Celebrity Weddings:
Shuqi & Stephen Fung

It seems like the Chinese entertainment circle is experiencing a wedding rush recently! After the recent weddings of Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo, and Peter Ho, the newest A-list couple to announce their union is none other than Shuqi and Stephen Fung!

The pair announced their marriage with a simple statement accompanied with their pre-wedding photos, stating that they do not plan to hold any wedding banquet, and that they have known each other for 20 years and dated for the past four years.

From what we see from the pre-wedding photos revealed, it is obvious that the photogenic couple enjoy a great chemistry! A big congratulations to Shuqi and Stephen Fung!

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Celebrity Weddings:
Peter Ho & Peggy Lin

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Taiwanese actor Peter Ho has just gotten hitched to his girlfriend of nine years, Peggy Lin on 1 September 2016 in a wedding banquet held at the Le Meridien Hotel Taipei! While the couple’s wedding banquet was held yesterday, they had earlier registered their marriage on 10 March this year — the same day as Peter Ho’s parents’ wedding anniversary.

The strapping actor has been famously private about his relationship, having only disclosed the presence of Peggy Lin (not from the entertainment circle) late last year through his personal Weibo. Even Peter Ho’s good friend of 16 years, Vivian Hsu commented that she only knew about Peggy at the beginning of this year even though the pair were longtime friends.

jiaVivian Hse (first from left), Jia Jing Wen (second from left) and Jam Hsiao (second from right) (Photo from Jia Jing Wen’s Weibo)

The couple’s wedding in Taipei was a star-studded affair attended by a bevy of celebrities including Vivian Hsu, Jam Hsiao (who presented three songs for the couple during the wedding), Sun Li (famous for her role in Legend of Zhen Huan) and so on.

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Actor Dylan Kuo served as Peter Ho’s best man. Earlier in the day, the groom’s party underwent a gatecrashing session that saw them ingesting wasabi puffs and chilli toast, as well as perform a spontaneous beatbox rendition on demand. From the photos captured, it definitely looked like the groom’s party was a great sport and everyone had a lot of fun!


After “battling” the gatecrash and finally receiving the bride, the couple paid their respect to their parents before leaving. The sentimental bride was also caught shedding tears throughout the process, making for a touching and heartwarming session.

The couple’s pre-wedding photos are also worth a mention — instead of popular destinations like Europe or Japan, the couple instead opted to have their photo shoot in the deserts of Inner Mongolia.

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When asked about their unconventional choice, Peter Ho revealed the couple felt that it was especially meaningful to have their photo shoot in a more “inaccessible” place — the logistical challenges that the couple went through to get the shoot going was reminiscent of the difficulties encountered during their nine-year courtship, and it was not an easy process to get to the “end goal”.

We say, what a thoughtful story! The photos by the way, look magnificent as well, with the rugged and exotic landscapes of Inner Mongolia.

Here at Wedding & Travel, we wish Peter Ho and Peggy Lin all the best in their union!

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Shine Bright Like The Stars

Are you plagued by dark skin pigmentation that is making you look dull and listless? For many Singaporeans, we are always exposed to deadly UV rays in this heat. It is no wonder that our fragile skin is easily damaged, losing its shine. The all new Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Series launched by For Beloved One, a cosmeceutical skincare brand from Taiwan, will help to unveil your skin’s brightening factors and protect you from dark and uneven skin tone.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi's Key Series

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Series comprises of two key brightening formulas developed by For Beloved One’s team of experts – the Lumiskin™ and the Wonderlight™, which help to inhibit the darkening cycle right from the beginning and activate the brightening factors in your skin. This ensures that your skin gives off a natural, perfect brilliance.

The series includes 5 products, namely the toner, essence lotion, jelly and bio-cellulose mask. Each product contains specially formulated brightening ingredients that permeate your skin, laying a strong and healthy skin foundation. You can effectively achieve a flawlessly clear skin tone with a hydrated glow!

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Toner $60 for 200ml

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Toner $60 for 200ml

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Toner contains X-pressin™ C and Vitamin B3 that accelerates metabolism, softens skin, acts as a brightening precursor, and brings ultimate luminosity to the skin.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Lotion $57 for 50ml

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Lotion $57 for 50ml

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Lotion contains Eurol® BT, a botanical extract, and Vitamin B3 to strengthen skin, inhibit dark spots, prevent pigmentation and encourage brightness.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Essence $99 for 30ml

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Essence $99 for 30ml

The Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Essence has dual inhibition of sources of dull skin, helping to accelerate skin metabolism and fade dark spots, restoring brilliance to the skin from inside out.

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Jelly $85 for 50ml

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Jelly $85 for 50ml

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Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Bio-Cellulose Mask $63 for 3 pieces/box

Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Bio-Cellulose Mask $63 for 3 pieces/box

The star product in this series is the Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Bio-Cellulose Mask, the world’s first brightening repair bio-cellulose mask. This mask contains a 3D collagen repair formula, Matrixyl® 3000, to stimulate collagen synthesis deep within the skin for repair and regeneration. You will achieve a rapid boost in your skin’s brightness and luminosity, as the vicious cycle of dark spot generation is inhibited.

With breakthrough technology and brightening formulas in the all new Melasleep Brightening Lumi’s Key Series, this will prove to be the key to achieving the most beautiful and brightest complexion, as well as perfect translucency of your skin! So even if you are exposed under the sun daily, you will not have to fear that your dull, dark skin will ruin your beautiful image on your wedding day! Start reversing your damaged skin now, and regain clear, bright and luminous skin!

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Saranghaeyo (I Love You) – Journey of Love!

Do you want to experience the mesmerizing beauty of South Korea? Or immerse in their traditional lifestyle and learn more about the people, language and culture first-hand? Amidst the romantic ambience, a honeymoon trip will be even more meaningful if you and your significant other can go on an enriching journey of discovering the bountiful things you never knew about the country. Even if you’re not a fan of Korean popular culture, our recommendations will surely get you excited and ready to embark on a Journey of Love to South Korea!

1. Han River

Picture from

Picture from

Head down to Han River for a range of activities to engage in as a couple! If you’re a sporty couple, rent a tandem bike and tuck in comfortably for a leisure and lovey-dovey ride. There are quite a number of bike rental stations located along the river, with prices ranging from around ₩3,000 (S$3.50) for an hour. Do prepare some food so that you and your significant other can relax along the river for a picnic after biking (or you can also opt for chicken and beer delivery!).

You can then take a ferry river cruise for a wonderful panoramic view of the river under the setting sun. Watch the city lights start coming alive at night, as you tuck into a romantic dinner with your significant other on the cruise. Cruises range in prices from just W12,000 – W65,000 (S$14 – 76), so you can surely find one that is within your budget!

Picture from

Picture from

After a satisfying dinner, have a quiet saunter along the Han River, which gives you an amazing vista of the world’s longest bridge fountain. The Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain plays different shows during the day and night. After the sun sets, rainbow-coloured lights illuminate the fountain in the air in synchronization with music. An absolutely magical and enchanting moment to savour with your loved one!

2. Jeonju Hanok Village

Picture from

Picture from

What is a trip to South Korea without trying on their traditional Hanbok? You and your significant other can visit the Jeonju Hanok Village known for its lovely, traditional hanoks that still line the streets. There are many hanbok rental shops there, where you can rent a hanbok to wear while exploring this picturesque village, with prices ranging from ₩5,000 – 10,000 (S$5 – 10) for 1 – 3 hours. There are so many different styles and colour combinations for the hanboks; you can even choose to wear a traditional Queen costume, while your significant other wears a King costume. Don’t forget to take pictures to boast of your royalty love as you walk down the vibrant streets in Jeonju! You can also enjoy a first-hand cultural experience living in a hanok guesthouse and eating traditional Korean cuisine, just like locals in the olden times. This will definitely be a pleasing and refreshing honeymoon!

3. Ssamziegil Experience Workshop

Picture from

Picture from

Personalized and do-it-yourself crafts are the best to show your sincerity, or when you want to give your significant other a memorable gift. At Ssamziegil Experience Workshop, an art and craft specialty store situated in a shopping mall in Insadong, you can get your hands on making many lovely crafts. You and your significant other can learn how to design various Korean crafts such as drawings/ paintings on ceramics (plates/cups/vases etc.), mother-of-pearl rings, handphone accessories, hand mirrors, business card holders and hanji (Korean paper) crafts like jewel boxes and paper lamps. This is definitely a great opportunity for you to express your creativity and love. You can even make your craft a customized one-and-only piece by inscribing each other’s names on it. Exchange your love mementos with one another. How sweet is that! Your completed ceramics can be collected two weeks later or have it delivered to you at a fee of ₩2,500 (S$3). Other crafts can be collected on the spot.

If you are considering South Korea for your honeymoon, do check out the Chan Brothers Group of Companies booth at Wedding & Travel Fair @ Hougang Mall Level 1 Atrium, for exclusive travel offers! There will be up to 50% OFF 2nd pax for any selected Korea package tour*! ONLY from 13 – 19 May!

*Conditions apply

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Key To A Water Treasure Trove

Most people might have heard of the popular advice that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, to keep our body hydrated. Whether or not it is a myth, your body definitely needs sufficient hydration. And so does your skin.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion, $22.90 (moodshot)Hada Labo is known for its skincare products made with only the purest ingredients, and equipped with superior hydration ability. Now, your skin can become even smoother and healthier with the new Hada Labo Hydrating Essence, which promises 3X more hydration when used with any Hada Labo lotion.

Hada Labo Hydrating Essence $31.90 for 30g

Hada Labo Hydrating Essence $31.90 for 30g

The new Hada Labo Hydrating Essence contains the same four types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) present in their Hydrating Lotions, with its effects being maximised in a proprietary High Performance Penetrating & Deep Moisturising Hydration Technology. With a higher concentration of HA, the Hada Labo Hydrating Essence ensures that your skin is intensively hydrated at different skin layers right from deep within, and shield from transepidermal water loss. It also has a Moist24 Technology that provides up to 24-hour long-lasting hydration, so that your skin is capable of defeating this crazy Singapore heat every day!

With water retained effectively under the skin, you can ensure that your skin is fully replenished with moisture. Your skin will look well-balanced, supple and beautiful like never before!

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