What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

14th February is a special day for couples. On this romantic day, couples show their love and affection for each other in various ways. Some shower lavish gifts on their other half, while others simply want to savour a sincerely home-cooked meal.

Have you ever wondered what your other half truly thinks about Valentine’s Day? Are you planning for a unique day to spend together?

W&T did a survey with around 100 people, attached or married. This may be a good guide for you to look through before you bring him/her out on 14th February.

Present a heartfelt gift

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Have you always thought that giving a gift to your loved one is of utmost importance? Your other half may think otherwise. Instead of spending money on gifts that they may end up not using, spending the day together is more important to close to half of the people surveyed. Quality time with each other is priceless, and is not something that a gift can replace. However, this is a tricky issue that may differ among individuals. There is also a significant number of people who expressed that they will get angry if their other half forgets about getting a gift for them. You may want to get a hint before planning so that the gift will be something he/she really wants or needs.

It may come as a surprise to you but most people surveyed prefer to receive DIY gifts. A DIY gift is a symbol of sincerity and many couples feel that it is more meaningful. A handmade gift is also special as there is only one such gift in the whole world and cannot be bought with money. Other than DIY gifts, a pretty large number of people prefer gifts that they can pamper themselves with or use on a regular basis. Some examples include beauty products (e.g. perfume, cologne and makeup), accessories (e.g. wallets, belts, ties and scarfs), and holiday trips. Most of the ladies also indicated that they still hope to receive flowers from their boyfriend or spouse on this day. For what is a Valentine’s Day without flowers? Flowers are without doubt still an age-old traditional gift for this romantic occasion.

Indulge in a delightful meal

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Making time for each other on Valentine’s Day allows you to relive the moments you’ve spent together and show how much you cherish each other. Majority would love to have a home-cooked meal specially prepared for them. You can put in effort to learn a dish or dessert that your other half likes and surprise him/ her. As the saying goes, “The way to a man’s [woman’s] heart is through his [her] stomach”. Taking time and effort to do something for someone will never go wrong. There is also a significant number of people that prefer to eat at a cafe instead of restaurants. Cafes are a more affordable option, especially for younger couples, that does not compromise on the ambience and quality of food.

So, the eating location has been decided. What’s next? This is one dilemma that has kept many hesitating – who should be paying for the meal? About two-thirds of the people surveyed think that the gentleman should be the one paying. Others feel that a couple should go dutch. Some guys expressed that they wouldn’t mind forking out for special occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries, but lamented that ladies should not always expect the guys to pay. Some ladies feel that it is a tradition for men to pay, but they should also know how to choose places within their means. If guys are planning to eat somewhere expensive, they could perhaps consider asking beforehand whether their girlfriend is willing to split the cost.

Plan an unforgettable celebration

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A relationship is based on mutual feelings of love and attraction. It is a connection and bond between two people. Close to half of the people think that a couple should plan for Valentine’s Day together. In the process of planning, they feel that they can communicate more and learn to resolve conflicts and differences. Others feel that the gentlemen should plan because Valentine’s Day is a yearly affair that ladies look forward to.

Have you already planned for Valentine’s Day? Did you know that most people still prefer eating together over other options such as going on a staycation or vacation and buying presents? Interaction and time spent together is very much valued over any other monetary gifts.

No matter what you have in mind for your special someone, it’s the thought that counts. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly good at doing DIY or cooking, as long as you go the extra mile to plan something just for your loved one, it will be a heartfelt celebration that is surely memorable. He/ she will definitely appreciate your sincerity!