves in all the right places, amplifying the beauty of voluptuous bodies!

All photos from Tadashi Shoji website.

Fashion: Inbal Dror Fall 2015 Collection

Israeli designer Inbal Dror is known for her form-fitting designs that are anything but conservative. The designer showcases the same knowledge towards cutting flattering silhouettes for female bodies in her latest Fall 2015 collection, which features a mix of sleek flowing dresses, dramatic mermaid trains, and a more regal look with full ball gowns.

On the whole, we think the collection is modern and sexy, without losing its sophistication. We are loving the use of champagne in the colour palette, and the simple but elegant styling with polished up-dos styled with tiaras and a clean face with just a tinge of coral in the lip. Check out Inbal Dror’s Fall 2015 collection below!

We are loving this updated take on Inbal Dror’s signature form-fitting dresses. The use of fringe on top of the base of a simple sweetheart neckline fitted dress is just so on trend.

These two dresses embody much of what Inbal Dror does best — form-fitting dresses in glamorous silhouettes. These two dresses in the mermaid and trumpet silhouettes are simply beautiful.

Look all regal in these two dresses that draw inspiration from royalty. The first features a high neckline that is reminiscent of Victorian courts, while the second pairs a sweetheart neckline mermaid silhouette dress with a beautiful beaded sheer cover-up with a mandarin collar.

InbalDror4 InbalDror4b
Illusion details are all the rage this season and these two dresses are executed to perfection. We love the first dress’s illusion neckline which cuts to a deep-V and is embellished with luxe feather details. The second dress mimics the same neckline, but comes with sheer lace sleeves — great for brides who are mindful of their arms!

We always love a designer who does great bridal separates that can be worn again after the wedding, and this look in Inbal Dror’s Fall 2015 collection is right on our hit list. Inbal Dror softens an otherwise conservative jacket by designing it in lace. The piece paired with a ball gown skirt creates a regal and formal look.

For another interpretation of the ball gown skirt, Inbal Dror paired it with a top cut in a sleek and minimalist silhouette. The two different uses of the ball gown skirt showcases how versatile the collection is.

InbalDror10 InbalDror10b
Definitely not for a shy bride, these two dresses manage to be sexy and bold without showing a whole lot of skin. The first dress is the classic embodiment of “peek-a-boo sexy”, with its sheer panels that give away a hint of skin, and its bold use of not one but two slits to give a generous amount of leg. The second dress is slightly toned down while still maintaining the same sheer details and slits.

Another thing we love about Inbal Dror’s Fall 2015 collection is how she thoughtfully designed a range of beautiful cover-ups that are absolutely practical for the regular bride. This look pairs a deep-V sleeveless dress with a sheer beaded cover-up that adds a touch of luxe to the overall effect.

Inbal Dror shows us simple is best with this simple but charming look. We love the pleated skirt, and the subtle shimmer that is bound to be beautiful under the lights!

Last but not least, we thought it was notable that the collection also featured a classic tea-length dress!

(All photos from The Knot)